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Writing Workshop: Researching an Agency Quiz

The introduction of an informative essay should
offer a clear statement that describes what the essay will discuss.
The topic of each body paragraph of an informative essay should be supported with
A student is writing an informative essay about the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA). How would FEMA’s website differ from an outside source?
The FEMA website would be more likely to have accurate information than an outside source.
Read this outline for an informative essay about the role of the Food and Drug Administration.
I. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) educates the public about food.A. The information the FDA provides helps consumers stay safe.B. The FDA educates consumers in different ways.
II. The FDA labels processed foods.A. FDA labels identify the ingredients used to make products.B. FDA labels explain the nutrition content of food.C. FDA labels explain if the product might harm people who have allergies.
III. The FDA warns the public about harmful food.A. The FDA issues a warning when a foodborne illness breaks out.B. The FDA tells consumers which foods to avoid.C. The FDA tells consumers what to do if they get sick.
IV. The American public relies on the information the FDA provides.A. The FDA labels food and issues warnings about foodborne illnesses.B. This information helps protect consumers from harmful food.
Which section of the outline is the conclusion?
section IV
What is one rule a writer should keep in mind while doing research for an informative essay?
Avoid sources that are not academic or professional.
The body paragraphs of an informative essay should
give clear examples, offer supporting details, and cite all sources.
Read this conclusion from an informative essay.
The Secret Service provides an important service in protecting the nation’s money as well as the nation’s leading government officials. The agency was created so that valuable human and financial resources are safe.
This excerpt is an example of a strong conclusion because it
sums up the key points in the essay and presents a final opinion.
Read this prompt for an informative essay.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provides a number of services to the American public. These services protect consumers from harmful food, dietary supplements, and pharmaceuticals. Choose one of the services the FDA performs to discuss in an informative essay. Do outside research and write an essay about this service and the manner in which the agency provides this service to the public.
What will be the topic of the essay?
a service provided by the FDA
Read this citation for an informative essay.
Davis, Victoria. Joining the Secret Service. Washington, D.C.: Free Print Press, 2013.
This citation is for
a book.
When writing an informative essay, using a clear writing style involves using
appropriate language for the audience.