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Writing Workshop: Creating an Argumentative Essay 90%

Which citation is in correct MLA format?

A. (Robert Butow, Japan’s Decision to Surrender, 1954)
B. (Butow, R., p. 53)
C. (Alperovitz 156)
D. [Sherwin]

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Read the introduction to an argumentative essay.

I’m going to tell you what I think about how Japanese Americans were put in camps in World War II. It was done for the wrong reasons, and it hurt a lot of people for a long time.

Which best describes the voice in these statements?

A. serious
B. specific
C. unnatural
D. conversational

Before writing an argumentative essay, authors should organize their ideas by creating

A. a hook.
B. a claim.
C. an outline.
D. a thesis statement.

In an argumentative essay, reasons should be supported by

A. strongly expressed opinions.
B. details, statistics, and facts.
C. several thesis statements.
D. a number of counterclaims.

Read the sentence.

As Carl Becker [1] pointed out during the rise of European fascism after World War I [2], for democracy to prosper, it needs “a certain measure of economic security” [3]. [4]

In which position should a citation be inserted?

A. position 1
B. position 2
C. position 3
D. position 4

The introduction to an argumentative essay begins with

A. a hook to capture the audience.
B. evidence to support the argument.
C. a thesis statement of the claim.
D. a counterargument to a position.

The thesis statement of an argumentative essay should

A. be the first line of the essay.
B. appear in the introduction.
C. be the entire second paragraph.
D. appear initially in the conclusion.

When authors revise the voice in a draft, they focus on

A. essay structure and organization.
B. the amount and accuracy of evidence.
C. sentence structure and word choice.
D. the accuracy and formatting of citations.

In an argumentative essay, what tone should the author use?

A. a light, informal tone
B. a dull, serious tone
C. a formal, academic tone
D. a friendly, humorous tone