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Writing Workshop: Argumentative Essay

Which topic would prompt an argumentative essay?
The recognition veterans’ deserve
The benefits and drawbacks….
Which of the following sentences contains thesis statement of the paragraph?
XXX Sentence 4
Which information would BEST support a students’ claim about students need for
Equal access to technology
Which fact best supports the author’s position?
On average, students spend an average of $150…
When addressing a counterclaim in the argument, it’s important to…
XXX Show readers why the counterclaim is as valid as the argument
Which transition word would best replace the underlined word?
Which of the following is the best revision of this sentence?
XXX Space exploration is quite pricey and dangerous, but it is also very interesting
Which transition would best replace the underlined word?
Which correctly demonstare
When addressing a counterclaim in an argumentative essay, it’s important to
XXX Include details and statistics that support the claim
Which of the following statements best supports the author’s claim?
XXX Students are more focused on classroom instruction and less interested in what their peers are wearing