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Writing an Informative Essay About Utopia

Which topics would be helpful to consider when generating ideas for an essay on sixteenth-century journeys to the New World? Check all that apply
early discoveries,
famous explorers
Which statement would be found in the opening paragraph of an essay?
My own utopia would be a community that values nature, provides excellent free education, and encourages wellness in all citizens.
Which sentence most clearly combines these sentences into one cohesive thought?

Violent media can be harmful. My utopia will discourage violent media.

Violent media can be harmful, so it will be discouraged in my utopia.
Which transition creates the most cohesion between the two sentences?

Support for the arts would be very important in my utopia. Museums and art galleries would be provided with adequate funding. ________, free concerts would be sponsored every weekend to encourage culture in the community.

Which is the best concluding sentence for this paragraph?

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In my utopia, each year will include four distinct and lovely seasons. Warm spring days and long summer evenings will make up the first half of the year. Crisp autumn months will be followed by a brief snowy season for skiers to enjoy.

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A predictable cycle of seasons is the ideal source of variety and beauty in my perfect world.
Sentence syntax should be varied to
keep readers’ interest.
Which transition words are used to indicate a conclusion?
finally, therefore
When prewriting for an informative essay, it is important to generate ideas that
Which revision of the underlined sentence provides the most variety to the structure of the paragraph?

My utopia will include natural resources for citizens to enjoy. My utopia will include parks and lakes for citizens to enjoy. Citizens will take care of these natural resources, which will make the community stronger.

For example, parks and lakes will be available for the community.
A transition is a word or phrase that
unifies ideas by signaling a relationship between the ideas

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