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Writing an Informative Essay about a Utopia Quiz

A thesis statement states the topic of discussion and is found in an essay’s
opening paragraph.
In a perfect society, educators would be highly valued.

Which detail best supports this idea?

Teachers would be admired and well paid.
Violent media can be harmful. My utopia will discourage violent media.

Which sentence most clearly combines these sentences into one cohesive thought?

Violent media can be harmful, so it will be discouraged in my utopia.
Read the paragraph from a student essay.

These final examples all demonstrate that a wide variety of lively domestic animals is an important factor in my utopia. To sum it all up, my perfect society would simply not be complete without healthy animals, wide-open spaces, and many outdoor recreation spaces.

This paragraph is most likely found

at the conclusion of the essay.
Which list shows the correct way to structure a body paragraph in an essay?
topic sentence, supporting details, concluding statement
Which transition words are used to indicate a conclusion?
finally, therefore
When this diagram is used to plan an essay, the blue box represents the
Which topics would be helpful to consider when generating ideas for an essay on sixteenth-century journeys to the New World? Check all that apply.
-early discoveries
-famous explorers
Caring for the environment will be one of the most important features of my perfect society. Citizens will be encouraged to reduce waste in many ways. ________, restaurants will offer cloth napkins and reusable utensils instead of paper and plastic.

Which transition creates the most cohesion between the sentences?

For example
Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a place with no crime, no pollution, and no health problems?

This sentence

hooks readers in the introduction paragraph of an essay.