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Writing an Argumentative Essay about an Ethical Issue

How should the writer revise sentence 4?
c. by changing “aren’t” to “are not” and “they’re” to “they are”
In an argumentative essay, where should the writer present the counterclaim?
c. after the supporting evidence for a reason
Is sentence 6 effective in developing the claim?
c. Yes, it uses supporting evidence.
To improve the logic and flow of the essay, the writer should revise sentence 5 by
d. adding the transition “however” at the beginning to connect the ideas better.
When writers use in a claim, they use language that persuades the reader.
rhetorical devices
An effective argumentative essay must contain a claim that is supported by
a. evidence
The purpose of adding transitional phrases during the revision phase of writing is mainly to
a. connect ideas better
Which revision is the best way to strengthen the argument?
c. Sentence 4 should be revised to incorporate strong supporting evidence.
Which phrase in sentence 2 should be revised to maintain a formal style?
c. “get with the program”
Read the claim.

Citizens of the United States should be required by law to vote in every election.

Which is the most likely counterclaim that the opposition will use?

b. Making people vote will result in uneducated voters who vote randomly.
Golf is not a real sport.

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Read the counterclaim.
Golf is a sport because it requires strength and coordination.

See also  Prohibition and the Repeal of the 18th Amendment

Read the rebuttal.
People who play golf do some walking, but the US Supreme Court said that walking is not essential to playing golf.

Which statement correctly analyzes the rebuttal?

d. It is ineffective because it does not point out a flaw in the counterclaim.
To make the argument stronger, the best way for the writer to revise the paragraph is to add
c. a rebuttal to address the counterclaim.
Animal testing is unnecessary in this century and should be banned.

Read the counterclaim.
Animal testing has led to important medical breakthroughs.

Which is the best rebuttal to address the counterclaim?

a. With modern technology, scientists can make advances without involving the one hundred million animals now used each year for animal testing.
The purpose of a(n) _____________ is to allow the writer to express a viewpoint that opposes a stated opinion on a topic.
Which sentence develops the claim by making an emotional rhetorical appeal?
a. sentence 2
Which questions should a writer ask when revising an argumentative essay to make sure it is in a formal style? Check all that apply.
a. Are my ideas logically connected?
b. Are my arguments well organized?
c. Do I avoid a casual style and tone?
To maintain a formal tone and style in an argumentative essay, a writer should replace
d. overly charged language.
Which of these are rhetorical devices that a writer can use to make an argumentative essay more persuasive? Check all that apply.
b. appeals based on credibility
c. appeals based on emotion
d. appeals based on logic

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