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Writing a Research-Based Informative Essay about Language Quiz

In an essay written in a formal style, what kind of tone should the writing have?
Read the paragraph.

In conclusion, the work of Foley artists is only one step in the overall filmmaking process. By adding the appropriate sound effects, Foley artists create a level of realism that helps the audience embrace the premise of the film, whether it is some crazy alien adventure or something based on everyday life.

Which phrase should be revised to match the objective tone and formal style of the rest of the paragraph?

it is some crazy alien adventure

If there are errors in the mechanics of an essay, the writer should revise the essay’s…
When developing the paragraphs in an essay, why should the writer include information about sources for all quoted information?
to avoid plagiarism
The ________ in an essay should contain the essay’s topic and viewpoint.
Read the body paragraphs from an essay on sound effects in film.

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1. Here comes the fun part. You get to use all those props to create sound effects. So start breaking that celery and crunching that cellophane!

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2. You’ll need to be prepared before you start recording. Planning ahead is crucial. Make a list of everything in the film scene that could make a noise, whether it’s a piece of clothing rustling or a bunch of leaves skittering.

3. Now that you’ve got your list, it’s time to assemble your “noisemakers.” You can find useful information online for what to use to make the best sounds. For example, to make the sound of walking on snow, you put corn starch in a leather pouch.

What is the most logical way to organize these body paragraphs?

2, 3, 1

Read an excerpt from an article that Max is using to provide evidence for his paper on filmmaking.

Filmmaking can be broken down into three phases. The preproduction phase includes things such as securing financing for the film, writing the script, scouting locations, and hiring cast and crew. In the production phase the actual recording of the video and audio takes place. This phase also includes things such as setting up cameras, electricity, lights, and sound. Makeup, costume, and set designers are on hand during this phase as well. Finally, during the postproduction phase, the film is edited, sound and visual effects are inserted, and a music score is added.

Max wants to organize this information into a table with three columns. Which is the best way to sort the information?

preproduction, production, postproduction

Which is the most reliable source to support a paper on the proper care of peach trees?
the article “Peach Trees” on a local university website
Which are appropriate for a writer to include in a conclusion? Check all that apply.
a compelling quotation

a thought-provoking question

a speculation about future research

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