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Writing a Research-Based Argumentative Essay about Technology

Which elements must be included to make a claim effective? Check all that apply.
the author’s viewpoint on the essay’s topic
the major reasons for the author’s viewpoint
the overall topic of the author’s essay
Which is the most effective rebuttal to this counterclaim?
Studies have shown that if the price of sugary drinks increased by 10 percent, sales would decrease by 10-12 percent.
Which is the best definition of bias?
a personal opinion that is not based on evidence
Which sentence should be revised to eliminate conflicting information?
sentence 1
Which claim is the most effective for the argument that the minimum age to get a driver’s license should be changed to 18?
Changing the minimum driving age to 18 would mean safer roads for everyone, since less-experienced drivers are more likely to have accidents.
Which sentence contains a detail that best supports Rany’s claim?
sentence 3
Which is the best definition of rebuttal?
an explanation of why an opposing argument is false
Pedro is writing an essay arguing that students should be taught proper nutrition in school. Which claim is most effective for his argument?
Proper nutrition is essential to healthy growth and development, so it is a life skill that students should learn in school.
Which of these are reliable Internet sources for conducting research? Check all that apply.
US government sites
online newspaper sites
sites run by universities
Lani is conducting research to determine if learning how to play a musical instrument helps high school students perform better academically. Which of the these Internet search terms would be effective in helping Lani find the answer to her question? Check all that apply
mental and intellectual benefits of learning to play an instrument”
“research about academic success of students who play instruments”
“connection between high school test scores and playing an instrument”
Which sentence should be revised to eliminate a misconception?
sentence 5
Which sentence contains a rebuttal?
sentence 4
Which sentence contains an element of bias
Most fruits and vegetables are low in calories, making them a healthy and delicious part of any diet.
Which sentence contains a rebuttal to the counterclaim in the paragraph?
sentence 5

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