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Writing a Narrative about Overcoming a Challenge

When planning a narrative essay, the writer should order events so that the ( ) is developed in the middle of the essay.
Read the passage from the end of a narrative essay.
When I talk about the experience now, I have mixed emotions. On the one hand, I’m envious of how simple life was before the accident. But on the other, I’ve grown so much as a result of everything that happened that, in an odd way, I’m grateful.
The most likely reason this passage was included at the end of the narrative is because the narrator is
reflecting on an experience.
One advantage of using dialogue in a narrative essay is to
show who the essay’s characters are.
Read the sentence.
I told them how surprised and excited I was to have my painting selected, especially since I’d felt so incompetent at the beginning and I knew the competition was so ruthless.
Which revision best uses dialogue to improve the sentence?
“I’m in! My painting is in! I feel a fist pump and a little dance coming on,” I said, grinning. I thought about how I felt so incompetent at the beginning because of the ruthless competition.
Which sentences feature a first-person point of view? Check all that apply.
My friend likes cars with a lot of horsepower, but I prefer good gas mileage.

I spent last night studying for the geometry test we’re taking in fifth period.

Although his organization process was a bit haphazard, I could follow it.