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Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay about Presentation of Ideas

Read the description of Elizabeth Van Lew in The Dark Game.

No one in Libby Prison hospital paid much attention to this tiny, birdlike woman with a thin nose and alert blue eyes as she went about her business of visiting the hospitalized soldiers. She read to them and brought them baskets of goodies.

This description best supports which thesis statement?

The answer is C.
The author makes historical characters seem like real people.
Will is writing a comparative essay about two texts. He would like to write about three different topics, comparing the texts throughout the essay.

Which organizational style would work best for Will?

Read Melissa’s thesis statement.

Both The Dark Game and The Code Book explain the importance of codebreaking.

Which addition would strengthen Melissa’s statement?

Subtopics explained in later paragraphs
Which is an example of point-by-point organization in a comparative essay?
The Dark Game uses historical examples from the Civil War. The Code Book also uses historical examples, but from the Cold War.
What do the body paragraphs in a comparative essay do?
They include details and examples supporting the thesis statement
Which statement about expository writing is true?
It conveys information in a straightforward way
The Code Book is _________ than The Dark Game because it is written in technical terms.
More scientific
Which is an example of blocking organization in a comparative essay?
The Dark Game is an example of narrative writing. Author Paul Janeczko shares historical events in a storytelling style.
Which is the strongest thesis statement?
Both The Code Book and The Dark Game explore code breaking, but they are different in their tone, style, and language
Becca writes this sentence in her analysis of The Dark Game.

The Dark Game is written in a narrative style that includes many fascinating details.

Which line from the book best supports her analysis?

She did what she could for the wounded soldiers, bringing them messages and money, and no small amount of food.

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