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US History Chapter 9

What sparked the rapid growth of Chicago from a small settlement in 1830 to America’s fourth largest city by 1860?
Railroads connected Chicago to numerous eastern marketplaces.
What was an irony about the cotton gin?
The inventor of the machine was from the North.
Which of the following is true of Lafayette’s 1824 visit to the United States?
Southern states banned “persons of color” from ceremonies honoring him.
Besides religious phrases, what did Charles Grandison Finney emphasize in his sermons?
People had to make choices in their lives similar to making political decisions.
America’s first commercial railroad was the:
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.
Which denomination enjoyed the largest membership in the United States by the 1840s?
The “American System of manufactures”:
owed a great deal to Eli Terry’s development of interchangeable parts in clockmaking.
According to John O’Sullivan, the “manifest destiny” of the United States to occupy North America could be traced to:
a divine mission.
What came to be redefined as a personal moral quality associated more and more closely with women?
What was a factor in the nation’s acquisition of Florida from Spain?
Andrew Jackson led an army to invade Florida, subsequently killing British agents.
The Erie Canal:
was far longer than any other canal in the United States at that time.
According to the Mormons, who was God’s prophet?
Joseph Smith.
During the first half of the nineteenth century, free black Americans:
could not, under federal law, obtain public land.
In the essay “Factory Life as It Is by an Operative,” how does the writer assess her world?
She saw the wealthy as hypocrites.
The catalyst for the market revolution was a series of innovations in:
transportation and communication.
The transcendentalist movement:
emphasized individual judgment, not tradition.
In 1829, Lydia Maria Child wrote a popular book called:
The Frugal Housewife.
The Book of Mormon states that:
Native Americans were descended from people from the Middle East.
The role of a white middle-class woman in antebellum America was primarily to:
focus her energies on the home and children.
What was the significance of Robert Fulton?
His work in designing steamboats made upstream commerce possible.
The first industry to be shaped by the large factory system was:
During the first half of the nineteenth century, individualism:
was rooted in the idea of self-sufficiency.
set up farms on unoccupied land.
What was the most important export from the United States by the mid-nineteenth century?
Henry David Thoreau believed that:
genuine freedom lay within the individual.