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Unit Test Essay Answers

The role of the president has evolved over time because
the needs of the nation have changed.
Read part of an outline for an informative essay about the Food and Drug Administration.

II. The FDA labels processed foods.
A. FDA labels identify the ingredients used to make products.
B. FDA labels explain the nutrition content of food.
C. FDA labels explain if the product might harm people who have allergies.

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III. The FDA warns the public about harmful food.
A. The FDA issues a warning when a foodborne illness breaks out.
B. The FDA tells consumers which foods to avoid.
C. The FDA tells consumers what to do if they get sick.

Which statement would best connect the two sections?

The Food and Drug Administration not only informs consumers about food content, it also warns them when they are at risk from the foods they eat.
Within the hierarchy of the federal bureaucracy, the cabinet is
higher than independent agencies.
According to Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution, each state representative must have
reached a minimum age of twenty-five years old.
A responsibility of the vice president is
to become president if necessary.
How are independent executive agencies different from cabinet executive agencies?
They are more specialized.
The role of the Senate in regard to treaties is to
approve international treaties.
The outline for an informative essay should include
the main topic and subtopics.
As part of the executive branch, the vice president
presides over the Senate.
Which explains why the Constitution enumerates the president’s formal powers?
It makes clear the president’s role as head of the executive branch.
Regulatory agencies oversee the nation’s
The conclusion of an informative essay should
restate the evidence and present a final opinion for the reader.
One of the powers the president has is the ability to
approve pardons.
Who would the president most likely ask for advice about reforming labor practices?
a cabinet member
Which is the term used for the legislative branch setting aside or reversing a decision?