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Unit 6: Test Taking Strategies- Preparing for Essay Tests

Christine is writing practice outlines to study for her next essay test. What should she focus on when creating practice outlines?
C.) Christine should focus on potential questions that may show up in the actual test
The directive of an essay question
A.) Guides the essay response
Essay tests do not require students to present information in context.
If you have a choice of questions to answer on an essay test, which questions should you answer first?
A.) The questions that you know a lot about so you can then focus on the more difficult ones
Which type of test focuses on debate and discussion of key content and main topics?
C.) Essay Tests
The purpose of creating a practice outline is to
B.) Organize and learn information
Memorizing basic facts to include in your essays is an important part of essay preparation.
Essay tests require students to present information with complete thoughts.
In order to have plenty of time to answer all required essay questions, a student should
C.) Decide which questions are more difficult or will take longer, then answer the easy questions first
Essay tests tend to focus on debate and discussion of material covered.

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