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Unit 5: The Restoration and the Enlightenment: 1660-1798, Lesson 3: Satire in Poetry: Pope

Which of the following best states Pope’s opinion of man in “An Essay on Man”?
man is small, but has an important place among the beings of this world.
In The Rape of the Lock,how is the “deadly bodkin” (Canto V, line 128) used by Belinda appropriate for a mock epic?
it resembles a dagger, but it is completely unthreatening.
Which of the following is the characteristic of a mock epic that you find on The Rape of the Lock?
a high-level style.
“The Rape of the Lock” is a parody because…
It imitates that style and form of an epic.
it makes fun of frivolous people and trivial events.
it provides a humorous, yet somewhat realistic view of Pope’s society.
A heroic couplet traditionally uses all of the following elements except
figurative language.
Which verb tense is represented by the underlined words below?
She (has become) and expert in her field over the past five years.
present perfect.