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Test Taking TOPIC TEST

Statements with qualified terms tend to be true.
In order to have plenty of time to answer all required essay questions, a student should
Decide which questions are more difficult or will take longer, then answer the easy questions first
Types of response questions can include:
Short answer, fill in the blank, and short essay
Casey has an open book test in his physics class tomorrow and will need to use many formulas. Which of the following is the best strategy Casey could use to organize his formulas?
List all of the formulas on a separate sheet of paper
Fill in the blank questions are considered___________questions.
Outlines should be written
In complete thoughts, but not complete sentences
Sandra was quite overwhelmed by her final exam. Many of the test questions were difficult to answer, and she felt like she would not be able to complete the exam. What would you suggest Sandra do?
Sandra should answer the easy questions first. Then she should go back and reevaluate the more difficult question.
A way to categorize information and point you to where to find that information is called
Both A and C
Which type of test focuses on debate and discussion of key content and main topics?
Essay tests
It is not necessary to spend a large amount of time preparing for an essay because you are never really sure of what the questions will be.
‘All monkeys have tails’ is an absolute statement.
Eliminating choices to help identify the best answer is not a valid and useful test taking strategy.
Open book tests usually require students to recall facts and basic information about key concepts and topics.
If you have a choice of questions to answer on an essay test, which questions should you answer first?
The questions that you know a lot about so you can then focus on the more difficult ones
In order to help you answer this true/false statement, which words should be underlined?:
Black cats can only be found in countries in Northern America.
Black cats, only, countries, Northern America
Tandry cannot figure out how his teacher wants him to answer a short essay question on the test he’s taking. Where should he look to get more information?
In the test directions
Best answer tests include
Multiple choice, T/F and matching tests
The summary of an essay is located
None of these
A five-paragraph essay question is one of the three types of response questions.
What statement should you use if you do not recall the exact date of an event?
Any of these would work
The information you bring into an open book test should be organized for fastest possible retrieval.
What necessary information is missing from this formula page?
V = d/t d-distance
V = distance/time v-velocity
None of these
On an open book test, Anna was asked to predict how American laws may affect the Mexican way of life if the US Constitution was applied to Mexico’s laws. This open book test question
Asks students to apply information to new situations
If you are not able to complete a question right away, clues to the answer may be hidden in other test questions.
During the test, simply writing down one or two key words from your practice outline may help you to remember the rest of the outline.