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SLS Final Exam

Students with spatial intelligent
May perform well on geometry tests
Which of the following is not a reason for attending college
Finally bringing your education to an end
When you consider the academic skills you’ll need to successfully complete the task at hand you use
Mental organization
On your resume, the section that states the type of job your looking for is referred to as the
Job objective
When writing a cover letter, what should you keep in mind ?
The perspective of the person who is reading it
It is important to depend on your first response to a test question and avoid changing your answer
If an essay question asks you to trace a concept, your answer will
Track or sketch how events evolved
You are part of a study group that
Helps members organize and structure the material to approach it logically
When writing an answer to an essay question, it is important to
Identify key words in the question so that all the parts of the question are answered in the essay
Although there may be times when you can’t study properly, in the long run it can also be said that
Cramming often ends up taking more time for worse results
Of the options below, which type of question typically ask for brief responses that require to recall key pieces of information
Short answer
If an essay question asks you to evaluate a concept, your answer will
Provide the pros and cons, and an opinion and justification
Test anxiety is a
Temporary condition characterized by fears and concerns about taking a test
The more you prepare for your test, the less
Test anxiety you’ll experience
Academic honesty means
Only turning in your own work
The first step in educated guessing is to eliminate any obviously false answers
Eliminating obviously false multiple-choice answers and selecting the most likely answer from the remaining choices is
Educated guessing
Learn relaxation techniques to
Reduce test anxiety
It is best to wait until after you do badly on a test to visit your campus learning or tutorial center
What type of question gives you number of possible answers from which you have to select?
Multiple choice
An effective way to manage test anxiety is to
Prepare thoroughly
Test including short answer and filled in questions can be very difficult for some students because
Unlike multiple choices and matching tests, the answers are not right on the page
A small, informal group of students whose purpose is to help members work together and prepare for a test is referred to as a
Study group
Using the educated guessing strategy, which of the following would you automatically eliminate?
Study groups benefit everyone as a test preparation strategy
Before answering the question on a test, you should read the instructions and skim through the entire test
It is important to depend on your first response to a test question and avoid changing your answer
A person who learns best by reading, watching, or recalling a mental picture would be referred to as
a visual/ graphic learner
The mission of the Earth Ethics institute is to
All of the selection
The section of your cover letter where you restate your interest in the position is the
A syllabus, the summary of course requirements and expectations, is your course contract for the semester
A memory technique by which images are formed to help recall material is referred to as
Examples of advance organizers are
outlines overviews, and objectives
the first or last sentence of a paragraph will often present a key point
Writing is one of the most important aspects of reading
You should read all the material with the same degree of intensity
front matter is
the preface, introduction, and table of contents
If you cant remember the meaning of a word when reading in a foreign language you should
try and figure it out using context clues
rehearsal is referred to as
practicing and learning material
understanding the material is the
key to good reading
your attention span is
the length of time you sustain focus
according to your textbook, what is the best way to remember what you have read?
rethink the material, rereading the more difficult or important material
In what part of the P.O.W.ER plan do you gather your pens, highlighters, assignments, and a dictionary?
One system for reading is the principles of P.O.W.ER, which stands for
prepare, organize, work, evaluate, and rethink
A word or phrase formed by the first letters of a series of terms is referred to as
an acronym
Two particularly useful rethinking are reading and
concept mapping
The process of practicing and learning material is referred to as
The first step in building a better memory is to
determine what you wish to recall
Evaluating of what you’ve read is crucial. It consists of
identifying main ideas and their value
the length of time you can sustain focus is your
attention span
An advances organizer is
a clue to the meaning and organization of new reading material that paves the way for later meaning
Being aware of the biases that may affect our thinking can help us avoid them
Decision making is the process of
choosing from various alternatives
Generating alternatives is the primary goal of
problem solving
Determining possible outcomes for each alternative is
a key step in assessing alternatives to make a decisions
what is the first step in solving any problem?
defining the problem as clearly as possible
Having fewer alternatives to choose from mistakes it easier to reach the right decisions
every decision starts with
identifying your short- and long term goals
When you work backward, you
start with the desired solution and work backward, moving away from the goal
In assessing alternatives, it is useful to compare them by taking into account their potential outcomes
every problem has a clear cut solution
using simple common sense can be very helpful in making decisions
When weighing a decision, you should assume all outcomes have an equal probability of occurring
Giving your decision time is a strategy to follow when you
can’t make up your mind
which of the following is an opinion?
In order to be successful in the NBA, center must first attend Georgetown University or another top basketball program.
An example of an absolute statement is
everyone has seen Mary Poppins
What is one key step in assessing alternatives to make a decision?
determine possible outcomes for each alternative
identifying your short and long term goals should be the first step in
decision making is focused on choosing among alternatives. What is problem-solving focused on
generating alternatives
clearly defining the problem is the first step to
probelm- solving
To better absorb key ideas from the classes you attend, you should
review the lecture notes for five to 10 min immediately after class
Actively listening while taking notes is characterized by
listening key ideas
The process of reanalyzing, questioning, and challenging an underlying assumption is referred to as
critical thinking
The first general rule of creating a resume is to
keep it short
A good warm up for class is reviewing your notes and assignments from the previous class
all of the following are useful strategies for dealing with math anxiety except
keeping in mind that math is harder for women than men
highlighting, annotating, circling, and writing margin notes are all skills used for taking study notes
consider if you want the position is something you should
*do after an interview
You have gained 20 pounds since starting college. Which one of these pieces of advice would help you the most?
Discuss your weight loss issues with your doctor or campus dietitian and develop a plan to eat healthier
Backing out of commitments when you’re feeling pressured is a good way to cope with stress
You have listed your expenditures for the past year and continue to keep track of everything you spend. In order to have a balanced budget, you also need to keep track of
how much money you have coming in
What is the first step in developing a meaningful financial philosophy ?
explore your views of money
Taking charge of the situation and meditating are examples of
effective coping strategies for stress
Of the four scenarios below, which could be best defined as a personal stressor?
Dan’s sister, who lives out of state, gives birth to premature twins
It is beneficial to write out your stressors because
writing down your stressors puts you in control and can help you figure out ways to cope with the problem.
You exercise regulary, use your bed for sleeping and not doing homework, and avoid caffeine after lunch. Your focus is on
getting a good night’s sleep
Sleeping pills are an effective long term sleeping solution
Cutting up your credit cards and reading the newspaper online are to ways to
save money
People in your life don’t know what you’re managing unless you tell them. Therefore, you should
communicate with others
To sleep better at night, you should avoid using your bed as a place to study
To develop a personal philosophy is to
consider the role that money plays in your life
Its a good idea to worry about the small stuff so that the big stuff will take care of itself
A cataclysmic event is a
sudden, powerful event that occurs quickly and affects many people simultaneously
What is the key to making sure don’t eat more than your body is telling you to eat ?
A nonprofit organization that can help you design a plan to play off your debts is referred to as an
credit counselling service
An important step in budgeting to make sure that your income does not exceed your expenditures
Which of following strategies is not a good method for dealing with financial difficulties
ignore the problem
A formal plan that accounts and plans for income and expenditures is referred to as a
active listening
The voluntary act of focusing on what is being said, making sense of it, and thinking about it in a way that permits it to be recalled accurately.
The underlying main ideas that a speaker is seeking to convey; the meaning behind the overt message.
One of the most important things you can do during a class is to
Ask questions.
concept mapping
A method of structuring written material by graphically grouping and connecting key ideas and themes.