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Psychology test answers

Learning is defined as
a relatively enduring change in behavior or thinking that results from experiences
hannah is in middle school. her father treats her to a sundae each time she brings home a “straight a” report card. Hannahs dad is providing:
positive reinforcement
special learning theorist believe that when a behavior is immitated it is termed a:
a ________ stimulus is a stimulus that automatically triggers an involuntary response without any learning needed.
B.F. Skinner is perhaps the best known advocate of psychologys _________ perspective
a loud noise automatically elicits a startle response. in this instance, being startled is a:
unconditioned response
psychologists use the word _____ to refer to the processes whereby the brain collects, stores, and retrieves information for later use
which factor is NOT one of the three general memory processes identified in Licht, Hull, and Ballantyne (2017)?
the concept of working memory represents a contemporary conceptionalization of __________ memory
short term
an “oldie” playing on the radio reminds donald of events that occurred when the song was current. For donald, the song is acting as a
retrieval cue
Morton moved from Alabama to Georgia ten years ago. “My fifth-grade teacher made us memorize the names of all the counties in Alabama,” he tells his friend Rory. Rory tests Morton by giving him a list of thirty counties—15 Alabama counties, mixed in with 15 counties from other states. “Ok, pick out the Alabama counties,” Rory challenges Morton. Which method does Rory’s test use?
An essay question is a _____ test of memory. A multiple-choice question is a _____ test.
recall and recognition
the textbook describes the case of Henry Molaison, also known as H.M. After brain surgery, H.M. suffered severed memory loss, however h.m. experienced greater difficulty encoding new memories than in retrieving old ones. H.M. _________ amnesia was more profound than his __________ amnesia.
anterograde; retrograde
Watson and Rayner are known for their study of:
Little Albert and conditioned fear
the process by which stimulus increases the likelihood that the preceeding behavior will be repeated is called:
_______ refers to a behaviors disappearance when its reinforcer is removed
in a skinner box, a rat escapes painful electric shock by pressing a lever. the rats bar pressing behavior is maintained by
negative reinforcement
in _______ reinforcement, every instance of behavior is reinforced
a person who gambles on a slot machine doesnt receive money from the slot machine is reinforced on a ______ schedule
Paychecks and course grades are delivered on a _____ schedule of reinforcement.
fixed interval
in ____, something unpleasant follows an unwanted behavior
positive punishment
binet used mental age as a way to numerically define intelligence in French school children
when one tends to rely on one’s fixed problem-solving patterns in new situations. this is referred to:
functional fixedness
sternbergs model of intelligence suggests that humans have varying degrees of analytical, creative, and practical abilities
triarchic theory of intelligence
in the decision making progress, specific rigid and logical rules define ________ concepts
when you are asked a multiple choice question, eliminate options that are obviously incorrect, and eliminate options that contain absolute terms. these rules of thumb are known as
mary ellen is a registered republican. she believes that her positions on political issues are correct because she often finds similar viewpoints expressed in conservative media. mary ellen is demonstrating:
the confirmation bias
______ is ones innate ability to solve problems, adapt to the environment, and learn from experiences
howard gardner proposed _______ distinct forms of intelligence
mental imagery is the process in which one uses the “mind eye” to solve a problem
the information processing model of problem solving includes the linear movement from an initial state to a goal state
______ is an approach to problem solving that involves finding a solution through a series of attempts and eliminating those that do not work
formal concept analysis
the wechsler tests of intelligence utilize which collective domains to obtain a full scale intelligence quotient
verbal processing-working memory- perceptual reasoning skills-processing speed