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Psychology Chapter 6

Human memory consists of multiple systems that have the ability to store information for periods of time that range from ______ to ______?
Seconds; our lifetime
Ruth has just finished her research paper and handed it in. As she walks out of the classroom, she realizes that there were a few more things she should have included in the paper. Ruth’s problem is in the memory process of.
Which model of memory suggests that memory processes occur throughout a neural network simultaneously?
Parallel distributed processing model
Research has demonstrated you can enhance your memory for a specific word if you think about its meaning, how it can be used, and by giving a personal example of its use. This is best accounted for by which model of memory?
Levels-of-processing model
_______ memories are said to linger in the mind for a few seconds, allowing people the chance to keep up with the flow of conversations and remember what was just said.
Information enters into short-term memory through a process known as ________
Selective attention
Of the following, which is the most similar to the concept of long term memory?
A computer hard drive
Amber meets a cute guy named Carson at a party. She wants to make sure she remembers his name, so she reminds herself that he has the same name as the capital of Nevada (Carson City). This transferring of information from short-term memory to long-term memory is an example of what type of rehearsal?
Brenda has been able to tie her shoes since she was 4 but now finds it difficult to explain to her baby brother how to tie his shoes, but she can easily demonstrate it for him. Brenda’s memory for she tying is best characterized as a __________ memory.
Nondeclarative (implicit)
When you take your final exam in your psychology class, what type of memory will you most certainly need to access to answer each question?
What concept suggests that the best place to study for your psychology final to ensure good retrieval of concepts is your psychology classroom?
Encoding Specifcity
Jaclyn had written a grocery list but accidentally left it at home. Trying to remember the list, Jaclyn remembers what was at the beginning of the list and what was at the end but not those things in the middle. This is an example of?
The serial position effect
Multiple-choice test questions typically rely on _________, while essay questions rely on __________.
Recognition; recall
Felisha can recall with great detail the day of her wedding and all that occurred. What might psychologist say about these particular flashbulb memories.
The memories were likely enhanced in part by the hormones released during emotional moments.