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Music Final Part 8

Guido d’Arezzo wrote The Fundamentals of Music, a very important medieval treatise (essay).
The great European churches and cathedrals of the Medieval period were important to the development of Western music
Which of the following is a distinguishing characteristic of Gregorian Chant from the Medieval period?
Smooth melodies sung a cappella with monophonic texture
The Renaissance period saw inventions and developments that:
Changed the physical and intellectual landscape of Europe.
Concentration on vocal music during the Renaissance period meant that instrumental music continued to be used as mere accompaniment for voices.
The Renaissance may be described as an age in which:
Individualism, humanism, and secular values started to flourish once again.
The Renaissance madrigal was a sacred music form used to convey the meanings behind the poems on which they were based.
Farinelli was a famous:
A Baroque sonata is…
A piece for solo instrument or a small group of instruments
In contrast to the Renaissance, where vocal and choral music took center stage, instrumental music established itself as the most significant genre of the Baroque period.
Early baroque music is characterized by frequent use of polyphonic texture.
The sections of the Classical sonata-allegro form are:
Exposition, Development, and Recapitulation
The dates given in this course for the Classical period are:
Which one of these composers was considered a national hero in his homeland?
Jean Sibelius
The course places the Romantic period in music between the years:
Which of the following statements best characterizes the “mood” of the Romantic period?
Inner feelings became more important than logic and reason
an international artist of Hungarian heritage, decided to become a technical wizard at the keyboard after hearing Paganini playing the violin. What is his name?
Which of the following composers developed the concept of total theater?
Carl Orff
According to the text, what was the significance of Debussy’s work?
It introduced the first viable alternative to tonal music.
Who composed the groundbreaking piece The Rite of Spring?
Igor Stravinsky
Nadia Boulanger was a prominent music teacher who taught some of the most influential composers of the 20th century, including Aaron Copland, Philip Glass, and Walter Piston
Audiences immediately embraced the dodecaphonic work of Arnold Schoenberg.