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MBA 560 CH 6.5

65) Recruitment is the process of ________.
B) locating, identifying, and attracting potential employees
68) Which of the following is an advantage of using private employment agencies for recruiting?
D) careful screening of applicants
70) The difference between firing and layoffs is that ________.
A) layoffs are not permanent
**72) Which of the following downsizing methods can “happen on its own” if management suspends hiring practices?
C) attrition
74) An accept error occurs when an applicant ________.
A) who is hired performs poorly on the job
75) A reject error occurs when an applicant ________.
B) who is not hired would have performed well on the job
76) Today, selection techniques that result in reject errors can open the organization to ________.
B) charges of employee discrimination
79) A(n) ________ selection device shows a clear link between test performance and job performance.
D) valid
80) To use a physical test as a selection device, a company must demonstrate that ________.
A) physical ability is related to job performance
83) The most important reason for why managers are increasingly using performance-simulation tests is that they have been found to be ________.
A) valid predictors of job performance
84) Few people are ever selected for a job without this.
B) undergoing an interview
85) Interviews are valid predictors of success in the workplace if ________.
C) questions are structured
87) During an interview, an applicant for a managerial job is confronted with role players who make the claim that they have been “harassed on the job.” The applicant is then asked to deal with the complaints. What kind of selection device is being used?
C) behavioral interview
88) How effective are behavioral interviews?
C) eight times as effective as ordinary interviews
89) A realistic job preview (RJP) includes ________ a job.
D) both positive and negative aspects of
90) All of the following are goals of the orientation process EXCEPT ________.
C) introduce the employee to his coworkers
91) Organizational orientation informs a new employee about ________.
B) the history and philosophy of the organization
93) Most training in U.S. organizations is ________.
A) on-the-job training
**95) Which of the following is NOT a positive feature of job rotation as a training method?
C) introduction to coworkers
96) Which of the following is the best way to evaluate a training program?
A) how much trainees say they learned
97) To set pay standards HRM employs ________.
D) a performance management system
98) A disadvantage of a written essay for employee appraisal is that it tends to be biased by ________.
C) the writing skill of the evaluator
**99) All of the following are advantages of a graphic rating scale for employee evaluation EXCEPT ________.
A) provides the most thorough view of the employee
102) A 360-degree feedback process differs from other appraisal methods in that it includes ________.
D) feedback from the employee
103) This appraisal method is used by more major corporations than any other method.
B) 360-degree appraisal
104) What do the written essay, critical incidents, graphic rating scales, and BARS evaluation methods have in common?
A) They compare individuals against standards.
105) How would the individual ranking method rank a group of 30 employees?
D) Each employee would be ranked by number from 1 to 30.
106) Which multiperson employee evaluation method allows for two or more employees to get the same rating?
A) group-order ranking
108) Why do managers often offer counseling to underperforming employees rather than just fire them?
C) to avoid the cost of replacing the employee
110) This is the most important factor in determining how much pay an employee receives.
C) the type of job the employee has
**111) Which of the following is NOT a factor that can influence compensation and benefits?
A) gender
112) Nine out of ten organizations in the United States pay their workers on a scale that is based primarily on ________.
D) performance
113) Health insurance is an example of which of the following?
B) employee benefit
114) Downsizing seems to harm ________.
B) both victims who are dismissed and survivors who stayed on
116) According to the EEOC, sexual harassment is ________ that creates a hostile environment, interferes with a person’s work or diminishes the person’s employment opportunities.
B) any unwanted or unsolicited speech or physical conduct
119) The key to most sexual harassment cases against an organization is whether the organization ________.
A) knew about the behavior and what it did to stop it
123) A major criticism of workplace spirituality is whether ________.
B) organizations have the right to impose spiritual values on employees
124) Which benefit cost do companies see as their biggest worry?
A) health care
125) Which health care or safety issue concerns companies the most?
D) obesity