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Introduce yourself essay


  • Introduce yourself by writing an essay establishing your goals in business communication: Explain your reasons for choosing your programme Accounting)
  • Describe the outcomes you hope to achieve in this course
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses as a writer Imagine what role communication will play in your chosen profession

1. This is … I completed my ( mention your previous qualification and school name) and generally we talk to express our feelings and it will be successful only when the other person understands what we say so first we need to know a.) Content on what we are talking about, b.) Gathering information related to the content, c.) Sorting the gathered information, so that you know which point to put first, d.) Practice the content as you will communicate with experts, e.) Think what will be the possible questions the receiver will ask you and get ready for answers. f.) Finally communicate with confidence so that even if you say something wrong receiver won’t concentrate on that.

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2. First of all I in my +1 I got interested in Accounting, where everything they do from Golden rules, proforma, ledgers etc. there will be a perfect reason for doing it and if you start seeing the world in Accounting point of you like in our home our parents used to do it how much they earned and spent, etc these are the basics for Accounting and the lecturer who thought me is simply superb where my interest on Accounting multiplied. Thanks for giving strong basics. ( You can write your own experience). This made me choose Accounting as I always believe do what you love so that work will be fun.

See also  Nonfiction: "At the Hearth" by Laura Esquivel

3. a) Strong on Accounting basics, b) Need to get strong on Accounting Standards, c.) Want to learn how to prepare financial statements, d) Need to learn different Accounting for Companies, Hire Purchase, Non – trading concerns etc.

4. Strengths: a) I write from my heart, b) I write as a story, so that person who reads it feels like listening to the story, c) I write very detailed information

Weakness: a) I exaggerate where some people won’t find it interesting

b) I mostly say it as a story so some people may not like it.

5. In Accounting communication plays a very vital role

a) Delicacy of Information: As we have the important information of company transactions we have very delicate information where we need to communicate secretly

b) Avoid Mistakes: If there is no proper communication and information is transferred between persons, there are a possibility of huge errors where millions can be lost.

c) To maintain secrecy: If not properly communicated the information will be known to other employees and can go out of the organisation easily

d) Better Results: If work is explained by Manager to Subordinates properly, then work will be completed correctly or it may lead to a huge mistake.