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Informative or Explanatory Text

A sentence in which you state your central idea, or the main point of your writing
Thesis statement
What type of writing provides information or explains something?
Using exact words to convey an exact idea. Makes your meaning clear.
Precise language
What type of style should you use when writing an informative essay?
Related to the topic.
Accurate and trustworthy
What is one thing you can use to organize your ideas when writing an informative essay?
Rewrite the information in your own words
Taking sentences right from a source without giving the author credit
When you need to include the exact words from a source, you will need to ___ it or identify it.
What do you need to include in your body paragraphs in an informative essay?
Topic Sentences
When you choose information to support your ideas in an informative essay, you should include what?
Facts, examples, definitions, or other information.
What type of words or phrases are used to connect ideas and the body paragraphs?
What should an informative essay end with?
What is the purpose of a conclusion paragraph?
Sums up the topic and leaves readers with a final thought.
Facts, statistics, examples, and comparisons that show why a claim should be believed.
Describes why a piece of evidence is important or how it relates to the thesis statement.
The first sentence or question in an essay that is designed to grab the reader’s attention.