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If I ruled the World Speech

If I ruled the world … It’s actually quite and interesting concept. What would I do if I ruled the world. At first when I read this prompt I thought ‘Yeah, I know what I’d do … It’s obvious’, but then I realised what would I do?

You cannot just say … oh, um, I would start world peace and uh stop poverty, because what good will that do … how will change be made? Nothing can just stop .. it has to gradually change and for it change there needs to be people willing to help make the change. Also before I begin I would like to add that this speech is purposefully idealistic, the reason why is because in order to make the solution to these problems a reality we need to make an awareness of them.

If I ruled the world … everyone would have a home and feel safe living their own lives, no one would be forced to flee from their own country in search of refuge, sacrificing every single one of life’s joys such as freedom and family in search of survival … whilst other slept easy in their beds knowing that nothing was going to happen to them as they are not part of the problem.

Well, those people sleeping in their beds may not be part of the initial problem but they are part of the resounding problem. Without taking action they are ensuring that those affected are helpless, without voice and without the right of choice and no-one would wish that upon themselves.

Barak Obama, President of the United States quotes ….

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” A freedom that only asks what’s in it for me,

A freedom without commitment to others,

A freedom without love or charity or duty or patriotism,

Is unworthy of our founding ideals, and those who have died in their defence”

If I ruled the world … my first order of business would be to make world awareness a reality.

If I ruled the world … I would make sure that that young girl in the corner, standing all alone by herself would not be teased or spoken about as if she were something to examine, but supported and understood. I would make her worries my worries, I would do my best to see through her eyes, experience her life in her shoes and then help her to make others understand as well. I would encourage everyone not to hide from who they are … whether that’s because of sexuality, gender, body insecurity, or race .

If I were to rule the world …. bullying and discrimination would be a thing of the past. Because let’s face it picking on others is plain cowardice and living your life in insecurity is not fair.

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If I ruled the world … education would be a right not a probability, children and adults all around the world would be educated in order to feel and become independent, strong minded and self sufficient. Education would be available to each and everyone and by having an education a child is encouraged to grow into a strong individual.

If I ruled the world … education would be stronger than ever.

On the note of all the proposals I have made I would like to add that … it doesn’t take that much to make a change … Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple, in reference to Microsoft’s music server ‘The Zune’ said

“The Zune was crappy because the people at Microsoft don’t really love music or art the way we do. We won because we personally love music’.

If we as a world wide nation were to able to show that much passion and drive towards a change our possibilities for the future are endless and without limits.

And finally,

If I ruled the world … I would not rule the world alone. Everyone is born the same, we all have organs and senses and feelings. It’s just some are more lucky when it comes to the lottery of life than others.

If were to rule the world … everyone would have a voice as we are all equal and deserve the right to make a change.

If I ruled the world … the world would be an opportunity for everyone to make the best of.

If I were to rule the world … YOU would rule it too.

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