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History 10: New Deal Essay Questions

What is the purpose and overall message of FDR’s first inaugural speech?
The purpose of the speech is to convince America to not be fearful of the economic crisis. His thesis is that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Roosevelt’s message was that even though this a low point in United States history, the people of the United States should come together and get through the harsh time together- by being “good neighbors”.
Does FDR achieve the goals he laid out in the 1st inaugural speech?
Roosevelt’s goals were to restore America’s confidence in the United States government by putting many Americans back to work. The goal was achieved because he created many jobs through the CCC, the WPA, and the NYA.
How does FDR’s approach differ from the Republicans & Hoover?
Hoover believed in a more liberal government, and did not do everything he could when he was dealing with the issues of the Great Depression. For example, Hoover did not provide direct relief during the Great Depression. This could have helped many people during this hard time, but Wilson’s conservative attitude prevented many from getting the help that they needed. Roosevelt, however, had a “can do” attitude and he believed in a more liberal government. Roosevelt tried to do everything he could. For example, he had two 100 days of intense activity to try to repair the effects of the Great Depression. In this time he created different acts and administrations that would help the people. There were administrations that allowed the people to get back into work, to assist businesses, to relieve farmers, and to help old people into retirement.
What were the liberal and conservative views on the New Deal?
Liberals such as Hugo S. Black favored the New Deal, but also believed that he didn’t do enough to eliminate the social and economic inequalities. Conservatives did not like the New Deal because they believed he was doing too much, and that Roosevelt made the federal government too large and too powerful.
In what way did the New Deal address unemployment?
The New Deal established the FERA, which was funded with $500 million to provide direct relief for the needy. Half of the money was given to the states as direct grants-in-aid to help furnish food and clothing the unemployed, the aged, and the ill. The other half was given to relief programs. Also, the NYA provided job training for unemployed young people and part-time jobs for needy students
Why was social security created and what benefits does it provide?
Social security was created so that retirees had something to fall back on. Old-age insurance for retirees 65 or older and their spouses. The insurance was a supplemental retirement plan. Half of the funds came from the worker and half from the employer. Although some groups were excluded from the system, it helped to make retirement comfortable for millions of people. The benefits were paid during the retiree’s working years. Six percent of the benefits was paid by the employer, and six percent was paid by the employee.
What impact did the New Deal have on specific groups of people (women, blacks, Native Americans, Mexican Americans, laborers)?
The New Deal created the WPA, which provided jobs for women and other minorities. However, the National Recovery Administration had lower wages for women than men. There were influential African Americans such as Mary McLeod Bethune who fought to get the NYA to hire African Americans. Native Americans were given full citizenship. John Collier created the Indian Reorganization Act which moved away from assimilation and moved towards restoring Native American reservations.
What impact did the New Deal have on youth and retirees?
The New Deal impacted the retired by establishing the Social Security Act, which gave money to the retired people. The New Deal established many programs such as the CCC, which employed young people in the construction business. The NYA provided education, jobs, counseling, and recreation for young people.
Why is Social Security important to our society?
Social security allows old people to retire and allows for the retired to have money “saved”/waiting for when they do retire. Or it could help people who can’t work like dependent children and disabled.
How has Social Security changed over the years?
The amount of people being covered by Social Security has increased, causing the amount of benefits to decrease. Also, the tax rate has changed, since there are more people who are retired than actual workers.
What challenges exist today for social security?
Social security depends on the present day workers to provide money for the retired people. One problem is that there is more retired people than there are workers, because A) women have less kids and they waited longer to have kids since they are more focused on trying to have a career and B) old people have longer life spans than they did in the 1930’s when the social security act was established. This causes there to be a huge deficit.
What was FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt’s relationship with the American people?
FDR had fireside chats which made him seem closer to the American people. Eleanor was very public, so everything she did was known by the American people. Eleanor changed the role of the first Lady by become very involved. She wanted to open doors for the minorities, such as woman and African Americans.
How does the New Deal alter the role of the federal government? Is this temporary or permanent?
The federal government is expected to regulate businesses more. Roosevelt created many programs to help the finances of the people, and this allowed for the government to be more involved in the welfare of the people.
What is the legacy of FDR’s New Deal?
The New Deal acts as almost a role model for other presidents because during this time, the government constructed many new policies to become closer with the people.