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Essay Structure Workshop

A sentence or two that gets the reader’s attention and makes them want to read more.
The author’s main point. What they are trying to prove. The big claim for the whole essay.
The final paragraph in an essay. It explains, “So what?”
The first paragraph. It introduces the topic/main point.
Body Paragraph
The part of an essay where the author includes a claim supported by evidence and reasoning.
Words and phrases that show how ideas are connected. Examples: First, next, also, although, but, etc.
Topic Sentence
The first sentence in a body paragraph. It is the claim that paragraph will prove.
Restate thesis/points
The part of the conclusion where the author reviews their main ideas.
The part of an argument where you say what you are trying to prove.
Proof; the facts/statistics that you are using in your argument.
The part of an argument which explains what your evidence means or why it is important.