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English Unit Review

According to “On Making an Agreeable Marriage,” above all other considerations, Jane Austen felt that her niece should marry???
a man she liked.
“On Making an Agreeable Marriage” makes it clear that Austen believes her niece is probably
still in love.
“On Making an Agreeable Marriage” might be read as a form of social commentary that
unconsciously reflects social attitudes.
Jane Austen’s letter to her niece “On Making an Agreeable Marriage,” suggests that she hopes Fanny will
marry well
Mary Wollstonecraft wrote A Vindication of the Rights of Woman to
criticize society’s view of women.
In A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, Mary Wollstonecraft felt that women’s weakness was
Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman might be subtitled
A Plea for Better Education for Women.
In A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, Mary Wollstonecraft compares women’s minds to
flowers planted in soil that is too rich.
According to Wollstonecraft in A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, mistaken notions of female excellence lead women to
behave like children.
Which line from A Vindication of the Rights of Woman conveys the essay’s main theme?
“… women … ought to cherish a nobler ambition, and by their abilities and virtues exact respect. …”
Wollstonecraft’s purpose in writing A Vindication of the Rights of Woman was to
persuade readers to accept her point of view.
How does the word vindication in the title of the essay A Vindication of the Rights of Woman reflect Wollstonecraft’s purpose for writing?
Vindication means “placing blame”; Wollstonecraft wishes to criticize men for holding women back
At the time Jane Austen and Mary Wollstonecraft were writing, women’s education tended to focus mainly on
ladylike accomplishments
What is a child by nature?
Inborrn truth
Innate innocence
Purity and goodness
They are born with no thoughts or opinons
What us the purpose of the best use of human intellect?
Human mind
All about individuals own mind
Innovation: Reaction to the “dare to know!” era.. Romantics would say dare to be!
Nature is raised to the level of daity
Traveling far away
Exotic people
Mysterious cultures
Original hippies
Byronic hero : is one type of hero, outlaw, rebel, brooding, eccentric, mysterious, marches to own drummer, mad, bad, and dangerous to know, tragic, doomed
The noble savage
Elevation of common man
Distrust, dismissal of institutions: gov, school, religon/church, families, courts and legal, publishing and media, monetary and economic systems, science, industry
William blake
He grew up poor
He was a lower economic status
He studied at a school about drawing and engraving
He realased his first poem at 32
He said he saw god when he was a kid he is very mystical
He interacted with god
He saw a angel when he was 8
His wife catherine was the partner in the bussniess with him she was also poor, she was a literat that means she cant read or write when they first got married and then william taught her after marrige
He did not keep to the system
He made sure that everyone had full bussiness
He died TB
He is known for songs of innocence
a form of paradox when a statement contradicts, without it there is no learning or progress
Robert Burns
He is scottish
He was a laboring class
They worked hard
He did not have a full formal education
He wrote his poems to nelly it jumpstarted his career
He is foccusing on emotion
He had his fame when he was alive
His liver exploded and thats why he died
He had chronic alcholol syndrome and his organs shut down
He is a folk hero
Most beloveded scottish hero
William Wordsworth
Friend, collaborator, enemy coleridge
Best freind was colridge but that did not last forever
Articulator and critic
French revolution ( anette, caroline)
Preface to and poems in lyrical ballads and a few other poems
grants/ patrons/ stamps, poet laureate
His parents died really young and he and his sister dorthy were left on his own
He got is degree in cambridge
After colloge he spent lots of time traveling and the one that country that gave him inspiration was france.
He fell inlove with vallen
He had to go back home because of crisis
After he was in the revolution he just put that in poetry and put it in common language
He is known for loving is walking tours
He was called a epithatat
He is the father of the romatic era
they believe in more than one gods and they are gods for many things polycystic typically earth based and it is not christian
Frame narrative
a story inside a story
Samuel Coleridge
His poetry stands at the place where real life slips into dreams and facts are born as fantasies
Coleridge was born in ottery st. Mary on the devon coast of England
At an early age he retreated into the world of books and fantasy
At age 9 father died and he was sent to school in london
Went to cambridge unviersity
Having to be at cambridge led him to new ideas into radical politics
His friend is poet robert Southey
He is inspired by the French Rev.
Both of them planned to form a settlemnent in PA based on their utopian political ideas… their plan collapsed when southey’s aunt refused to fund their project
1975 : moved to somerset w his wife sara fricker and became freinds with william wordsworth
1789: two of the poets published lyrical ballads a joint collection of their works
The 4 poems make up coleridges contribution to the volime include his masterpiece the rime of the ancient mariner
The poems caused a revelution in poetic style and it was the thing that established movment known as romanticsim
He sufferd from asthma and rhuemantism
He relied on pain killers and that dulled his creartive powers
His travles to warmer climates ended up collapsing his marrige
His end life was troubled
He left a good legacy in poetry and literary critisim
He helped establush the importance of the imagination in literature and in life.
Percy Bysshe shelly
He died in a boating accident
He was eulogized by his fellow poet lord Byron as ” without exception the best and least selfish man i ever knew.”
He was born into the british upper clasees
Raised on a country estate in sussex
Attending finest schools including prestigous boarding school etcon but he was never able to into the routine of a student
He spent his time wandering the countryside and preforming scientific expirements
At oxford university he become a freind of thomos jeferson hogg. And his political views were strong as his
Hogg encourgaed him to publish the radical tract the necessity of atheism
They both got expelled from university
Shelly went to london instead of going to his father
He met an unhappy school girl by the name of harreit westboorke
They ended up getting married
Him becoming a poet was already undeway
1813 ; he completed “Queen Mab” and that is his first important poem the work explored ideas of social justice that selly had encountered in the philosopher william godwins political justice
His marraige ended up being trouble his wife felt that she could not keep up with him
– shelly fell in love with mary wollstoncraft godwin daughter of wulliam godwin and the femenist marry wollstonecraft
When his wife died in 1816 he married mary godwin
His radical politics, his tract about atheism, his seperation from his first wife all helped him make an outcast from england
Him and marry ended up eventually settled in italy where lord byron andother famous exclie lived
Shelly wrote many of his finest works in italy including ” Ode to the west wind” and to a skylark”
His early death there however meant that he never saw his dreams of social progress come true
Family of orgin
Unhappy school days
Died with sophcocles and heats in his pocket
he was a well known social reformer
Mary wollstonecraft shelly
Writting was in her blood
Her mother who died at her birth wrote one of the first femenist books ever published ( a vindication of the rights of a woman)
Her father is a leading reformer, author, and political philosopher
4yrs after his wifes death godwin married a widow mary jane clairemont whom is daughter grew to resent bitterly
When she returned to home she found her future husband percy byssle shelly
He was a radical young poet who had become wiliam godwins admirer
Mary fell inlove with shelly and she was only 16 and they both ran away to the contitet and got married
They settled in italy
Shelly suffered the death of theur 2 children
1822: 8 years after mary shelly had first met him percy drowned
His death left the 24 year old mary and their 2 year old son penniless
After percys death mary returned to england where she continued writting to support herself and her son
She produced several other novels inlcluding the last man (1826) a tale of a great plague that destroys the human race
At the age 48 marry shelly become a invalid
She died 6 years later from a brain tumor
way of saying the opposite of what you mean, with the intention to sneer or taunt.
exaggeration for effect.
political speech
the speaker tries to persuade an audience to support an action or policy relating to a public issue
Jane Austin
She wrote a letter to her niece to an agreeable marrige
Agreeable marrige romantics
dont marry somebody for money, dont just accept a social institution, the emoitions on how you feel, if you are marying for money it is not natural, how things are meant to be, you can marry the common person the class system is artificial, you decide by yourself,
Vindication of marrige romantics
standing up and fighting up for liberaty and justice, she is showing even though she is a girl she still knows everything, education she bashes it on how it is rolled out ( social institution) asking people to be what they are not.
“The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” and “Kubla Khan” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Coleridge used dreams as the inspiration for both “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” and “Kubla Khan.” He claimed to have dreamt “Kubla Khan” word for word, after falling asleep while reading a passage about the real Kubla Khan, a figure in Chinese history. He modeled “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” on a dream of his friend Mr. Cruikshank. In both poems, Coleridge writes of fantastic events that have a dreamlike (or nightmarish) quality. People have been fascinated by dreams for centuries and have developed many theories over the years about their cause and significance. Today, psychologists and biologists know that dreams occur during a stage of sleep called REM, or rapid eye movement, and some researchers believe that dreams are caused by random chemical stimuli in the brain. The brain tries to make sense of the activity, and the result is a dream. The meaning of dreams is a topic of controversy. Although dreams bear some relation to events and emotions that occur in waking hours, the nature of that relationship remains unclear.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Interesting things
Charity boy–patronage
Broke up w poetry and WW: criticism

Known forz: lit theory, WW collaboration, Rime, Kubla, mystic, Christabel, Lyrical Ballads, addiction/prescription abuse due to autoimmune disease

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imagery (straight-up sensory, dream)
sound devices (practice)
frame narrativ