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English 4, Unit 1 Test

The suffixes “-able” and “-ible” mean
Able to
Special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession and are difficult for others to understand are called:
Scientific words often come from
Greek and Latin
In an ideal topic sentence, what should the predicate contain?
Controlling Idea
What does unity mean?
In order to create unity in a paragraph, the sentences following a topic sentence must _____.
Support the controlling idea
Coherence within a paragraph means that the sentences following a topic sentence must provide _____.
A logical procession of ideas
A topic sentence needs _____.
To be specific
Which sentence is the best example of a topic sentence?
Crime is a factor in urban areas because of higher poverty rates.
Unity within a paragraph means that the sentences following a topic sentence must provide _____.
consistent support of the topic sentence.
What can ensure unity within a paragraph before editing?
An outline.
The best topic sentences have _____.
A simple structure.
Spectator comes from the Latin specs meaning _____.
To look.
Biography comes from two Latin words: bio meaning “” and graph meaning “to .”
Life, Write
What does the suffix -logy in the word astrology mean?
Study of
What is a single word made up of the first letters of a group of words called?
An acronym
The “s verb” occurs in _____.
3rd person
Present tense
indicative mood
Which kinds of shifting upset the viewpoint in an essay?
Shift in number
Shift in person
Shift in tense
Names of family members are capitalized (Mother, Father) except when accompanied by a
The teacher’s main objection to Mrs. Carothers _____ her home room parties.
One of the committee’s suggestions _____ earlier adjournment.
In this game, a tag or a catch _____ ten points.
A driver’s license, together with a bank card, _____ required for identification.
He was _____ excited about his part of the program.
They had _____ presents to deliver.