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English 112 – Final Exam Other Person’s Notes

T/F: You do not need to provide documentation for a source that you have not directly
quoted, such as summaries or paraphrases of a source.
T/F: Copying a direct quotation into your paper, placing quotation marks around it, and
crediting the source is plagiarism.
T/F: You have not committed plagiarism if you copy a direct quotation into your
paper, properly credit the source, but simply fail to put quotation marks around
the borrowed material.
T/F: Taking someone’s ideas or words, putting them into your own words, and
crediting the source is not plagiarism.
T/F: Having a friend write a section of a paper on a topic that they have a lot of
knowledge about is not plagiarism.
T/F: There are clear guidelines showing how to document sources in the major styles
in the “Writing, Style & Citation Guides” section of your subject’s library.
T/F: The web is public domain -don’t worry about plagiarizing from a website.
T/F: A quotation uses exactly the same words and puts them in quotation marks.
T/F: A paraphrase uses an author’s idea, but expresses it in your own words – without
quotation marks, since it’s no longer a word-for-word quotation.
– Citing sources to credit others for their work
– Get to know your citation style guide.
– Quote and cite phrases, sentences, and paragraphs taken directly from the original source.
– Quote and cite statistics, charts, graphs, and drawings taken directly from the original source.
– When you paraphrase or summarize, give credit to the original author.
The following will help you avoid plagiarism:
T/F: The Works Cited page lists entries in alphabetical order according to author.
T/F: Your in-text citation does not have to have a corresponding entry in your Works Cited page.
T/F: According to MLA style, On a Works Cited page, if there is no author, you begin the citation with the title.
T/F: Commercial citation generators that you find on the web to do the work for you almost never make mistakes.
T/F: In MLA style, referring to the works of others in your text is done by using what’s known as parenthetical citation.
T/F: Immediately following a quotation from a source or a paraphrase of a source’s
ideas, you place the author’s name followed by a space and the relevant page
T/F: The following sentence is a properly cited in-text citation according to MLA
style: Human beings have been described as “symbol-using animals” (3).
Author, title, city, publishing company, year
The following is the correct order of information for a book, MLA style.
author, title of work, web page name, date updated, medium, and the date you accessed it.
The following is the correct order of information for a website, MLA style:
(Jackson 12)
Which of the following is a correct in-text citation of a book with one author?:
Introduction, body of the essay, and conclusion
What are the three key elements of an essay?
the topic, purpose, and main ideas of the essay
What does the thesis statement determine in the essay?
Y/N: The thesis statement includes the topic, purpose, and main ideas of the essay.
Y/N: The thesis statement can be a question.
The main ideas in the thesis
The topic sentences in the body of the essay are determined by what elements of the thesis?
They introduce the paragraph and dictate all the information in the paragraph.
What is the purpose of the topic sentences?
Y/N: The conclusion of an essay should end with either a question or a new idea to “hook” the reader.
Y/N: The analysis of a subpoint in a key idea can include examples, details, facts, critical views that need not be related to the topic sentence of the key idea. As long as the subpoint relates to the general idea of the essay, it is okay.
At the end of the Introduction
Three paragraphs: introduction, body, conclusion
What minimum number of paragraphs must an essay contain?
Which part of an essay introduces the subject/s being analyzed and, in a thesis statement, states the reason for the analysis and the main ideas/claims that support that reason. Your thesis should be the last sentence in the introduction paragraph.
Which part of an essay contains at least three body paragraphs that begin with topic sentences (supporting arguments) that prove your thesis. Each topic sentence should be a reason why your thesis is true.
Which part of an essay summarizes the analysis and explains new understanding.
T/F: The thesis and topic sentences should be the strongest, most analytical sentences in your essay.
T/F: show titles are underlined or italicized and episodes are within quotation marks
A: Statement of the position that you are taking on the topic
B. Key points that you will use to prove the position/argument
The thesis statement in an argument essay must include the following:
1. Signal
2. State
3. Support
4. Summarize
What four steps in chronological order make a good refutation?
A. Biases
B. Misleading statistics
In an opponent’s essay, what are some significant weaknesses to look for that can be worth refuting:
1. Introduce the opposing argument
2. Acknowledge the valid point of the counter argument
3. Counter the argument
4. Conclude the paragraph
To make an effective opposing argument in an argument essay, what are the four necessay parts that should be included in chronology?
1.Topic sentence to state the main point
2. Evidence to prove the main point
3. Analysis to explain the evidence and show how it proves the main point
4. Conclusion.
The main body paragraphs in an argument essay must include the following in chronology:
Y/N: An inclusion of an opposing argument or a counter argument weakens the essay.
To counter the argument means to offer a good rebuttal, regardless of whether you concede to the argument or oppose it.
What does it mean to ‘counter’ the opposing viewpoint?
Erroneous reasoning in a point that makes the argument unsound
What is a fallacy in an argument essay?
Y/N: In an argument essay, your thesis statement must clearly state your position on the topic.
Y/N: It is more effective to refute a specific idea within the essay than the conclusion of the essay
clearly cited, using the MLA parenthetical form of citations
References and quotations in your post, must be
1. The prompt at the top of the outline.
2. A clear thesis statement that responds to the prompt.
3.Topic sentences (the main reasons) for each body paragraph that support the thesis 4. Supporting evidence under each topic sentence (in the form of a quotation, paraphrase, or summary that you plan to use to support the point you are making).
– Citing from at least FOUR sources.
5. MLA-formatted in-text citations for each quote/paraphrase.
6. Works cited page
A formal topic sentence outline should include:
1: italicize – Issues & Controversies On File
2. italicize – Issues & Controversies (located after n.pag.)
3. “As long as you do the entry for a source correctly in the Works Cited, you don’t need that long URL address or the http.” (Susan Tucker)
Correct the citation example: “Nation Building.” Issues & Controversies On File: n. pag. Issues & Controversies. Facts On File News Services, 26 Mar. 2007. Web. 6 July 2012. .
1. cite
2. summarize
3. evaluate
For an effective annotation you must do the following in order.
A. Credibility of the source
B. How the information in the source is relevant for the argument you are making
C. What point(s) in your essay this source support will support
To evaluate a source, you must include the following in the annotation:
The MLA citation is double-spaced with first line being a hanging indent, and the annotation is also double-spaced but indented.
How is an MLA annotation formatted?
1. Title of the film in italics
2. Name of the director
3. Name of the lead actors
4. Name of the distributor
5. Date of the film’s release, and the medium
The correct way to cite a film in MLA format is as follows:
1. Name of the reviewer
2. Title of the review in quotation marks, followed by the words,
3. “rev. of”
4. Title of the film in italics
5. Name of the director
6. Name of the publication in which the review is published
7. Publication information
What is the correct MLA format to cite a film review from a print source?
Y/N: If you are required to develop an annotated bibliography for your researched sources, then the final draft of your essay you must also include this whole bibliography with annotations.
T/F: It is important to know how to develop a good summary in order to create a good annotated bibliography.
T/F: The sources in an annotated bibliography are listed in order of the relevance of the information they contain.
T/F: An annotated bibliography is the same as a Work Cited Page.
approximately 150 words
What is the usual length of an annotation in a bibliography?
To tell the reader whose ideas are included in your paper and where these ideas were found.
What does it mean to cite or document a source?
style manuals
There are formats, or rules, to follow for citing sources, and these formats are described in publications called
the order of the information in your citations
Style manuals instruct you on
parenthetical citation
The in-text citation is also known as a
a short indication (in the body of your paper) that a source is cited
The parenthetical citation is
1. Known as the reference list, works-cited list, or bibliography
2. Gives the complete information about the source.
3. Reference list is arranged in alphabetical order according to author
4. Appears at the end of the research paper
The end-of-text citation is
Alphabetically by author
The citations on an end-of-text citation page are arranged
Y/N: Is it necessary to have both an in-text citation and an end-of-text citation?
c. (MLA doesn’t include the year in the in-text citation.)
1. Which one is an incorrect example of an MLA in-text citation?
a. Medieval Europe was a place both of “raids, pillages, slavery, and exertion and of traveling merchants, monetary exchanges, town if not cities, and active markets in grain” (Townsend 10).
b. Others, like Jakobson and Waugh (210-15), hold the opposite point of view.
c. Others, like Jakobson and Waugh (2001), hold the opposite point of view.
d. (In example A, the parenthetical citation should have been before the period. In example B, the “pp.” symbol should not be in the citation.)
2. Which one is the correct example of an MLA in-text citation?
a. One of the world’s earliest air disasters was the destruction of the French dirigible Dixmude, which exploded in 1923 after it was struck by lightening, killing all fifty-nine crew members aboard.(Davis 11)
b. The 1881 fire that destroyed the Ring Theater in Vienna, Austria killed 850 people and injured hundreds of others. The fire was even more tragic because it was caused by human error, and it escalated by inaction (Davis pp. 203-04).
c. both a and b
d. neither a nor b
-complete title
-place of publication
-name of publisher
-date of publication
What information is needed to write a citation
for Books?
-article title
-beginning and ending pages (not always available in subscription databases)
-name of journal, newspaper, or magazine
-volume, issue, and number journal, newspaper, or magazine
-year of publication
-name of database (if article is full-text) and name of company that owns the database
-date article was retrieved from database
What information is needed to write a citation for articles from journals, newspapers, and magazines?
•article title
•beginning and ending pages
•elements of the book described earlier
What information is needed to write a citation for anthologies and articles from books
a single declarative sentence that states what you want your readers to know, believe, or understand after having read your essay.
What is a thesis statement?

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