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Engl102: The Writing Process

A good title –
Informs and interests the reader.
A typical process of revision involves all of the following EXCEPT –
Inserting evaluative claims.
Effective revision requires you temporarily to play the role of –
The essay’s reader
Essay writers often get the best results when they write about –
A literary work that initially puzzles or angers them.
If you find yourself stuck in the process of writing a first draft, which of the following techniques is likely to be helpful?
All of the above.
Once you’ve formulated your topic and tentative thesis, the next step is usually to –
Figure out how to structure your argument.
What have you created if you write down your thesis and then list each supporting claim?
A sentence outline.
What is a “museum tour” essay structure?
A listlike structure that lacks logical connections.
What is the very first thing you should do when you start working on an essay?
Scrutinize the assignment.
What role should your “gut reaction”, or initial response, to a text play in your essay?
When carefully analyzed, your initial response can be useful in generating a topic and/or argument.
When choosing a topic for your essay, it is a good idea to –
Come up with as many topics as you can and then test them to see which works best.
When editing and proofreading, the most effective strategy usually involves –
Reading through your essay several times, concentrating on different aspects during each reading.
When looking through a text for evidence to back up your claims, how should you handle facts that challenge your argument?
Seek them and use them to test and reassess your claims.
Which of the following best describes that appropriate role of a computer in the writing process?
You should take advantage of the capabilities of your computer’s work-processing programs, but learn to recognize their limitations and use your own judgement.
Which of the following best describes the difference between a topic and a thesis?
A thesis is an arguable statement about a topic.
Which of the following best describes the role of wordplay (that is, puns or paradoxes) in titles?
Wordplay can be clever and interesting.
Which of the following constitutes textual evidence?
All of the above.
Which of the following is NOT a common topic for a character-focused essay?
A comparison of the character to a contemporary “real world” celebrity.
Which of the following is the most effective approach to creating a first draft?
Write a rough version of the entire body of the essay in one sitting.
Your computer’s word-processing programs are likely to be most useful in helping you with which of the following tasks?
Helping you avoid repetition.

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