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Edu Psych – Unit 12 Test Answers

“We will have weekly quizzes, but your final grade will be based only on the midterm and final exam.” This implies that the quizzes are to be used for what type of evaluation?
– Formative
A percentile rank score of 70 means that the student
– Scored as well as or better than 70 percent of all the test-takers.
A scoring rubric that permits raters to use a 50-point scale compared to using a four-point scale will tend to yield
– Lower reliability
A standard deviation is a measure of
– The spread of scores around the mean
A test or any assessment instrument is objective to the extent that it
– Is free of biases of the test administrators and scorers
Criterion-referenced tests are used primarily to assess
– Mastery of specific objectives
Exhibitions differ from portfolios because exhibitions
– Involve an immediate audience
Kathy took the Stanford Achievement Test on Monday and again on Friday. Her two scores differed by only three points. These results may indicate a good level of what type of reliability?
– Test-retest
One of the most efficient and effective ways to increase the reliability of a test is to
– Lengthen the test
Students from minority groups in deprived socioeconomic backgrounds who have taken culture-fair tests have generally performed
– On par with or even worse than their own performances on other types of standardized tests.
The key feature of authentic assessments is
– Testing in a realistic context.
The most defensible practice for scoring essay tests is to evaluate
– Each one of the items for all students with reference to its respective model answers.
The term objective as used in objective testing refers to
– Not open to many interpretations
What is the major issue underlying high-stakes testing?
– An increased dependence on standardized tests for decision making.
What is the major problem in scoring essay tests?
– Subjectivity in assessing the learning products.
What strategy is recommended instead of assigning a failing grade to students’ poor work?
– Give students support in revising the work.
When a test actually measures what it purports to measure, the test is said to be
– Valid
When you write multiple-choice items, you should use
– Stems that present a single problem
With regard to the practice of retaining or “holding-back” students with failing grades, Woolfolk’s general recommendation is that
– Students should be promoted with their peers but provided with extra help in the summer or the next year.
Which of the following definitions best describes “true score”?
– The score the student would get if the measurement was completely free of error.