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Dev. Psych. 4

The Big Five personality traits _____.
are apparent in every culture and era
According to the information-processing approach to cognition, which of the following is another term for the “sensing” stage of cognition?
Currently in the United States, _____ of adults are overweight.
What is Erikson’s third stage of adulthood?
integrity versus despair
T/F: Parkinson’s disease begins with impaired thinking.
All smoking diseases are _____.
dose sensitive
Kaelin is a highly skilled electrician and Liza is his new apprentice. When unexpected problems occur as they work on complex wiring projects, the MOST critical difference between their approaches in successfully completing the job is _____.
Kaelin’s automatic processing
analytical intelligence
Betty is a retired registered nurse who fills in at the local hospital when the staff is in need of nurses. She is frequently called in without advance notice and must take over without any time to get oriented. To quickly grasp the expectations and needs of the situation, Betty must rely on what Sternberg calls _____ intelligence.
T/F: Vascular disease is caused by successive ministrokes that kill off parts of the brain.
The McClendon family is having a reunion, with four generations attending. Applying the Flynn effect to this family, we would expect that _____.
the fourth generation of McClendons would score the highest on a standard IQ test
According to Erikson, an adult’s failure to achieve generativity results in _____.
stagnation and personal impoverishment
All of the following are important to people’s job satisfaction EXCEPT _____.
absolute income
T/F: For most adults, brain changes that occur before late adulthood correlate with diminished intellectual power.
An analysis of stressful events found that _____ had the greatest effect on adult happiness.
losing a job
With increasing age, the trait of neuroticism tends to _____.
be modified
In vitro fertilization (IVF), an assisted reproductive technology (ART), has resulted in an estimated _____ million births.
Remarriage is more common _____.
as SES rises
A main symptom in Lewy body disease is loss of _____.
The ability to recall a string of digits backward tends to _____ with age, while memory for vocabulary tends to _____ with age.
decrease; stay the same
Metabolism decreases by about _____________ between ages 20 and 60
What proportion of all first marriages end in divorce?
What is Erikson’s first stage of adulthood?
intimacy versus isolation
T/F: The existence of the Hayflick limit disproves the theory of the genetic clock.
T/F: Introversion is a proposed sixth personality dimension that may be added to the Big Five.
T/F: Parkinson’s disease begins with impaired thinking.
Adulthood is usually a time of _____.
increasing IQ, with dramatic individual differences
T/F: Most cancer deaths are attributable to lifestyle behaviors such as smoking.
What is Erikson’s third stage of adulthood?
integrity versus despair
According to Sternberg, creative intelligence requires _____ thinking.
Which 70-year-old is most likely to be diagnosed with osteoporosis?
Vivian, who has European ancestry
A study of adults aged 34 to 83 found that people high in fluid intelligence were exposed to _____ stress and were _____ likely to suffer from it.
more; less
For adults, unemployment that lasts more than a _____ is especially destructive to mental and physical health.
few weeks
Those faced with caring for their children and parents are ____ happy as those who are not.
just as
T/F: Plaques and tangles in the brain characterize major NCD due to Alzheimer’s disease.
Intellectual decline prior to age 60 is typically pathological and caused by any of the following EXCEPT _____.
Which is the best example of fluid intelligence?
the ability to quickly recognize relationships between words
About _____ percent of the adults under 65 that are providing care for those over 65 are caring for their parents.
T/F: In adults, crystallized intelligence tends to decrease with age, while fluid intelligence increases with age.
T/F: Schaie found in the Seattle Longitudinal Study that by age 60 everyone declined in at least one of the basic abilities, but not until age 88 are declines in all five skills apparent in everyone.
According to research, which statement about the “sandwich generation” is TRUE?
Many adults do not feel burdened by their responsibilities.
Evelyn divorced three years ago. Upon remarriage, Evelyn is likely to experience a decrease in _____.
When a factory closed, Benito lost his job of 20 years. He is 39 years old. Finding a new job will be stressful because _____.
the new job may not offer equal pay or the respect and expertise he once had