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Cumulative Exam Review

What happened to President Wilson’s goal of granting self-determination after the war?
It was never realized
What were some of the natural resources that attracted Europeans to Africa in the 1800s? Check all that apply
-land for farming
-gold and diamonds
-rubber and palm oil
Which event immediately followed the storming of the Bastille?
Peasants began attacking the aristocracy.
Because of industrialization, water became
Which best describes the Incas?
a large and rich empire in South America
Renaissance art was strongly influenced by ancient Greek and Roman
As a result of the French Revolution of 1791 and the Napoleonic Wars, people most wanted
government reform.
Which is a true statement about the Open Door policy?
All nations should have equal access to ports of trade.
Why was the Russian army near collapse by 1916?
The army was low on food, supplies, and ammunition.
In addition to an interest in religious reform, the princes of Germany supported Martin Luther’s ideas for
political and economic reasons.
A Renaissance writer considered one of the greatest poets of all time is
Dante Alighieri.
During the 1500s, many Jesuits became
A small group of centrists tried to get the Jacobins and the Conservatives to compromise on what main idea?
a republic versus a constitutional monarchy
What happened after the British became more imperialistic and forced China to sign trade agreements?
Imports to China and exports from China grew.
While reviewing documents for an informative essay, it is most important to consider
the historical context of the text.
Which statement about women’s power during the Renaissance is true?
Women had little political or economic power.
The map shows British India.

What does this map of British India in 1860 show?

provinces ruled by the British raj and states controlled by Indian monarchs
A reason that many city workers lived in unhealthy conditions was
there was no garbage collection or sewage service.
Which statement best explains the importance of the Age of Discovery?
The Age of Discovery was the beginning of globalization.
Unlike during the Medieval period, church leaders commissioned works of art during the Renaissance to
decorate religious spaces.
Which is an example of a sphere of influence?
A nation is politically independent, but an imperial power controls its trade.
What did the guillotine symbolize?
the Reign of Terror
What was one change established by the British raj in India?
The British raj created a civil-service system to rule the country.
To drive out foreign influences, the main thing the Boxers did was to
kill foreigners, missionaries, and Chinese Christians.