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College Success Ch. 6 Study Guide

According to your textbook, the truth about test scores is that they are a measure of ________
how well you do on a particular test
Techniques to use before you take a test include all of the following except ______
relying only on previous exams for review
A study checklist works in helping you review material by __________
creating a to-do list for each item to study
Predicting test questions can do more than get you a better grade. It can also __________
keep you focused on the purpose of a course
When taking a test the best way to begin is to _________
scan the whole test immediately
An important test-taking technique is to ________
pay attention to verbal directions given as a test is distributed
When answering an essay question it is important to _____________
include part of the question in your answer
Working in teams is important on the job. Strategies can include __________
leaving the stopping time open-ended
ending each meeting with a to-do list
Which of the following might be on a checklist prepared well before an exam?
exam dates
reading assignments
various exam to-do related items
The best approach to open-book tests is to ________
prepare thoroughly by flagging any key information and highlighting relevant sections in your readings and your notes
Techniques for overcoming math anxiety include all of the following except _________
ignoring your mental pictures about math
Predicting test questions include all of the following except ___________
ignoring the obvious clues presented during class
The suggestions given for cramming for an examination are to _________
make the best of a bad situation
Cheating lowers your self-concept because ________
it sends you the message that you are not smart enough to make it on your own
In the Power Process: “Detach”, the idea of giving up an addiction means __________
keeping current circumstances in perspective
A study check list is the the same as a review sheet.
Over learning material for short answer or completion test is a waste of time and energy.
Because the effectiveness of a review begins to drop after an hour or so, a good strategy is to plan on giving yourself short rests.
When you find your memory techniques fail you, this can predict your future inability to succeed. You should abort your efforts in these cases.
Do not waste time on pre-writing in an essay question, as it only slows you down.
The key to cramming is repetition.
To multiply the benefits of working in study groups, consider adding people of diverse backgrounds.
Giving a study group member a different responsibility in preparing question types for each meeting will give members a chance to explore new learning styles.
When an essay question asks you to enumerate, you should list the main parts in a meaningful order.
A good test taking strategy is to keep exams in perspective and not give them power they do not have.
In a True/False question, two negatives will cancel each other out.
Research on cooperative learning indicates that _____ people is an ideal group size.
In a true/false test, words like all. sometimes, and none are known as ___________
Having different reasons for a study group indicates you have established a __________ for the group.
When may make preparing for a mathematics test differ from studying for a history examination is that for mathematics you will have to _______ doing problems rather than simply reading the test.
Reviews of class material can be of the three types: daily, weekly, and __________
A term used in an essay question to indicate that you are to show the connection between two ideas or events is _________