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Chapter 24

William Hogarth, Jonathan Swift, and Alexander Pope shared the belief that
satire is an effective means of promoting social change
The effectiveness of William Hogarth’s satiric prints relies upon his skills in caricature, which is
portraiture that exaggerates peculiarities or defects.
John Locke claimed that at birth, the human mind is a tabula rasa, or “blank slate,” and that therefore human beings
can grow to become reasonable people.
A fundamental principle of Enlightenment thought is that
social change and political reform are desirable and possible.
An oratorio differs from an opera in its lack of
Thomas Hobbes argued that humankind’s only hope lay in accepting the social contract, whereby people
relinquish sovereignty over themselves and bestow it on a ruler.
Handel likely stopped composing Italian operas and began writing English oratorios because
stage productions of biblical stories were banned.
The __________ of Saint Paul’s is (are) most specifically inspired by the architecture of the Renaissance.
John Locke’s ideas about society influenced what social development?
Why was the Great Fire advantageous to London?
It allowed the city’s center to be modernized.
Why did Hobbes believe that most people willingly accepted a social contract?
To control their instincts and to achieve peace
What did William Hogarth aim to show with his caricatures of English society?
Moral bankruptcy
Why did Alexander Pope use heroic couplets for his discourse on ethics, An Essay on Man?
To reflect classical balance and harmony
According to Isaac Newton, why does the universe function harmoniously and orderly?
The sun and planets exert gravitational pulls