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Chapter 13

we examine two or more items for likenesses, differences, or both
help us choose between alternatives `
characteristics of comparisions
selecting items for comparison
developing a comparison
organization of a comparison
using analogy
ethical issues
selecting items for comparison
any items that you compare must share some common ground
compare two golfers or two cars
but not a car and a golfer
Developing a comparison
need well-chosen details that show you how the items under consideration are alike and different
organizing a comparison
block or alternting
block pattern
first presents all the point of comparison for one item and then al the points of comparison for the other
alternating pattern
presents a point about one item, then follows immediately with a corresponding point about the other
good for longer essays/papers
using analogy
a special type of comparison, calls attention to one or more similarities underlying tow kinds of an item that seem to have nothing in common
often explains something unfamiliar by likening it to something familiar
ex) the atmosphere of earth is like a window
when writing an analogy
1. readers must be well acquainted with the familiar item
2. items must have significant similarietes
3. must truly illuuminate
4. overextended analogies can tax the reader’s endurance
ethical issues
– am i avoiding skewing one or both of my items
-are the items i am comparing properly matched
-if i am using an analogy, is it appropriate matched
build your bpaper around a clear sense of purpose
prewriting the comparison
find your topic- brainstorm major areas of interest
developing your compariosn- make a chart of the two things being compared
thesis statement
often stresses the major piont of two of the comparison and relates that point to the reader’s interest
connet to reader’s interest
identify items being compared and main points of comparison
based on the purpose, number of points that will make the length
pick a pattern, blocked or alternating
end with a recommendation
make a prediction
stress the major point
do not summarize all similarities and differences
differences between Korean and English
alternating style
accent that english people put on words
the tenses, korean language doesn’t have tenses
article usage, a duck, the duck, duck