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Chapter 8 (1300)

The goal of any college test is to?
See what you have learned.
Which of the following offers the BEST set of ways to predict what will be on a test?
Examine old tests, design your own study guide, and talk to people who completed the course and did well.
What would be most effective to ask an instructor before a test?
What topics will be covered and what types of questions will be on the test.
Test anxiety can often cause?
Sweating and nausea.
The two keys to combating test anxiety are?
Attitude and preparation.
Some test-taking strategies suggested in the chapter are?
Begin with an overview, write down key facts, and read directions.
When you pay attention to words such as always, never, or every in test questions, you are aware of?
How qualifier modify the meaning of a question.
Essay questions ask for written responses and are an example of?
Subjective questions.
On an essay test, if the question requires you to give your opinion about the value or worth of something, you are being asked to?
When taking a test it is a bad idea to?
Rush through and leave early.
Which of the following is NOT an effective strategy to use with matching questions?
Work from the column with the shortest entries.
The BEST set of stargazes for answering essay questions is?
Map out your time, focus on action verbs, and plan out your argument.
To answer a question on a multiple choice test, which is an effective strategy?
Focus on qualifiers, Underline key words and phrases, Try to think of the answer before looking at the choices. ALL OF THE ABOVE.
Spending a few minutes to get an overview at the beginning of a test is important because?
You can get an idea of what type of questions you face and how to approach them.
Which of the following is NOT a reason why a student might have down poorly on an exam?