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Argumentative Essay Terms

Argumentative Essay
The purpose of an argumentative essay is to organize and present your well-reasoned conclusions in order to persuade the audience to accept—or at least seriously consider—your point of view.
the act of diminishing the power of the opponent’s argument
Pro Argument (PRO)
point or statement that supports one’s ideas and/or thesis
Counter Argument (CON)
point or statement in opposition to the argument being made in a written document or speech
a person who disagrees with something and speaks against it
someone who argues in favor of something; advocate
Reporting Verb
Said that, reported that…
Thesis Statment
The most important sentence in the essay
The goals of an argumentative essay is to:
present an opinion on a controversial topic to the reader;
explain, clarify and illustrate that opinion;
persuade the reader that the opinion supported in the essay
evidence that support your augment like,
support of authority,
and statistics