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AM GOV Chapter 9

What does the author of this critical thinking essay assume about civil rights?
It is important to protect against economic, political, and social discrimination.
Will the wages of white men be reduced if pay equity is implemented?
No, the law prohibits reducing wages to address pay equity.
What is the current wage gap between men and women?
23 cents
Based on the rate of the narrowing gender gap in pay, what will the gap be in 2020?
lower than 23 cents
Under the Equal Pay Act, is it legal or illegal for companies to allocate a larger proportion of their profits to their male employees as long as the wages that their male and female employees earn are equitable?
It is illegal to allocate a larger share of the profits only to male employee, as this constitutes a form of compensation.
In the context of pay equity, is it more important to protect companies’ rights or employees’ civil rights?
In a democracy, it is more important to protect the right to equal treatment.
Based on this example, how would you describe the fight for civil rights?
government should make policy to protect civil rights, groups should voice their opposition to unequal treatment, and civil rights violations should be recognized as afflicting minority groups as well as others.
Where in the Constitution are civil rights first addressed?
Civil rights are introduced with the 14th Amendment.
What is the focus of civil rights protection?
ensuring equal rights
Civil liberties are concerned with which of the following?
limiting the government’s power over individuals
The Naturalization Act of 1870 extended naturalization rights to what individuals?
whites and blacks
Which of the following BEST describes the difference between civil rights and civil liberties?
Civil rights require the government to take action, while civil liberties do not.
What non-white group was the first to be granted U.S. citizenship?
Which of the following BEST summarizes the main point of this essay?
Latinos, like other civil rights groups, have struggled to gain the right to citizenship.