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1040 Workbook Chapter 5: The Bureaucracy

Which of the following assumptions is crucial to the argument made by the author of this essay?
Bureaucratic agencies are motivated by the desire to increase their budgets.
If agencies were guaranteed a particular percentage of the overall budget for their own, would they be more likely, about as likely, or less likely to withhold information from other agencies compared to the way things are today?
less likely
The tendency of bureaucratic agencies to hoard information and avoid communication and cooperation with other agencies is which of the following?
a phenomenon that occurs in both state and federal agencies
Why does it make sense for the Environmental Protection Agency to handle the creation of fuel efficiency standards?
All of these options are correct.
Let’s suppose that Congress and the president agree to pass legislation to further reform health care laws in order to help reduce the rate of growth in the cost of health care. Which federal agency or department is most likely to be charged with implementing this law?
the Department of Health and Human Services
Without looking at their webpage, which of the following is most likely the mission statement of the Department of Commerce?
to promote job creation, economic growth, sustainable development and improved standards of living for all Americans by working in partnership with businesses, universities, communities and our nation’s workers
Which of the following is NOT associated with an accurate definition of the federal bureaucracy?
The federal bureaucracy does not have the power to make its own laws or rules.
One criticism of the federal bureaucracy and its power to issue rules is that it is undemocratic. How is the rule power of agencies still subject to popular influence?
The public comment period allows direct involvement by citizens to influence the content of a rule and whether it passes, AND Congress can act to overturn the rule if it disagrees with it, or otherwise write more detailed legislation.
Which act of Congress created the civil service system?
the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act
Which of the following BEST describes the intent of the civil service?
Career bureaucrats AND political appointees are to be hired and promoted based on merit.
Patronage appointments are still common for which of the following purposes?
ensuring that the president can select members of his own cabinet
Which of the following statements BEST describes the political appointment process today?
The Senate prioritizes delay and partisanship when it “advises” the president concerning his executive branch appointments.
Which of the following positions would be considered a patronage position today?
an ambassador appointed to represent the United States in Ireland
What do Figures 1 and 2 illustrate about diversity in the federal bureaucracy compared with the private sector?
Diversity in the federal bureaucracy roughly reflects the diversity of the private sector.
Do Figures 1 and 2 illustrate that the federal bureaucracy is descriptively representative of the United States population?
Yes, because they show that the federal workforce approximates the diversity found in the private sector.
Which of the following statements does NOT accurately describe what Figure 3 illustrates?
Democratic president Carter appointed a higher percentage of women to his cabinet than Republican president Reagan did in his first term in office.