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Practice in Detail Writing for English Description Essay

Lunch. Oh, what music it brings to our ears! Especially when that bell rings: our butts are edged off our seats, gearing to be the first one through the door and to the lunch line. This may be hard for 100-300’s because of their incredible distance in which they must travel.

In continuation, we feel our hearts beating, synchronically with each tick-tock of the clock. Knees weak, palms sweaty, we create an itinerary on escaping through the door. We predict who is going to destroy our well-thought-out plans, brainstorming ways to corrupt their similar plans. RING!

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We dash towards the door, executing every turn and jump in our blueprints, knowing our gracious reward in the long run. When we receive our prize of nourishment, we experience an orgasm with the mixtures of sweet and spicy tastes in our mouths. And the smell, oh my gosh, the smell.

The smell alone invigorates our addiction, an addiction that is headed by our insane dedication to eating lunch. It’s like a melt-in-your-nose smell. It is only achieved by severe imagination, though it is like our noses winning the lottery. What leads to these amazing but fraudulent senses of hearing, taste, and smell can be determined by all human minds.

We project pleasant images in our subconscious mind knowing that they are ugly and unimpressive just to have ourselves appreciate what is given to us. Every wonderful moment, we anticipate for five periods, and every five periods, we anticipate wonderful moments. We feed at 11:44, grudgingly but gratefully.