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Learning Foreign Languages


Learning foreign languages is essential today. Here learning means gaining knowledge, skills from experience or study. There are lots of languages in the world. Every language reflects its community, country and continent importance in its own places. There are some foreign languages commonly used all over the world i.e., English, Spanish, Russian, French, etc. Knowing one thing only is not enough in this competitive and business environment world, there is need of exposing of multi-talent qualifications in every person with sound and different known languages. Knowledge of foreign languages helps to make good communication and relation among the people of different nations.


From the early 100 years to this modern, the most common and widely used language is English. It is difficult to know exactly how many different unique languages are in the world. Most experts agree that the number is probably between 4000 to 4500. With the gradual development of varieties of languages in the world, people of different nations eagerly to learn new foreign languages, the reasons behind it, are many. Today’s survey data shows that there are top 10 international foreign languages mostly spoken in different nations. They are English, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi-Urdu, Arabic, Bengali, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and German.

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There are various causes for the gradual development of foreign languages. This is because of population growth, migration, communication process, developments, academic courses, geographical conditions, etc. In every field of requirement, English languages play a vital role in the communication process or means for the people of different nations. For the stability of peace and support among the countries, today has been possible only because of knowledge of varieties of languages among the people.

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Nowadays more and more people around the world are keen to learn foreign languages. A person who speaks only one language has a slim chance for success in this 21st-century job market. Though English languages are highly spoken in the world, it is not enough in the current situation. Today languages like Chinese, Russian, etc are also widely spoken than English. Here population plays a vital role factor for the development of the Chinese language. This shows that there is a need for knowledge of other languages also.

When we learn foreign languages, we are exposed to new things. We also learn about their foreign culture and the way the people live and the food they eat. In the Nepal context, many Nepalese are trying abroad for a job or higher studies. For this, they learn languages like Korean, Arabic, French, etc from different institutions and training centres.

Learning foreign languages helps to gain different opportunities. For e.g., if a Nepali person knows Chinese or French and the company needs to send him to China or France for official purposes, then it will be a strong plus point or advantage for him in the communication process. Not only this but getting a foreign language also helps to improve language pronunciation, vocabulary, fluency and understanding.


This 21st century has brought a drastic change in the use of foreign languages. The youths and middle age people are very much attracted by foreign languages. We can say that foreign languages are the varieties of flowers in a single garden spreading out its own beautiful and unique fragrances. Every language has its importance in its place. Learning foreign languages, thus, helps to gain additional backbone to compete in this strong economical business world.

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Passion to learn these languages for a student will be also additional talent courses. The support of learning this language for the students by their guardians and government support in the academic field will be a great combination and a key for development. Thus, in short, ‘Knowledge is Power’. Power creates attraction and encouragement.