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Becoming a Better English Student

Last year my ability to write was above the average of my English class. At the time I thought that reading and writing were the only things in English. This year I was handed a light to show me that reading and writing are only the outlines of English. When handed this light I started seeing the interior: the texture, the colour, and a lot more about the high lights of English.

The texture of English is the thought that evolved with it. This past year I have learned how to look at things from different perspectives, and then how to change that into words. We used this “different perspective” when we wrote observational writings. In observational writings, we had to write about something that we had observed, but we weren’t allowed to say that we were there in any way. This type of writing enhanced our ability to keep our thoughts and ourselves completely out of our writings.

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When people write English they can’t only write in the observational writing type. So they use the other types or colours of English. When colours are thought of, people usually think of something such as the rainbow. But when I think of colours, I think of them as something that gives character, and difference. At the beginning of this year, I didn’t have a clue about the colours of English, but now I have used my light to see more than just black and white. This year I have come to see that a few of the colours of English are analogies, sonnets, memoirs, and problem solution papers. I have also been able to learn the difference between certain colours. Last year I not only didn’t see that memoirs and biographies are colours, but I also didn’t know the difference that I know now.

The textures and the colours of English create a picture, but it’s not a perfect picture until you add some highlights. These highlights would be the depth of English. In the ninth grade, I thought that any piece of English that had depth, or meaning, had to be this drawn-out one hundred-page article. But after reading some of the most simple sentences, such as this one from the memoir Night by Elie Wiesel, “From the depths of the mirror, a corpse gazed back at me.” I have been able to realize that there are the small sentences that hold so much, so little meaning that makes the perfect picture.

This past school year I walked into another world of English. In the ninth grade world of English, I was taught how English looked in the shadows. I wasn’t able to touch it, feel it, or understand it completely. But this year, in the tenth-grade world of English, I was allowed the opportunity to gain an understanding of English.

I was able to become a better English student by learning the thought, the characteristics, and the depth of English. Maybe my punctuation or spelling didn’t achieve a higher height than last year, but my understanding of English did. Because of that I feel that I am a better English student than I have ever been.