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Why i Want to be a Counselor Essay

Essay 1

A counselor participates in the process of paying attention to numerous clients and provides advice, assistance, and guidance on how to deal with their problems and psychological difficulties. Counseling focuses on individuals and relationships in which help, direction, and problem solving are provided (McCleod, 2013). Counselors assist customers in identifying alternative methods for exploring and understanding options for a more pleasurable and successful life.

In my final year of high school, I considered becoming a counselor. Because I was not able to interact with a counselor until the last year of secondary education, I did not have that opportunity. The counselor helped me in selecting a profession, avoiding substance abuse, adjusting to college life, and establishing excellent conduct so that I could be healthy mentally.

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I realized the importance of medically assisting young people who are required to make critical decisions in their jobs, relationships, and personal life. There are several issues in today’s society that individuals may find difficult to manage alone, and counseling is useful at such times (McCleod, 2013).

A competent counselor must be able to pay attention to clients, communicate effectively, and work with them in order to create the most effective method of coping with a problem. Being engaged with customers necessitates that a counselor make a difference in their life by first comprehending their anxiety and difficulties, as well as fostering camaraderie so they can talk to him/herself (McCleod, 2013). A counselor should strive to ensure that clients maintain their goals, develop solid friendships, apply the skills taught, are free of pain, and positively influence others’ lives.

To be an effective counselor, one must have certain qualities while others must be learnt. The ability to focus on a person and communicate my ideas and emotions plainly to another individual is at the top of my list of talents. As a therapist, I am duty-bound to acknowledge the client in their current position and express appreciation for their condition. I can clearly feel and imagine what the other person is going through, which may make them feel well cared for (Capuzzi & Stauffer, 2016).

A counselor may not be able to address all of the client’s concerns, but at the very least she should have the ability to solve problems. I do possess this skill. The client can identify harmful ideas and a behavior that is linked to issues they are experiencing, and these are changed by me. Since developing good relationships is an essential element of counseling, I possess relational abilities that might assist in establishing rapport with the person.

The client should build trust with the counselor by receiving exclusive attention that is not distracted by personal issues. As a counselor, I can alter the approach of resolving difficulties to meet the demands of clients while also adhering to professionalism. There’s a need for an ethical counselor who can maintain professionalism in order to avoid conflict with those of the client when personal unmet needs and wants have been identified (Capuzzi & Stauffer, 2016).

To make things worse, I can serve clients from any cultural, religious, or economic background. There are certain talents that I didn’t learn as a student that may be required. They include the ability to communicate effectively via technology in order to send emails with important information or teachings to customers. Furthermore, skills in collecting data on the progress of the counseling program and how to analyze it are necessary; these skills will also be needed for public speaking about the success of the counseling program and how to interpret it.

During the counseling process, my fundamental principles are to maintain honesty, autonomy, and authority of the client in order to fully respect human rights and differences among people. Respect demands that I treat every client equally, regardless of their culture or any personal divides. Once acceptance has been achieved, honesty demands that I do not abuse the client but rather stay within their physical and emotional boundaries while offering assistance.

As a counselor, I need to comprehend the client’s power over the relationship and their vested rights to make decisions in order to provide space for self-expression and expression of needs and opinions (Pedersen et al., 2015). It is critical that confidentiality and privacy be maintained during the counseling process since there is a buildup of trust on the part of the client while others are kept out.

Working with clients from a different culture is complicated because each person’s needs are unique. I must start by identifying the problems for which assistance is being sought in a culturally acceptable manner that avoids the direct approach of receiving answers since my cultural background, cultural ethics, and life experiences demand me to do so.

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Some of the ethical problems that come with working in a helping profession include attempting to understand more about the client’s culture, valuing cultural variety, and demonstrating respect for alternative views and problem-solving techniques so that a rapport may be formed. Identifying beliefs that differ from those of others can assist in revealing preconceptions and generalized perceptions regarding clients with a different culture (Capuzzi & Stauffer, 2016). Self-awareness is useful in assisting me in counseling people from diverse backgrounds.

I’m looking for work as a school counselor that involves developing students’ skills in addition to assisting them with social, psychological, and academic counseling. This includes delivering information on psychological and sociological issues through such themes as sex education and seminars on skill-building. I am eager to assist students in preparing for college life after they have chosen their vocations, as well as assisting them in avoiding negative peer pressure.

Students should also be warned about how to handle disputes among classmates, instructors, and parents. Maintaining academic standards, achieving planned objectives, improving organizational skills, developing time management skills, enhancing social skills, and discovering talents and interests are just a few of the things I’d advise students on.

There is a need for qualified counseling professionals to receive more training so that their assistance to youngsters may be more successful. This is accomplished by keeping abreast of current events in the field of counseling and obtaining timely and crucial information (Pedersen et al., 2015). I’d also like to conduct additional research in order to gather facts that can assist with the development of school counseling policy.

A counselor’s key responsibilities include adhering to certain principles in order to achieve effectiveness. They entail following the expert standards, maintaining client confidentiality, and allowing clients to express themselves. It is necessary for counselors to perform actions that can be done freely and impartially, maintain cultural diversity, develop both personally and professionally, and create a positive counseling atmosphere.

Essay 2

My ideal professional path would be to establish myself as a counselor without basketball. Before jumping to the conclusion that a counselor is someone who sits back with a pen and notepad all day offering “how does that make you feel” comments, it’s important to consider several things about how much time, effort, and hard work is required to pursue this line of work.

A therapist (depending on his or her area of expertise) is someone who uses therapeutic methods to help people develop their existing abilities and talents. I’d want to be a school counselor at first, but I’m open to all options.

It’s critical to have a bachelor’s degree in counseling or a related field. Work experience, internships, and a good professional counselor outlook are all required. Internships are considered the most crucial step on the road to becoming any sort of counselor. During these internships, students must participate in assigned community group sessions, private-tutor individual sessions, give and organize group lessons, perform student achievement activities, and excel in mock/exit level interviews.

By doing all of this, you will hopefully gain confidence in a genuine-world setting with a mentor constantly guiding you to the point that you don’t require them. It also gives you a real-world view of whether this profession is right for you or not while opening your eyes to your own potential. And lastly, it prepares you for the National Counselor Examination (also known as the “NCE”)which is a 200 question application-based test that covers the entire curriculum and is split into four hours.

The training program will assess counseling topics, processes, examinations, and diagnostics, professional development and consultation, professional practice, human growth and development, relationship work, group work, social and cultural diversity research & evaluation ethics.

Essay 3

We make choices as individuals and as a society early in our lives, and those decisions have the potential to have a huge influence on our futures. I’ve always known that I wanted to positively affect people’s lives, which is why I pursued school counseling. In the future, I’d want to help another generation of students achieve their goals. My interest in counseling has been confirmed throughout my college years through a number of experiences so far.

The following are some of the classics I’ve read. -> The influence of my community service sorority, Chi Delta Alpha, on my decision to pursue a career as a school counselor was significant. On several occasions, I volunteered through Chi Delta Alpha, including baby-sitting children so that parents might have a night off.

I enrolled in the first psychology course as an elective. I came to the conclusion that psycholgy is important for everyone’s life after taking the class, and test anxiety and adolescent divorce impacted my interest. Test anxiety has piqued my interest ever since I took the SAT in high school. In school, I had good grades, but because to my low SAT score, I was concerned about whether or not I would be accepted into the college of my choice.

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I’d want to collaborate with students to discover methods to reduce anxiety and improve low-test scores. I became interested in the impact of divorce after my parents’ divorce during my first year of college, when I saw how my siblings reacted differently to the situation. After witnessing my brother shut down as a result of the split, I recognized that many individuals respond differently to stressful situations, and I wish to work with youngsters to cope with them in a positive manner.

Because of my interest in the impact of divorce on adolescents during their formative years, Dr. Griffin and Dr. Galassi’s study of family-school partnerships piques my attention at the University of North Carolina. Community asset mapping seemed to be useful to students because of its significance for families, according to Dr. Griffin’s article “School Counselors and Collaboration: Finding Resources through Community Asset Mapping.”

Essay 4

If basketball is taken away, my ideal profession path would be to work as a counselor. Before leaping to the conclusion that a counselor is someone who just sits back with a pen and notepad all day delivering occasional “how does that make you feel” comments, it’s important to consider how much time, effort, and hard labor is required to pursue this career path.

A counselor (depending on the sector) is a therapist who employs therapeutic approaches to assist clients develop existing qualities and skills in their everyday lives. I’d want to become a school counselor so that I might help youngsters cope with their thoughts, and after that I’d want to continue helping children cope with their thoughts. To accomplish this, I would need to fulfill four criteria.

To be licensed as a psychotherapist, I would first need to complete my masters or doctorate in counseling: I would have to minor in psychology while doing so. Second, I’d have to undertake some sort of internship and learn how to handle human stress and anxiety. Third, after completing my education and training, I’d need to pass the particular states licensing exam. Finally, I’d need to apply for my professional counselor’s license.

To be a trusted and successful counselor, you need to first obtain an appropriate level of expertise. To start with, I must take psychology courses while I am working towards earning a bachelor’s degree in counseling-psychology with the goal of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in. It is acceptable to receive either a bachelor’s degree in art or science. This would also necessitate thirty to forty-five hours and fifty to sixty credits of graduate coursework.

It’s all about you. You have worked hard for this moment to enjoy your life fully, and it is finally at hand! You are one step away from being able to do anything you want with your time on Earth. The best part of the job is that no matter where I go, whether it be in my house or outside of it, people are always aware that I am the owner of a beautiful place. There are times when I get tired of hearing all this praise; but every once in a while something shows up in my inbox or on social media telling me how much others appreciate what I’m doing for them here at home. Every day comes alive again as soon as walk through my front door… No matter how “big”

With that in mind, this profession is ideal for me and I don’t see myself doing anything else at this point in my life. Every one of us needs a shoulder to lean on eventually, and counselors are essential for various reasons. I believe that counselors are real individuals with whom people can go to for help, and I hope that this career will continue to grow in popularity throughout my adult years.

Essay 5

Counsellors assist people in examining feelings and emotions that are frequently connected to their past experiences. This allows their clients to think about what’s going on in their lives and different possibilities for doing things. Counsellors operate in a confidential environment and pay close attention to their patients. They give them the time, care, and respect they need to express themselves freely and perhaps discover new views on life. The objective is for them to become less confused and able to deal with issues as necessary or make positive changes in their life if desired.

A counsellor does not offer advice but aids clients in making their own decisions within the confines of a negotiated counseling agreement. There is also no clear distinction between the terms counselling and psychotherapy, and both can refer to a variety of talking therapies. Work activities are generally typical. There are several different types of counselling, each with its own theoretical foundation. The technique used by the practitioner might be influenced by his or her personal interests and education, the location where the therapy session takes place, or the majority of client population.

Most counselors practicing in various areas of expertise (e.g., relationship counseling, addiction treatment, sexual abuse therapy, or health) specialize in the models most employed in their fields. Establishing a rapport with clients and drafting a contract to cover what will be discussed during sessions are examples of work completed across most areas of counseling. Accredited psychotherapists are professionals that use psychotherapy to assist clients with various mental health difficulties, such as social anxiety disorder or specific phobias.

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Clients can be encouraged to talk about issues they feel they may not be able to express openly; actively listening to client worries and sympathizing with their perspective; accepting without prejudice the problems raised by clients; assisting clients in gaining a deeper understanding of their concerns by challenging any inconsistencies between what they say and do; assisting clients in making decisions and choices around potential avenues forward; referring patients to additional sources of assistance, as needed; attending supervision and training courses (required for accreditation) ; undertaking personal therapy (mandatory for accreditation).

Assessing the scope of the problem, identifying potential service gaps, assessing clients’ needs and proposing solutions. Working with other agencies and individuals to assist implement changes based on client concerns; striving to meet targets in relation to client contact; occasionally conducting group as well as individual therapy; keeping records and using reporting tools.

It’s crucial to have a good rapport with your clients in order for them to open up and share their problems. The counselor must:

  • Make a point of being pleasant and having interpersonal skills.
  • Be adaptable and able to meet the varied demands of individuals by providing personalized care.
  • Be prepared for many sessions.
  • To offer something useful and concrete is something that you can be extremely serious about.
  • Demonstrate a sympathetic demeanor.

A counselor must try to help a client solve their own difficulties while at the same time displaying genuine concern and compassion for the client’s issues. The counselor must adapt his or her approach to each client based on his or her personality type. Does the customer exhibit more of an introverted or extroverted demeanor? Is this person talk more logically (logical) than they do (emotional)? Is this person more cautious or compulsive? First, the counselor can simply listen and subsequently reflect by restating or rephrasing what has been said.

It has two advantages. First, it allows the client to feel that he is being acknowledged. Second, it enables any misunderstandings to be identified and fixed. When the counselor believes he understands what the client is saying, he may move on to questions. Feelings, ideas, perceptions, beliefs, expectations, past experiences, preferences, or other elements regarding the problem might be addressed by these inquiries. The client may communicate a desired outcome.

The counselor and the client may want to examine the purpose’s ultimate goal. They might look at other methods for attaining the ultimate aim as well as real concerns underlying it. The counselor may then explore the advantages of holistic health, one’s identity development, and self-responsibility concepts after further discussion. The counselor must be aware that information supplied to the client will take time for them to put into their lives.

The counselor and the client should talk about how these ideas relate to the client’s issues. The counselor should urge the client to come to their own conclusions and select the path they wish to take in order to solve their problem. The counselor may request that the client describe how confident they are in accomplishing the ultimate objective.

The client will assess the likelihood of a behavior based on their perceived benefit and confidence in accomplishing it. Goals may have to be modified, scaled down, or entirely redesigned to improve adherence. The new behavior should be made as appealing as possible through creativity. Behavioral logs and contracts, peer or family support, friendly competition, and verbal appreciation may all be used to boost compliance.

The therapist and client may decide on a future session to assess the behavioral objective’s success. Goals might be updated, as well as additional issues, in these later sessions. In conclusion, the objective of a counselor is to assist individuals discover themselves and their existence so that they may fully realize what it means to be human.

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