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Why Do You Want To Be a CNA Essay

why do you want to be a cna essay

Example #1

I don’t understand, while being a CNA is hard, it is not rocket science. You basically have to work and care. So many CNAs don’t do either one. I don’t know how they go home and sleep knowing that they left their residents soaked, cold, and dirty. Why don’t they just go work at a gas station? Very few things make me as angry as when the residents are not getting the care they DESERVE. I want the opportunity every day to make an impact on people’s lives in a positive and much-needed way.

We, future CNA’s, get paid for more than simply washing people, making beds, and all of the other tasks that go along with the job. We have chosen a profession that demands care from us. We need to show patience and compassion daily, no matter what. People may think that becoming a CNA is a job just anyone can do.

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This is not true! It takes a certain type of person to do the work of a nursing assistant. I am proud to be a Future CNA! Yes, I may become “only a CNA” in the eyes of some people, but to others, I will be much more.

I will be the one, in many residents’ lives, who will be providing them with their ADLs. What others take for granted, washing, dressing, bathing, eating– some residents are unable to perform these tasks for themselves anymore, and they will depend on me. I will go to great lengths to maintain their privacy and dignity while helping them to do things that only a few years ago they were doing on their own.

I am the one they rage at, venting their frustration, anger, confusion, and fear. I will perform excellent care, even though doing so will certainly put me in a position of being physically and verbally abused at times by the hands of those I care for. I’ll be the one who hears “I want to go home” from the lips of residents sometimes several times a night and comforts them.

I will make a difference offering hugs and smiles in a dark and lonely world, where many times, the staff becomes the only family a resident has. I will become their source of love, acceptance, and friendship. I will be the one who tries to quell loneliness and depression in the residents I care for, sometimes I’ll just act silly to coax a smile. I will let them know that someone still cares about them.

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I will be the one who listens when no one else listens and listens as my residents repeat stories from their past over and over again, offer my words of amazement or encouragement over their accomplishments and memories. I want to be the one who validates them as a person, who ensures they know they still have great worth as a human being, even though their lives have changed, I always try to offer hope where it is needed.


Example #2

I am a CNA, I am the person who helps your loved ones, children, and maybe even yourself with everyday aspects. I am the person who helps your grandmother get ready in the morning or helps your uncle eat his lunch. I am slapped, bit, and yelled at more times than not. I change diapers and clean up vomit daily. I wake up early and stay up late to help you when you whenever you need me. With all of this hard and tiring work comes the rewarding parts.

I get to play card games like Go Fish and learn new ones from the residents like Bridge. I sit and talk with residents and hear their stories from when they are young. I get to soothe your premature baby and sit with her as she heals and grows until she goes home. I play board games and color with children who are suffering from chronic illness and cancer.

I hold your mother’s hand as I tell her it’s okay to go and that she is so loved. I am a CNA, and though I may not be for long I put my entire heart and soul into it and love every second. I have long desired for the chance to work in a medical setting and working in an assisted living home has made me realize that the job comes with so much more than the job description entails.

When you take the CNA certification course, it does not even come close to preparing you for what your clinical will entail. You study and learn to prepare yourself for that moment where it’s up to you to be knowledgeable to do your job. It’s difficult and intimidating to know that you are at the bottom…


Example #3

The nursing field extends many opportunities to be a very important part of the health care team. Nursing involves direct patient contact and varied skills and abilities. A nurse has a unique opportunity to ensure that they care for a patient’s comforts and needs, and can make a difference in every patient’s life. Various challenging opportunities are available under the broad category of nursing.

A wide range of career opportunities is open to registered nurses. Many nurses choose to specialize once within the field of nursing. One specialized field that nurses can go into is nurse anesthesia. As anesthesia specialists, certified registered nurse anesthetists administer more than 65% of the twenty-six million anesthetics given to patients each year. They have licensed and certified registered nurse anesthetists in all fifty states.  To become a nurse anesthetist, it is necessary to first become a registered nurse.

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There are four ways to become a registered nurse. It is possible through a two-year community college, earning an associate’s degree in nursing, or through a three-year hospital-based nursing school, earning a diploma. Other possible ways include a four-year university program, resulting in a Bachelor’s of Science degree in nursing, or the B.S.N., as it is commonly called. For those who have a bachelor’s degree in another subject, there is a generic master’s degree in nursing, a two or three-year program beyond the bachelor’s degree.  In the future, the B.S.N. is being considered the minimum qualification for a satisfying career. The two-year associate’s degree and the hospital-based diploma programs are rapidly closing around the country, and student nurses are being encouraged to enroll in four-year universities.

Nursing education includes classroom instruction and supervised clinical experience in hospitals and other health facilities.  Students take courses in anatomy, physiology, microbiology, chemistry, nutrition, psychology, and other behavioral sciences, and nursing. Corse’s work also includes liberal arts classes.  Hospital departments provide supervised clinical experience in pediatrics, psychiatry, maternity, and surgery. Several programs include clinical experience in nursing homes, public health departments, home health agencies, and ambulatory clinics.

The nurse anesthetist is an essential part of the surgical team. They are highly skilled and highly educated specialists who, under the direction of a physician, administer anesthetics to patients for all types of surgery. The nurse anesthetist prepares for a medical procedure by setting up assigned operating rooms with necessary equipment and supplies, meeting with assigned patients, and by completing necessary preoperative procedures. Preoperative procedures may include administering medication, hooking up the patient’s IV, and connecting the patient to a life support system. When the patient goes into the operating room for their surgery, the CRNA administers either a general or local anesthetic to the patient.

They also practice in the obstetrics department, with psychiatric patients, in the respiratory therapy department, the emergency room, and in dental offices.  Attention to vital signs and changes in the patient’s condition is one important function of the nurse anesthetist. This is a field in which the nurse-patient relationship is critically important.  The CRNA has to apply physiologic and psychologic principles with sensitivity while also employing technical skills and theoretical knowledge.

The nurse anesthesia programs range from twenty-four to thirty-six months in length and encompass an academic and clinical practicum on a college degree level. The classroom curriculum emphasizes anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, and pharmacology as they relate to anesthesia. All programs must offer a Master of Science degree or higher beginning in 1998. All programs require a four-year college degree in science or nursing, and at least one year of acute care nursing experience before entry. Schools usually define acute care as intensive care, coronary care, and emergency/trauma care.

Once a student has completed their educational work, the nurse is eligible to take a national certification examination and become a certified registered nurse anesthetist. Laws also require continuing education every two years for recertification.

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Nurse Anesthetists work with physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals in well-lighted, air-conditioned, and surgically clean surroundings.  They wear a surgical gown, cap, and mask while administering the anesthetics. Nurse anesthetists may need to lift, move, and position patients receiving anesthetics.  While they are administering the anesthetic, they may stand or sit in one position for long durations of time.

Certified registered nurse anesthetists are very much in demand and have many opportunities throughout the united states. The demand will continue to be excellent throughout the year 2010.  This occupation is one of a group of registered nurses estimated to grow more than 33 percent. Reflecting on the amount of responsibility, nurse anesthetists are one of the best-paid nursing specialties. The reported average salary in 1997 was approximately $86,000. The middle 50 percent earned between $74,700 and $90,300.  An article in the September 21, 1992, issue of Fortune magazine included nurse anesthetists among the top 20% of income earners in America.


Example #4 – Interesting ideas

A CNA is what used to be called a nurse’s aide. The training is short. The pay is around minimum wage. I don’t know if approaching nursing through this method would encourage or discourage you. If you are a young person, why don’t you go to a four-year college for your RN training? I know a lady close to 60 who is an LPN, she could never find the funds or time to go back to college to be an RN as she wanted. Do it now before you have children and family responsibilities.

  1. I wanted to help people. I always felt horrible for people suffering and wanted to do something that I knew could help their suffering.
  2. I wanted to feel more capable. It makes me feel powerful to know that in a dangerous situation I know what to do.
  3. I was never attracted to “masculine” jobs, wanted something that fit my personality and this was it.

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