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Who Am I Essay

who am i essay

Example #1

In my heart, I am an Indian. By law, I am an American. I’ve learned to live the Indian way at home and the American way outside. By training at home, I have been able to retain my culture and learn about my religion. By mingling up in this society, I am learning about American culture and Christianity.

Although I’m surrounded by the American culture most of the time, I have been able to keep my native culture alive. I speak my native language at home, which is Hindi. I am learning to read and write in Hindi using the Internet. Our culture is to respect our elders and especially our teachers. In our culture, teachers have the highest position in our society.

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Education is the most important thing for us. We must get a good education. Traditionally, we do not have to undergo stresses caused by the disintegrating of families. Another important thing our culture teaches us is to respect other cultures and religions.

I am one of those very compassionate people who can not see anyone in any kind of pain or suffering. It kills me to see children being torn away from their parents when their parent’s divorce. I cannot see children left out in the world with no one to care for them, with nowhere to live, with nothing to do.

For people and children like these, I always pray to God that in some way, some time shows me a way in which I can cut the miseries for these people. I have many hobbies which keep going in the right direction. These help me stay away from drugs and help me practice abstinence. One of my hobbies is poetry writing.

Poetry helps me express my feeling towards things like the miseries of people. Another one of my hobbies is singing in the school choir and playing the flute in the school band. God has wonderfully blessed me with musical talent that nurtures my sensitivity. Reading helps me become aware of the world. It shows me the many problems of this world and I often think about what I can do to help the world.

Religion also plays a major role in my life. Without God, for me, there would be no life. God is the only one to whom I can tell my inner feelings without being scared of anything or anyone. My dream is to become a pediatrician so that I can help children, the hopes and aspirations of every society, to live a healthy and therefore a meaningful life.

I am proud of myself. I am proud of who I am. I have high self-esteem which carries me far into life. High self-esteem gives me confidence and the assurance that I can achieve all my goals if I have faith in myself. I can also achieve my goals if I keep a strong faith in God and know the fact that He is with me every step of the way and that He will keep me on the right track. I am also aware that I must keep working hard in order to accomplish my dreams. America is made of so many cultures.

Living here has helped me learn about the many cultures and religions of this world. In many cases, it has helped me appreciate myself, Preeti Kumar, as to the kind of person I am. Most of all, it has helped me in search of my identity.


Example #2

Believe it or not, I find it very difficult to talk about myself. I think that the only way to accurately describe myself is to give a little background information. I was born in Indianapolis, where I have lived my whole life. I live in an old three-story farmhouse, which was built in the 1780s. It has been remodeled somewhat since then but all of the woodwork is the same.

The surroundings are beautiful, like a calendar picture. The house sat on about 15 acres of land. Most of that was in the woods and there was a small stream that ran through it. As a child, I was very adventurous. It seemed like every day I would travel further and further from my house. I was always the one who was curious about how far we could go and what else could we do. My friends looked to me as a leader.

As I got older, I realized that I had some athletic talent. I began to play just about every sport that I could for my elementary school and middle school. Baseball and football were the two sports that I excelled at all during high school and now in college.

Even though sports took up a lot of my time as a child and as a teenager, I felt that there was something missing in my life. It is something that made me who I am today and still works through me daily. I am talking about the love of my personal savior Jesus Christ. It took me 14 years of my life to realize how lost I was without him. He comes before everything in my life. That is why I am proud to say that I am a Christian. If I did not have Christ in my life I would not be the great person who I am today.


Example #3

I’m an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams. I live life to the fullest. I am simple. And I believe that simplicity is beauty. I am Marchiel Anne Castro Adriano, born on the 23rd day of March 1997. I’m the second child and only daughter of Gabriel and Annie Rose Adriano. I have two brothers. Jorge Hendrick, the eldest, and Gabriel Jr., the youngest. We are currently living in Brgy. 3, Loing, Piddig, Ilocos Norte.

I started schooling when I was six years old.

Kindergarten up to the sixth grade, I entered Piddig Central Elementary School.I’m a consistent deserving pupil from Grade 1 to Grade 6. I joined contests like Science Quiz Bee and I joined Math Quiz Bee only when I was in the sixth grade. I joined sports competitions, too. On my graduation day, I was recognized as the first honorable mention and I was awarded as the athlete of the year.

Elementary days had gone and the journey to success must go on.

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I spent my high school life at Don Salustiano Aquino Memorial National High School. It is the only public school in our town. I choose to go there because it gives quality education, enhance abilities, and develop new skills and talents. In that school, my leadership ability is enhanced. I’m an officer of the Student Council, and to be in that organization, one must have the ability to lead.

I also joined competitions concerning Math and Science, and also have the skills in the field of journalism. I competed in the Division Schools Press Conference 2013 in my event, Copyreading and Headline Writing. Luckily I was in the sixth place so I was qualified to join the Regional Schools Press Conference.

I love playing badminton. In high school, I joined sports competitions and I am fortunate that I competed until the regional level four times. I graduated as the Salutatorian and again awarded as the athlete of the year.

The people who inspired me most are my family. I know the sacrifices of my parents just to send us to school, and I know that I have to study hard and finish my schooling. My mother is working in a foreign country and she had to fight extreme homesickness just to give the needs of the family. My father is a service driver and he had to do the double tasks, to be our father, and to play the role of a mother.

They both work hard just to provide our needs and to give us the best education because they believe that education is a life’s best blessing and the only thing which they can bestow to us. With them, I am inspired to study harder and finish college so that their sacrifices will be paid off, and someday, they’ll see me as the person they want me to be.

After finishing my secondary education, I continued my journey at the Mariano Marcos State University – College of Teacher Education. Yes, I want to be a teacher. It is the noblest profession. I believe that I have the ability in this field. I told myself that when I will be able to finish this course and be a professional, I will be the one responsible for the younger brother’s schooling, and give the needs of my parents.

I will also help my relatives in some ways. But in order for me to reach my goal, I must first finish my schooling and be educated because education is a sure visa to the most sought journey to development and success.


Example #4

It is a mistake to believe that everything in this life is clear and understandable. There are many undiscovered mysteries, the answers to which humanity hasn’t found yet. And the older a person becomes, the more such questions he or she has.

Who are you? What is your nationality? What do you do? What are your religious beliefs? What type of person are you? What can you tell about the character? The answers to these questions can differ and change with time. Today you may say I am a student, and tomorrow, I am a pilot. It all depends on your choice, your experience, or situation.

A human can safely say who he is or hide it from others. It’s all about character. The answer to any question is a small choice. But the most important questions are those that we ask ourselves standing in from of the mirror alone. Many times I have tried to describe my individuality but I always have new and news answers appearing in my mind hen I get older…

One such difficult question is who I am? What is the difficulty of this, at first glance, simple question? It’s clear that I am, above all, a person. I have got my character, my beliefs, my needs. But if you do not dwell on this and continue working further, there will be only more questions. We are all used to the fact that things around have some purpose, everything has its function. And it is natural that after losing its main function, a certain object ceases to exist. But is it applicable to a human?

There are many proverbs and sayings that help us find an answer to this difficult question: we are what we eat, show me your company, and I’ll tell you who you are, etc. But should I talk about my character, about my personality, my experience or knowledge?

Looking at a human from the biological aspect of view, one can say that his main purpose is procreation because man is mortal, but life must continue. But this approach seems to be too simple. What if one day our knowledge will allow opening the formula of immortality, and the constant continuation of the family will lose its meaning?

Is it possible to assert that man must exist only in order to reproduce? I don’t think so. In the modern world, it is already clear that a person has more important goals. In particular, the improvement of the world, new scientific discoveries and it is all about self-development.

What kind of person am I? Seems that now the answer about my personality will be much simpler. Without denying the need for procreation on Earth is important, I still consider myself to be such a type of human who seeks to improve the world. Many imperfections surround us, and I think that my personality can make discoveries that will improve the whole world around me.

Like all of us, my character possesses undisclosed potential, the prospect of improving the world, the chance to make it much more interesting and diverse than it is now.

When I am asked who am I, I do not necessarily have to describe my personality or my character. First of all, I am human. I am part of this huge, complex world. I can be a lawyer or a doctor, bold or scared, athlete or scientist, but I always remain a person. That type of person does not care about the fate of others.

A person who wants to make the right decisions, but does not always cope with the task. A man who helps those who need it. I want always to remain honest. I want to give people warmth and try not to hurt them. It is about my character. It seems to me that each of us should be the cause of somebody’s happiness. And someday, I want to say boldly that I’m a man who has made the world a little better.

Ask yourself: What kind of person am I and who do I want to be? Everything is in our heads and hands. My character gives me the possibility to choose who to be. I am a student, a son, a brother, a friend, a listener, a Christian, sometimes even a creator, because it is my choice what type of person I want to be today.

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Example #5

As a child growing up in California, education didn’t seem to be one of my strong points. My parents did little to give me guidance in my schooling and my choices involving education. I was not forced by my parents to read or write much when I was younger. Had my parents been a little more controlling when I was younger, I may not be in the predicament that I am in as of late. My grades are not as poignant as I would like them to be and my reading and writing abilities leave a great deal to be desired.

When my family and I moved up here to Washington, I attended Holy Rosary. My parents thought that at Holy Rosary, my grades would improve and I would surpass my previous academic standings. A part of this was true. My grades did improve greatly, not because I gained any knowledge except how to get by easily. The school didn’t challenge any of its students. I had not felt a push or even heard anyone speak about challenging us, students. That would later change when I came to Bellarmine.

Bellarmine, unlike other schools, gave me a demanding curriculum which made me challenge myself and that forced me into becoming a better student altogether. My writing did suffer because of the lack of experience I had in the previous schools. Bellarmine was surprisingly my first time actually writing. I remember one of the papers that I wrote for Mrs. Hannigan’s class. It was about my time in Japan. I read it over again in my junior year and it was entirely terrible.

It seemed as if my writing was the equivalent of sixth-graders at best. This paper had made me feel inept in a place where education takes precedence over everything else. The compositions that I wrote my freshman year of Bellarmine were, to say the least, weak and lacking any direction.

The next two years for me were a tremendous step up from what I had written the preceding year. Sophomore year, my writing was put to the ultimate test by Mr. Dudas. The papers for Mr. Dudas? the class was a far cry from the year before. I’d say the main thing that improved was my writing process. Before the sophomore year, the way I wrote was just straight to paper. I did not use outlines or brainstorming. After I had learned the writing process, my compositions had a more refined appearance.

Junior year, Mrs. Campbell was my instructor and her teaching style was different which captivated many, but perplexed me. I did not understand what she felt was necessary for a paper to receive an appropriate grade. At that particular time, I felt as if my writing was being bound by certain requirements and I did not want my writing to suffer because of those requirements, therefore I wrote the way I desired. My grades consequently did suffer, but I believe my writing had shown a great deal of improvement since my time at Bellarmine.

Over the years I?ve seen my writing improve exceeding my expectations seeming that I hadn’t received a satisfactory writing education until my entry into Bellarmine. There have been many particular things that I have seen improvement in my writing. The method I use to writing has been taught to me and now I use it unceasingly no matter when I’m writing. Another improvement that I have noticed in my writing has been my ability to sharpen my creativeness.

I think the main thing that needs to be improved is my articulation in writing. I have trouble putting thoughts into words and words onto paper with making sense. My vocabulary proficiency leaves a great deal to be wanted from teacher and the reader whoever that may be. I am confident that my writing will not be as horrendous as it has in the past few years.

One thing that I’ve learned through my writing is that many people may find it lacking in numerous ways, but if I am positive that my writing came from within and I have done all that I can in the allotted time to make it as satisfactory as I could, then I am content with my work.


Example #6

I am a loving mother, a faithful partner, a loyal friend, and a devoted child. Love and Family are very important to me, and I struggle to find time for all my loved ones, for, without these treasured relationships, my life would be meaningless.

I am a pioneer on a quest for personal growth, constantly in search of truth and knowledge, always longing to travel to places unknown, whether physically or spiritually. I believe that all of our experiences help us to be the person we were destined to be, therefore, we should be thankful for our mistakes as well as our triumphs, and live our lives with no regrets.

I am a diplomat, struggling to keep the peace with all those around me. I believe that we are all brothers and sisters, children of the same divine power. Sometimes I become disenchanted with society, the state of the world, and how people treat each other, and it saddens me to the point that I want to shut myself off so I won’t have to see it.

I am a spiritual being. I believe that we can each find a piece of heaven inside ourselves if we look hard enough. Although I’m not a follower of anyone’s religion, I am tolerant and accepting of all beliefs. I believe that what the Christians call “God”, the Native Americans call “The Great Spirit”, the followers of Islam called “Allah”, and the Buddhists recognize as simply “the Void”, are all one and the same, different interpretations of the divine power that lives in and around all of us.

I am a free spirit. I like to go where the wind takes me. I love to swim in the ocean and look at the moon. I love to ride on a galloping horse’s back and feel the wind in my hair. Sometimes the responsibilities of work and family cause me to be discontented and bored with life. I have made bad choices and chosen to escape from this discontentment and boredom with the use of certain substances.

I am an addict. I am different than everyone else in this room, yet we are all the same. Maybe we are born more sensitive than most people, which leads us to try to escape in some way. Maybe our special kind of sensitivity causes us to be more susceptible to this disease called Addiction. But I believe it can be a path of awakening. The deeper we are in the dark, the better we can see the light.

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Example #7

Who am I? Where am I at? What am I doing here? How are you? How did I wind up here? As I said as I hear this voice from above. Hey you, what did you get sent here for? What are you talking about as I screamed? Someone had to send you here this isn’t just automatic for people that just want to come.

Anyway, no one will be here if it was there choice. Ahh Ahh as I was shaking what do you mean what is this torcher treatment. A young man that I extra do not smart mouth me again you hear me? Yes as I replied very faintly almost like as I was dying right there and now.

I stayed there for quite a while the master said approximately 20 years or until I fell like letting you out. Ok, I was trying to be nice you know like good behavior maybe he would let me out early.


Example #8

During all of high school, I seemed as if I were hiding behind a mask. When I was at home I was a totally different person. At school, I was trying to be a person who could fit in, but the more I tried the more it didn’t seem to work. Everywhere I went I would censor what I said depending on my surroundings and the people that were with me. Most of the time I would not say anything at all because I was afraid of being embarrassed.

I would always have to change my mode when different people were around me. It was horrible; I hated it. I was getting sick and tired of always being someone I was not. It was about the middle of the summer of 1999, after my junior year, that I realized that being two different people was the worst thing that I could that do to myself and that I did have other options.

Around that time, a major influence on my life was my cousin, Ben. He taught me that I would only live once and that I should be the person that I was and not someone that just tries to fit in. We were sitting in a coffee shop, one evening when he asked me one question then changed my life. “Who are you?” When I first heard this question I hesitated to answer. This question opened a new door in my mind that had never been opened before.

This was the first question that had actually made me think about myself and who I was. The more I thought about his question the more I realized that I had a decision to make; to be the person who tried to fit in and cared what other people thought or to be myself. For the past 16 years, I had tried to fit in, and I had cared what other people thought and this hadn’t seemed to work. So, for the first time, I was going to be myself.

When I started to be myself, it seemed as if everything was different. I used to look at was only on the surface. I would not normally look deeply into a particular subject. When I was myself, the environment seemed as if it had a deeper meaning. Everything I saw, heard, smelled, and felt I would perceive it in an extremely different way than ever before. Because of this, I was able to take what I had learned and apply it to many different things.

When I went back to school, things were completely changed, my view toward life had changed, the people around me changed and my relationship with my family was changed. For example, before I realized this my grades at school were decent but not the best that could be because I was lazy. After I got to school everything kind of fell together, it all made sense. I realized that if I did the work first I could be lazy later and not have to worry about it. As a result, my grades sky-rocketed my senior year.

In school, my circle of friends was people that I had been going to school with since sixth grade. I also had friends that were not in my circle. When I went back to school I decided to be one person, myself. After the first month, I realized that almost all of my friends were all single-serving friends.

That is, they were friends only during good times and that?s all. Most of my friends slowly parted from me because I went my own way. I didn’t try to fit in. At this time in my life, I found out who my real friends were and who I really was.

As my attitude changed so did my relations with my family. My sister and I fought all the time. It was always about small stupid stuff that was not really relevant. One day while we were having a small quarrel, I stopped and took a step back and looked at the big picture.

It hit me, I realized that I shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. People are not perfect, they do make mistakes. After this day it seemed as if my sister and I had the perfect relationship. I was also able to really connect with the people in my family. The bond between my family and I have grown stronger ever since.

Through what I have learned, I was able to put myself into other people’s shoes and see their point of view as well as my own, giving me new perspectives and insight in all areas of life. Every day is a new day, and I take one day at a time. So, who am I? I am not a person who tries to fit in, I am not a person who cares what other people think, I am Dave, an individual, I am my own entity. So far, this has been, without a doubt, the best year I had had in my life.

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