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Which Of The Following Is An Example Of Political Deviance? Essay

Essay 1


This research paper attempts to address the topic of political deviance in a workplace context. Deviance is a sociological issue that affects people across several sectors, and we concentrate on workers in this paper. Definition: The term “deviance” refers to unlawful behavior toward others that disregards accepted cultural norms in general.

The paper will explore the distinction between political deviance and other forms of political protest. The next section of the study paper will give a brief engaging and realistic example of political deviance in the contemporary context. In the conclusion, we’ll discuss various ways to prevent workplace political disobedience.

Meaning and Forms of Political Deviance

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Political deviance is the act of engaging in social interactions that put other people at a disadvantage. In most situations, political deviance will include unpleasant human contacts and their negative effects on others that take place at workplaces. Negative consequences of political deviance can include declining job performance, lowered self-esteem among one’s coworkers, demotions, transfers, and even the loss of employment. Political deviance may spread from manager to lower-level workers, fellow workers at the same level, or even those with high ranks at organizations.

There are a number of different types of political dissent that may be witnessed in the workplace. In this section, we look at four distinct types of political deviance in the workplace. Work incivility is the most notable significant example of political deviance. This sort of political deviance refers to bad attitudes and disrespect exhibited by workers while at work. These qualities might be intentional or unintentional, but they have an adverse influence on others at work.

Interrupting people as they talk, receiving humiliating notes from other individuals, and failing to be grateful after receiving help from co-workers are all forms of incivility that have been seen. Many co-workers have been victims of workplace incivility, according to several statistics. Favoritism is another big example of political deviance.

Because of a variety of causes, various people may show favoritism to various coworkers. A male employer, for example, might expect female workers to pay attention or have sexual interests. Promotions, assignment of tasks, giving of incentives, and other such things are all examples of favoritism.

Gossipping about coworkers is a type of political deviance that harms people at work. Gossip refers to any talk about other people that isn’t necessary. Furthermore, we have competitive non-beneficially amongst co-workers, which is a form of political deviance. Employees may be harmed by this non-beneficial competition. The preceding sorts of political deviance can result in serious problems for employees and workplaces.

Abstinence, aggression, thievery, and doing tasks incorrectly are just a few examples of the political deviance’s consequences. Behavior can be both good and bad on the negative deviant side. Despite this fact, most people concentrate on the bad political deviant behavior at work. Corporate social responsibility, innovation, whistleblowing, and organizational citizenship conduct are all examples of good political deviant behavior.

Example of Political Deviant Behavior

There are several forms of political deviance addressed in this section, and one example is cited. Corruption in businesses and shifting the burden to innocent people is the most famous case of political deviance. The procurement officer’s job is to ensure that unqualified persons and firms do not get tenders. The manager’s duty is to grant approval for a requisition.

The right method is to publish a tender for public view and allow different people to offer for it. The department of marketing and advertising ensures that the tenders receive press coverage. Interests in the tenders are forwarded by potential suppliers, which will be reviewed. The highest bidder should get the contract. To do so, the manager used great care in selecting the stated tender.

The manager tried to shift the blame for the non-delivery of products and services onto the procurement officer (Curra, 89). This had started to happen frequently, and the procurement official had plenty of evidence to prosecute him. Things did not go according to plan during a high-ranking meeting in which the manager was attempting to exonerate the procurement officer.

All of the company’s members had gathered in the meeting to assist with the procurement officer. It was a very contentious meeting, and the manager was subsequently let go. The participants in attendance were evidence that they had failed to provide tender items and services. There was nothing else for the manager to do but leave his post and face charges of corruption.

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Various reasons contribute to political deviance. Personal, societal, organizational, and economic issues are a few of the well-known causes of work deviance. When a person’s behavior undergoes some negative forms of change, it is termed deviant activity.

Workplace deviance manifests itself in a variety of ways, including punctuality, attitude towards work, presentation, and other events. Workplace devianties are costly to both employers and employees due to the money that is lost. Some deviant acts may result in money theft or embezzlement.

There are a number of variables that have been studied in an attempt to minimize workplace crime. Most criminal actions are caused by age. It is from data that employing a youthful staff boosts the chance of deviant behavior within the organization. Females have also been linked to good morality. As a result, employers have chosen to employ more women than guys.

The most important step in combating deviant conduct in the workplace is to adopt a code of ethics that will have a long-term influence on employee behavior. It’s the most successful technique for promoting ethical conduct. This will assist in spreading various social problems, such as gender bias in hiring and increasing youth unemployment rates.

The Code of ethics is a set of standards that describes the appropriate procedures for employment, employee behavior in an organization can enhance company culture and administration, enable the government to follow laws and regulations, and help develop highly accountable businesses. The Code of ethics should show the criteria that recruits must accept as genuine and have to be incorporated into organizational beliefs.

The top levels of an organization should provide strong backing for the code of ethics’ observance. Organizations that do not have a code of ethics should be compelled by law to develop one. Individuals in the company should be watchdogs for any deviant behavior inside the firm. The businesses should work to get actively engaged in raising ethical issues and preventing deviant behaviors that are harmful to the organization.

Essay 2

From the viewpoint of political deviance, there are only two types of people: those who believe in democracy and those who don’t. Those that do not support the system are labeled as dissidents. It’s important to note that it is rare for anyone but an expert to know much about politics. The majority of cases involved in political deviance are practiced by persons with specialized knowledge. Political deviance occurs when individuals in positions of administration or others attempting to make social change act incorrectly.

Social equality, therefore, entails that individuals will subjugate themselves to fear-based oppression and defiance in the name of social equality. People have obligations owing to a variety of factors, including differing reasons and purposes. The presumptions of responsibilities are characteristics with uncertain origins that are created as a consequence of legislative concerns (Lauderdale, 2010).

The general public’s attitude or political view is the combination of individuals’ traits that make up the country’s overall public. It may also be defined as the unpredictability of how various groups of people perceive assessments and their general preconceptions about political deviance. The following are examples of elements related to the states of mind in general society regarding political deviance, all of which are influenced by the media and policing.

The media’s power to create fear and punitive attitudes in the public is self-evident. In addition, inclusive variables related to the public’s perceptions on political deviancy that are linked with gender, education levels, race, income, age, and marital status are included. These are all characteristics of variables that are connected to political deviance.

The goal of normalization is to reorder or restructure available information so that it can perform the essential activities required by the company. It may also be referred to as a database design strategy in which tables are made visible to such an extent that database results may be as specified by clients. It might contain, for example, the need to replicate or duplicate information on databases in order for extra tables to be created.

It accomplishes this by differentiating the data that should be included in the database and recognizing evidence of links between tables and favorite segments at the same time (Blekesaune & Quadagno, 2003).

In recent history, the United States has seen a rise in political deviance. In recent times, the normalization of deviation in the United States has given rise to a slew of positive qualities in government administration. The standardisation of deviance is said to have occurred as a result of the growing number of infractions and corporations’ disappointments over time. It is an ever-present danger that has compelled us to study the intricacies of organizations that rule or represent the whole planet.

The normalization of deviance has dominated United States current events, and it has been suggested to be an acknowledged condition from the corridors of power or supremacy. It was then considered by the corporate media and, as a result, by the general public because to a lack of energy to resist such politics.

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There is no longer any checking of behaviors in the United States, where deviance had previously been socially standardized. In political systems, international laws would be established to demonstrate how times have passed and will continue to pass.

The United States sees the U.N. charter’s abrogation as a necessary measure to maintain its influence in the world. In addition, the country is carrying out unsafe operations in other nations like Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, and Somalia, as well as Libya. Furthermore, the United States deploys covert special forces to carry out illegal activities in other nations. Despite the signing of a diplomatic agreement that was supposed to guarantee that both nations would peacefully resolve their differences, Iran has been threatened by the United States.

The United States of America has long been threatening other nations, and it is well-known that every war sparked by a warning started in the world. The reasons offered by the United States for defending itself were self-defense rather than international tension. As a result, the Americans are engaged in what can be termed as a “cold” arms race with other countries (Piven & Cloward, 2002).

On a social level, deviance has taken place and there have been violations of accepted norms in America’s enacted regulations. People’s expectations should be adhered to in a nation. The legalization of same-sex marriages and gender-neutral marriage has left the world anxious as to what else the United States of America will legalize. To summarize, the political deviance in the United On Twitter: “How I Got Rid Of Nail Fungus In My Teeth Using Coconut Oil And Garlic”

Essay 3

Deviance as a branch of sociology is commonly concerned with the more common kinds of deviance, such as petty crime and theft. These examples are numerous and readily accessible. The definitions and theories for these deviant areas differ only slightly, yet they arrive at similar conclusions regarding the definition of deviance. Deviance is defined by academics as “an act or instance of defying societal norms” (Nuncic, 2005, p. 2).

The study’s deviance in the political and public area is both unique and intrinsically significant to the well-being of people all around the world. In particular, “Americans continue to be harmed by questionable incidents that benefit high government officials, yet they have no means of determining whether these events are unavoidable accidents or, instead, crimes perpetrated or aided by those in power” (DeHaven, 2006, p. 332).

Deviant behavior on such a broad scale as to include politics and government agencies may be said to be more dangerous than any simple crime. As a result, this study is critical in determining the correct mechanisms of political deviance.

This study aims to examine tainted behavior by governments and international actors in the field of sociology. Because there are many types of political deviance, this paper will discuss the subject from several angles, including case studies on examples of deviance from both the United States and the global community.

In the case study of a ValuJet flight crash, Matthews and Kauzlarich go over how corporate-state criminality influences deviant sociology. They remark that while the definition of deviance varies from person to person, those who specialize in the operation of federal or state laws believe that they are “illegal or socially harmful activities committed for the benefit of a government rather than for personal gain by an individual agent of the state” (Matthews and Kauzlarich, 2000, p. 281).

They also suggest that because government, state, and political crimes are akin to organizational crime tendencies. The Challenger catastrophe, nuclear weapons possession by the United States, and factory blazes are all examples given from the authors. This case study focuses on ValuJet Flight 592’s crash and explosion.

State-corporate crime is defined as state-initiated or state-facilitated deviance. While both are considered deviant behaviors, the methods by which they are achieved differ. State-initiated deviance occurs when firms that have been authorized by the government engage in misbehavior. Kauzlarich and Matthews point out that in these situations, a public entity with a private corporation working toward the same objective.

When the government fails to recognize and expel deviant business practices, it creates a situation of state-facilitated deviance. These behaviors are frequently accomplished by omitting rather than commission, but they are still considered unlawful (Matthews and Kauzlarich, 2000, p. 284).

ValuJet was a fast-growing business that earned more than $6.8 million in four years (Matthews and Kauzlarich, 2000, p. 284). Buying and repairing planes that were said to be defective was part of their success. SabreTech, which is based in Miami, handled the repair and certification of these aircraft. Maintenance work including oxygen generator inspections was requested.

In March of 1996, SabreTech employees began removing and replacing the old oxygen generators with newer versions, but no safety caps were ever put on the old oxygen tanks (Matthews and Kauzlarich, 2000, p. 287). The Federal Aviation Association makes it clear that while organizations like ValuJet are free to hire mechanical firms to perform maintenance work on their aircraft, the ultimate assessment of the aircraft and its cargo is left to them.

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A box of unsecured oxygen cylinders was loaded onto the flight from the earlier mechanic work through a sequence of misunderstandings. The aircraft exploded seconds after takeoff from Miami International Airport, killing all 105 passengers and five crew members (Matthews and Kauzlarich, 2000, p. 285). This calamity baffled not only family members, lawmakers, and the American people. Who was to blame for the disaster?

While the Federal Aviation Association rules suggest that ValuJet had a duty to oversee and regulate SabreTech’s maintenance activities, it is also apparent that the Federal Aviation Association is held responsible for regulating the entire industry, as they are tasked with monitoring and policing the sector. This is an example of state-facilitated corporate crime, in which both the private and non-private sectors were working toward a similar objective: saving money while increasing efficiency.

The ValuJet bankruptcy resulted in multimillion-dollar fines, but the FAA’s penalties on the airline were far more severe. After reviewing the incident further, it appears that rather than imposing harsh penalties on ValuJet, the FAA had sought to persuade it into federal compliance rather than imposing hefty fines (Matthews and Kauzlarich, 2000, p. 290). By denying the fines and penalties, the industry maintains its financial stability. The Federal Aviation Association was unable to regulate itself and the industries it comprises due to a quest for efficiency and cost savings.

It was also discovered in a closer look at the corporation that ValuJet and SabreTech had cut corners in their operations. Because ValuJet was a startup with a high risk of failing in the early years, it employed tactics including “using obsolete planes in various states of disrepair, outsourcing all maintenance, and paying employees low wages and benefits” (Matthews and Kauzlarich, 2000, p. 293).

The executives of SabreTech and FireGuard blamed the failure to maintain the oxygen canisters on the fact that each day that maintenance was delayed, they would lose approximately $2,500. This compelled them to speed up the procedure or risk losing the firm. Matthews and Kauzlarich lay the blame for all three firms’ failure to maintain aircraft integrity at the feet of profit seeking.

The very fact that the articles are published in The New York Times, a media outlet that is well-respected among academics and journalists across America, lends them authority. In addition, they’re referred to as “normative corporate behavior,” implying that these state-corporate crime actions are frequently performed in the United States but few people notice. These examples of political and government misbehavior have far-reaching implications because these governing bodies are responsible for ensuring the safety of American citizens. Who will regulate them if they fail to meet their standards? These deviant acts put everyone’s normal day in danger, and paying attention to the fine print is unquestionably required.

Throughout this study, various types of deviance in the political and international governance have been examined. The incredible amount of literature on almost every aspect that is accessible when studying political deviance is one of the most fascinating discoveries. The scope of study is broad, allowing for research into one of the most serious sorts of deviance. The impact of this sort of egregious misconduct on individuals in both nations and across the world is enormous. Unfortunately, as this study has shown, it’s difficult to control and identify when government authorities are the ones causing the deviance.

Given that Russian collusion is a common term in American culture at the present time, further study on the current situation in the United States with President Trump and the 2016 Election might be beneficial. Given that this area of political deviancy is important to being a better global society for people who live in it, it falls to world leaders to hold each other accountable and respect people around the world. It is up to global leaders to keep one another accountable and show respect for worldwide citizens.

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