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What is the Age of Responsibility Essay

What is the Age of Responsibility Essay

Example 1

Should there be a defining transition age from childhood to adulthood? Should there be a set birthday to determine this one is an adult?

Research shows your chronilogical age of responsibility varies from state to mention. In line with the federal government, there has to be certain criteria for teens and adults to have obligations. Since each kid matures at their own price, age obligation varies greatly.

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Kids are raised in different settings. Because of this, every person matures with various experiences which shape their figures and perspectives. Due to the varying backgrounds, young ones have various levels of maturity among their peers. But there is a debate perhaps the transitioning age has been set too low because of the high teen crimes in the the past few years. This raises issue ‘what should be the right age of obligation?’ Below is an age of duty essay example.

Adulthood may be the duration that comes following the adolescence stage. Age in which one is recognized as an adult differs considerably. Lots of people believe that being deliberate, genuine and thoughtful has been an adult. However, there are several deviations using this benchmark – accounting the varying chronilogical age of readiness. Philosophers, lawmakers and researchers vary in views of the periods whenever adolescent ceases, and adulthood begins.

The degree of maturity is dependent on the way that an individual interacts with other people. A “mature” individual has high attitudes, is practical and treats others with respect. Sociologists argue that an 18-year-old are seen as a grown-up. Based on them, puberty is finished by age 18. In the UK, at age 18, people are regarded as into the chronilogical age of “majority.” They have been permitted to be ‘legal’ and may assume adult responsibilities.

Some associated with the reasons or theories why 18-year-olds are believed to be adults are:

  1. At 18 years, most kids are ready to go to college. At this point, they truly are said to be mature and responsible.
  2. During the Vietnam War, there is a shortage of troops which made the federal government want to employ 18-year-olds as soldiers. However, people argued they cannot go to war without proper voting rights. So that they got voting rights, an adult duty.

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But in most cases, 18-year-olds are not mature enough to be accountable or deal properly using society. Their mindsets are not done maturing. Studies have shown your prefrontal cortex is halfway developed for 18-year-olds. The front lobe is in charge of intellectual abilities particularly problem-solving, psychological phrases, choice-making, etc. For this reason, the majority of 18-year-olds behave a lot more like adolescents than adults.

Most 18-year-olds live in their parents’ home or rely on their moms and dads or guardians for school charges, meals, and lease. He or she have not assumed complete adult obligation, and thus, they are not totally independent. 18-year-olds never have achieved the intellectual abilities of a totally functioning adult. Furthermore, many of these people cannot hold mature conversations with older people and therefore choose to be making use of their age mates or more youthful buddies. Setting age responsibility at 18 destroys their state of head of young teenagers and makes them desire to grow up too fast.

Another set chronological age of change to adulthood is 21. Lots of people argue that 21 must be the correct chronological age of readiness. They do say that at 21 years, an individual is able to take on duties such as for example having jobs, voting or consuming.

However, 21 is an arbitrary age that was opted for unintelligibly since 21-year-olds aren’t completely mature and can not be trusted by the culture. They’re susceptible to making bad alternatives in life since their frontal cortex just isn’t totally developed. There is also perhaps not yet obtained the respect of this culture. They are often misinterpreted and do not make the best very first impression with older generations. Most of them have reached the point where they are trying to puzzle out who they are. Because of this, they dress wildly and do impulsive things and become addressed with less respect. Besides, seniors feel superior and a lot better than the younger generation given that they have more life experiences. Because of this, age responsibility should not be set at 21. It must be risen up to 25.

Psychologists say that true adulthood begins at 25, despite the fact that the transition from childhood to adulthood is traditionally set at 18. The reason behind this is certainly that significant neurological changes take place in the mid-20s. Cognitive development continues to produce in to the early adulthood phase. Additionally, Hormonal activities from the teenage years carry on to the very early 20s. The in-patient undergoes changes in the prefrontal cortex that leads to emotional maturity, judgment, and good or negative self-image. To phrase it differently, the mind reorganizes itself so that it gets to be more that way of a grownup.

Kid psychologists argue that adolescence has three phases:

  • The early duration from ages 12 to 14
  • The middle period from ages 15 to 17
  • The belated adolescence duration from 18 to 25 several years of age

The reward system inside mind will reach the utmost degree of activation in the early adolescence stage. After that it drifts back to normal activation gradually, because the person reaches the age of 25. For this reason adults over 25 years are less sensitive to peer pressure influence and possess no difficulties working with peer stress. Also, in adolescents, the “sensation-seeking” and preparing facilities of brain work hand in hand to drive curiosity. These desires increase when people leave the house to fend on their own. They force individuals to consider innovative ways to care for themselves. Accepting adult responsibilities very early signals mental performance to end certain plasticity as you require stability and persistence.

The process with setting the age of responsibility at 25 is that it’ll lead to immature adults with a passive feeling of reliance. To conquer this challenge, parents and instructors should train kiddies on the best way to be to be responsible additionally the effects of failing to have any individual duty.

It is vital to note that some adolescents might want to live making use of their families much longer simply because they feel just like they need more help in their formative years. Parents should comprehend this and never stress their kids to go out because teenagers develop at their rate. They should additionally understand that a teenager still needs a lot of support and help beyond the age of 18.


From the essay about obligation above, you will see that there are two measures of readiness: 1st one is the experience of coping with adult responsibilities additionally the second one is having the cognitive capabilities of a totally fledged adult. 1st differs from individual to individual. You will find a lot of people began working at a tender age to pay for bills etc. while some reside along with their moms and dads or guardians until they truly are 30. This is the reason it is challenging to create a considerable age of obligation. Kids develop at various prices and their experiences determine their readiness amounts. Any set age could possibly be unfair to some individuals and completely okay for other people.

The issue on the age of obligation can be the topic for an essay on duty project, which means you must know how to tackle such an essay. Study the responsibility essay instance provided here to be of assistance.


Example 2

The “Age of Responsibility”, 21, is a completely arbitrary age chosen unintelligibly by a group of men because twenty-year-olds still aren’t fully developed or trusted by society in general, and people don’t even develop at close enough rates to have a universal “Age of Responsibility”.

No two people exactly the same, so people develop at different rates. “The fact that every person is different and develops at his own pace doesn’t make the creation of policy any easier.” (Greenblatt 22). It would be extremely difficult to make a solid age of responsibility since everyone is different. Any age decided upon would be unfair for some people and perfectly fine for other. There is also the fact that there is no upper limit to the age of responsibility. There are copious amounts of older people whose minds are fading; they can’t recognize it themselves and they don’t always have someone there to recognize it for them.

These people are equally if not more dangerous than someone under the age of responsibility because they are not always capable of making sound judgments and there is a strong possibility of them being under the influence of some form of medication and/or alcohol.

It is a well-known fact that women generally mature faster than men physically, emotionally, and mentally. Does this mean that women should have a lower age of responsibility than men? No, because this fact is a general statement based on the analysis of a few individuals and couldn’t possibly represent everyone.

Some women mature slowly and some don’t mature at all, while some men mature quickly, and some mature at a normal rate. Due to the individuality of people and the many factors that affect growth and maturity, there is no way to make a solid, fair age of responsibility.

The average twenty-one-year-old isn’t fully done growing and maturing. Research shows that the average twenty-one-year old’s brain isn’t even fully developed yet. “Texas State Representative Jerry Madden says he’s sympathetic to the argument that ‘the brain isn’t fully developed until 25, and that’s when people should be allowed to do certain things.’” Doctors also say that puberty usually isn’t finished until twenty-five. Twenty-one-year-olds are also prone to make bad choices and still have a childish lifestyle.

I have an older cousin who just had his twenty-first birthday in July; he just sits around his mother’s house smoking marijuana and drinking with some of his older cousins and uncles who also chose to live that life. This is not any rare or special case; you can see it in almost any neighborhood: Oakland, Oak Park, and even Elk Grove which is supposedly a “better neighborhood”.

The prefrontal cortex of the brain, which allows making important executive decisions, has yet to completely develop In most people under twenty-five, ergo they are incapable of making completely logical choices, though they may seem logical at the time. The average twenty-one-year-old is incapable of making intelligent executive decisions, so it is completely illogical to have the age of responsibility at twenty-one years old.

Twenty-one-year-olds generally haven’t earned the full respect of society that comes with age. A large majority of rental car companies will not rent to people under twenty-five, or if they do then they charge them an extra fee. The choice to not rent to people under twenty-five doesn’t go without reason, according to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, “Nearly 8,000 people are killed in crashes involving drivers ages 16-20”. Their age group is usually still learning to drive and so they make mistakes that can get themselves or others injured. Everyone deserves respect, but some people get more respect or better treatment based on their age, appearance, and personal relationships with people.

Unfortunately for people around twenty-one years old, they usually make bad first impressions on older people because of their age and appearance. A lot of twenty-one-year-olds are still figuring out who they are so they dress very wildly; most older people don’t consider this and treat them with less respect because of how they dress. A lot of older people also believe they are superior to the younger generations because they have more life experience and are therefore better than everyone younger than them. Younger adults haven’t under the trust of society and it’s not necessarily their fault, it’s just who they are.

The current age of responsibility, twenty-one, is a completely random number. The choice of that particular age isn’t logical or even consistent with any other milestone ages or any type of research. Twenty-one-year-olds aren’t trusted by society in general, they aren’t fully developed in the section of the brain where it really matters, and people don’t magically become mature at a specific age. Twenty-one is not a good age of responsibility.


Example 3

There is an ongoing discussion that is contemplating which age is suitable to be considered an adult.  Many believe that sixteen and eighteen-year-olds are appropriate ages for classification as an adult, though they still attend school and are considered children.  Twenty-one, on the other hand, is a logical age to be entitled to an adult for several reasons, supported by Laurence Steinberg, a Temple University psychology professor.  “As Steinberg sees it, a  teenager’s brain has a well­developed accelerator but only a partly developed brake.”(“My Brain  Made Me Do It: Immature Brains Linked to Teen Risk­Taking Behavior” p.2)  Alan Greenblatt,  an author that believes the proper age of adulthood should be twenty-one, discusses in an article why it is a more appropriate age, but also how different people with dissimilar intelligent quotients, occupations, and interests have another age in mind.  (What is the Age of  Responsibility?” p.8) I believe a person should be categorized as an adult at twenty­one years of age.

Society believes that twenty-one is an appropriate age to start purchasing, possessing, and consuming alcohol because one can handle and understand the consequences and responsibilities substantially better than a teenager can.  Alcohol is an abused and misused privilege, therefore not just for anyone.  “Alcohol should be forbidden to 18­to­20 year­olds precisely because they have a propensity to binge drink whether the stiff is illegal or not especially males. (“Underage Drinking and the Drinking Age” p.2)  Teenagers are more prone to peer pressure to drink, as well, causing more unnecessary accidents, if it is a vehicle related or uncontrollable actions performed.  Advocators who believe the age should be lowered will argue that it is absurd people…


Example 4

There is confusion when someone turns 18. The implication for such confusion is inconsistent laws such as the drinking age or the age required to be able to purchase a handgun or an automatic rifle. These laws have brought up the debate on whether the age of responsibilities should be set to a single age. I believe the age of responsibility should be set at 18. Why? At 18 you’re generally old and mature enough to know the consequences of your decisions. Also, you are entrusted with many things at 18, for males, there are things such as registering for the selective service system (Conscription) or Jury Duty and other civic duties like voting or paying taxes.

The first, reason why the age of responsibility should be set at 18 is that 18-year-olds are old and mature enough to know the consequences of their own decisions. Evidence for this is shown text “What is the Age of Responsibility?” by Alan Greenblatt where states that “…executive thinking may not reach its peak until 25 but most people are capable of performing many adult functions adequately at an earlier age- probably between 16 and 21.”(Greenblatt 2) This shows that even though the brain isn’t fully developed, teens around the age of 18 are capable of making critical decisions like adults.

The second reason why the age of responsibility should be set 18 is that the government finds you trustworthy enough for civic duties. Evidence for this is jury duty (serving as a juror in a legal proceeding). The reasoning behind this piece of evidence is if the Court System (Government) allows you to be part of a process that can define the fate of an individual, which would require a lot of critical thinking and analysis, then you should be able to make your own decisions. Last would be voting, if the government allows you to vote, which was 21 until the 26th Amendment passed on July 1, 1972, for the people who would make decisions for this nation and its people then this should show that they trust you with the choice you think that is best for the country. So, why can’t they trust you with other things?

Neuroscientists and biologists have conducted research and studies that have found out that the brain isn’t fully developed until 24-25. The prefrontal cortex region of the brain, which is in charge of executive decisions (i.e. problem-solving, planning, etc.), doesn’t fully develop until the age of 25. This is the argument many people use against the age of responsibility being 18 because of the lower capability or critical decision making compared to a 24, 25-year-old.” Research linking brain structure to actual human behavior is still limited.”(Greenblatt,5) However, this argument is flawed because the studies and the research are conducted on a limited basis with few amounts of people at a time. Also, there are studies that show that the prefrontal cortex develops faster or slower in different conditions.

In summary, I strongly believe that the age of responsibility should be set at 18 because at 18 you’re entrusted with things such as jury duty, voting, and paying taxes to name some. Also, at 18 you are old and mature enough to acknowledge the consequences of your actions. This is important because it affects everyone from your mailman to yourself. How you might ask? It affects everyone because of the fact that 18 years old’s are the future, they are the ones who are going to be driving in the streets right beside you, they are also the ones who will vote on the legislation that could affect the laws and other things, and ultimately they are the one who will be leading the country.


Interesting ideas

Legally? it differs from region to region…. But when it comes to people living home at 25.. that is usually lazy kids and lazy parents… at 25 there is normally no reason for someone to not have a job and be supporting themselves… and the parents are enabling the person to be that way… I am 28… I have supported myself since 17 by workin full time and finished highschool…. a little ambition goes a long way…

I think it varies according to each person. Being 18 simply means that they can vote and if they commit a crime you (as the parent) are not legally responsible for them, also it means that they can legally enter into a binding contract. Now the age of responsibility varies. There are 40 y/o that are not responsible. Some children will have you waiting that long before they show the least little sign that they are responsible. I don’t think I will look for a particular age with my children, I will constantly convey to them the importance of being responsible adults and offer assistance when needed, but I dont see myself being a crutch to a 25 y/o.

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