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We Are All Equal In Death Essay

We are all equal in death. This is a statement we can all agree with, and we should be reminded of this every day. What we do with our lives is up to us, but we will all end up on the same level once it’s over. We may not know what the future holds, but we can control how we react to things today. Death changes everything for everyone- no one is exempt from its ramifications and implications.

Essay 1


Death is the permanent end of all human activities. When people are distressed, they may believe that death is the only thing that can relieve them of their worries. Other individuals may live their lives in a peaceful manner and thus have no reason to be afraid of death. Equal opportunities describe a condition in which everyone has the same capacity, measure, value, and rank (Masters 9). When death strikes, it provides uniformity to all people regardless of race, power, or way of life.

Equality in death

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Many individuals in the human existence are subjected to a variety of discriminatory reactions from coworkers and family members. In his book Spoon River Anthology, Edgar Lee Masters (2007) wrote that death was a leveler for all people, resulting in the formation of a community of perfection. Individuals from Spoon River “felt at peace with their death” (Masters 8).

All of us, regardless of our social status, have a limited time on this Earth. Death affects all of us without exception. This implies that whether a person is rich or poor, young or old, king or beggar, death will come and has the same consequences. All societal agents are compelled to dance along to the grave as death arrives. It is intended to remind individuals of their fragility and the insignificance of worldly treasures in their lives.

Death, according to Edgar, “affects the living people who are left behind” (Masters 6). After the death of his brother and closest friend in his early years of life, Edgar was inspired to write about death. People’s desire for repentance is increased by sudden and tragic deaths. After seeing a sick person who dies in agony and despair, everyone experiences this sentiment.

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As a result, death serves as a balance, where people come together to repent regardless of their beliefs. Although individuals may believe that those they care about love them, the truth is made evident at times of death. After his death, Rev. Peet understands that community members did not love him as he had believed (Masters 222). As a result, we can’t locate anything comparable to death because of all the monumental impressions left behind after someone passes away.

The death rate on its prey while it is engaged in activity and strikes to all. This implies that anyone may be killed at any time without preference, so no distinction is made. With respect to death, the wealthy stock brokers and administrative workers were in the same position as clerical employees when an American Airlines flight crashed. A flight assistant who survived the incident was also comparable to people on board.

His life was worth no more or less than the lives of the firemen who rushed to save him and others trapped in the rubble, only to perish under the debris when a tower collapsed. “Death took them all, one by one” (Masters 41). It becomes apparent at this time that: in the end, all souls are equal.

Death does not care about age, sex, ethnicity, religion, or other aspects of one’s financial condition. This makes everyone equally vulnerable, daring, terrified, providential, fateful, and simply human. When a tragedy strikes, the impact is felt by people in the same way because their thoughts process in the identical manner.


To summarize, death eliminates distinctions based on social and economic status. Everyone is equal in death, regardless of their way of life, whether it’s evil or good (Masters 209).

Essay 2

“Here is a little fact. You will die… Is this something that concerns you? I urge you not to be afraid. I’m nothing if not fair.” (3) Because it happens to everyone, death should not be feared. Death is the same for everyone. There’s no way to avoid it. Why resist?

“Forget about the scythe; I needed a broom or a mop. And I wanted to go on vacation. A tiny kernel of truth. I do not use a sickle or scythe. When it is cold, I only wear a black hooded robe. And, from afar, you want to know what my face looks like? Sure, let me help you out with that one.

While I’m going, grab a mirror. I’m feeling rather self-indulgent at the moment, telling you all about myself, me, me. My trips, what I saw in ’42.’ ” (307) A monster in a black robe with a scythe as a weapon is seen as death’s harbinger. This is what people fear when they should be afraid of themselves and their potentialities.

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There are no weapons needed because so many individuals are dying that they require something to accomplish the task. Because it is not necessary, death does not need anything to do the job. Death is occupied due to human conduct such as World War II and the genocide that took place during it.

Essay 3

We are all human beings, and as such we all deserve the same rights and acceptance. We must all adhere to the laws and customs established to safeguard everyone’s rights. In the past, certain races, skin tones, and cultures have been subjected to hatred, separation, and mistreatment because they were judged to belong to a lower class of people by others. Furthermore, owing to their diverse beliefs and viewpoints as well as preferences on subjects such as gender and lifestyle choice. My only question is how someone or a society as a whole ever reaches the state of hating others who do not share their own sexual orientation.

This idea may be a great first step toward prohibiting workplace discrimination against homosexuals by federal contractors, as suggested by M. V. Lee Badgett in “What Obama Should Do About Workplace Discrimination.” If the government, as well as the structural system of our nation, is prepared to accept all but is also a role model for approval towards all types of sexual orientations, we, the people who make up part of the country should do likewise.

There are many reasons for the discrimination against this group of people. It is unpleasant, but it is quite typical these days; more and more people are being harassed, not compensated with enough money, and/or dismissed from their jobs because to the way they sexually self-identify.

This instills a sense of dread in gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender workers who fear they must produce more than the typical person in order to avoid being penalized or fired from their jobs. As a result, they may not take sick days off, holidays, or be more productive than the average of their coworkers.

By issuing an executive order against workplace discrimination, President Obama will be able to gradually restore equality in the country, providing parallel opportunities for all and reducing stress, anxiety, and mortality rates in the gay community,” Badgett adds.

Essay 4

It is true that death makes everyone equal, but it is not entirely accurate. It is true that there must be no aristocracy in death or suffering, but each demise has its own circumstances. The death of a prominent scientist, an innovative artist, or a powerful political leader has a greater effect than the death of any random person in a rural community. What is the nature of your approaching hour of dying? Has it been delivered to you via a bullet or by cancerous cells?

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Was it a young person, a young man, or an elderly one who died? Is death expected (as a result of sickness) or is it sudden (as in an explosion)? Was the dead individual close or distant from the one grieving him? Personality, family, geography, culture, ethnicity, religion and religious-ethnic prejudice are all important criteria in determining our perspective. Even when people die together, they are not identical. The casualties of natural disasters are unlike those caused by mass destructive weapons.

On April 15, 2011, death was not anticipated in Boston, but it was expected in Aleppo and Baghdad – two cities scourged by war for years. On the day when three people were killed in Boston, 11 Americans were shot dead; nevertheless, the latter’s loss was not regarded to be on par with that of the prior. In 2011, crime in the United States resulted in 12,664 deaths—3 times as many soldiers killed during the Iraq War (4487). Those killed fighting abroad have a different significance than those who died at home defending their country.

On April 15, the death of a loved one wasn’t anticipated in Boston, but it was expected in Aleppo and Baghdad – two war-ravaged cities for years. The unexpected blast shook the city’s usual tranquility; on the other hand, Aleppo’s violence is seen as “normal” and peace is an exception in the city. If peace suddenly rules over Syria and Iraq, this would be a remarkable development.

In the light of the United States’ protection of personal data, its reaction to the September 11, 2011 terrorist attacks was justifiable. Since the end of the civil war a century and a half ago, no American city has been shelled or besieged as Paris, London, Rome, Moscow, or Berlin have been. It is true that there is no aristocracy in death and suffering; however , all deaths should and must be treated equally.

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