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Valentine’s Day Essay

valentines day essay

Example #1

Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the day of love every year on February 14. It is a day when people tell their loved ones – boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, friends, and family – how much they mean to them. Valentine does not mean they would be only a boyfriend or a girlfriend but the person who is more important than any other one in your life is your Valentine for someone it can be his/her father, his/or brother or sister and for someone, Valentine can be his/her best friend.

While Valentine’s Day itself is celebrated with chocolates, candies, flowers, and heart-shaped gifts, the week leading up to it is also celebrated as the week of love. It is a time when love is all around. People celebrate Valentine’s Week by marking each day with a special significance.

Propose Day
Propose the girl or boy whom you love just say him/her I love you. It doesn’t matter whether he/she will accept or reject by the way it is the proposed day 8th Feb. On this day no one can slap you so just say your feelings to someone who is the heart of your life or breath of your life.

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Chocolate DayIf you have missed the chance of expressing your feelings to your loved one, then the second chance just give them a pack of rich chocolate or chocolate cake, with his/her particular name on the 9th and say you are part of my life in dreams would you be in real my dream girl/boy? After all, no one doesn’t like chocolates.

Teddy Day
Teddy day totally unbeatable day for girls as not a single girl who doesn’t like to have a big teddy or small teddy with her. So boys make sure if you like or love someone than just make something special on Teddy day with a teddy bear. Remember the date please don’t forget its 10th February the day on which you can have which you dreamt off. I think that a promise is a sweet gift from your loved one, whom you love that he/she will never let you alone whenever there is any problem or contingencies occurs in your life, then I will always be there in front of you. Don’t worry if you forgot the date I am telling you it’s 11th guys.

Promise Day
Promise day is the 5th day of valentine week. This day is celebrated each and every person on this day the promise to each other that any thing they wanna keep for a life time. Promise day is just way to promise your partner that they wanna keep and prove it right.

Hug Day
A hug more than 30seconds creates trust and positivity in that person whom you hold in your arms. So on 12th February, we celebrate Hug day. Which shows whom you love and care, will help you in creating trust and belief for you so for what you are waiting? Just go ahead and give a tight hug.

Kiss Day
The day only for the life partner starts from actually today and its 13th, the kiss day. The kiss more than eight seconds transfers the bacterias and viruses which eliminate all the diseases. Of course, it is for the person whom you love so very much, then why should you think? Just run and kiss him/her without hesitation because of course, he/she is only yours beloved ones.

Valentine Day
And a day of love, truth, honesty, beliefs and expression of your love is Valentine’s day, a day of which one says frankly that how much he/she loves. I told my life partner in a different way by giving him a surprise with candlelight dinner and music of love and lot many other things. So I will not mind if you use my idea for your life partner. So just celebrate the day of love, and only love.


Example #2 – Saint Valentine’s Day

Pupil 1: Today is February the 14th. We all have been awaiting this day eagerly, because it is the day when people tell each other nice things, give presents to their loved ones, speak and sing about love. Yes, today is Saint Valentine’s Day.

Pupil 2: There are many different stories about the origin of Saint Valentine’s Day. We know that Valentine was a priest in Rome a long time ago. He was a very good priest and many people liked him.

Pupil 3: Roman emperor Claudius did not want young men to get married. He wanted all men to go to war instead. He said no one could get married without his permission.

Pupil 4: But young men and women who were in love wanted to get married. They went to Valentine and he married them in secret. When Claudius found out, he put Valentine into prison. Claudius killed Valentine on February 14.

Pupil 5: Two hundred years later, the church made February 14 a special day to remember Saint Valentine. Valentine became the patron saint of lovers.

Pupil 10: And I know a different story. It says that the ancient Roman festival called Lupercalia was held on February 15 to honor Faunus, the god of animal life, hunting, herding, the patron of husbandry, and the guardian of the secret lore of nature. After Christianity spread, some think this pagan festival eventually became Valentine’s Day.

Pupil 6: Another story is that February 14 is the day when birds choose their mates and start building the nest, so people also choose the ones they love on that day.

Pupil 1: Some people believe that the word “valentine” came from a Norman word “galatine”, which means a “gallant” or a “lover”.

Pupil 7: Most European countries and the USA celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day. They have special customs to observe on that day. First of all, it is celebrated in families. This is the time to tell your loved ones how you love them. Husbands and wives make little presents to each other, they go out for dinner or have a celebration at home.

Pupil 8: It is a good time to show your love to your Mother, Grandmother, little sister, or other relatives and friends. People write postcards to each other. Congratulations can be made in either serious or joyous manner.

As for me, I wrote to my Granny today:

I love your cakes,

I love your stew,

But most of all

I love YOU!!!

Pupil 9: That’s why post and postcards has become a specific symbol of this day. Whoops! There’s a knock on the door.

Please, come in. Oh, it’s a postman!

POSTMAN: I have brought a lot of love letters and funny postcards. Find most of them seem to be very important. Here, look at this one. It says:

“Postie, postie, don’t delay

Please deliver right away.”

Let’s see, who gets this one. It is for Kate.


Pupil 1: Thank you very much. (Takes the postcard, reads:)

You have a dimple in your cheek,

Many hearts you will seek.

A dimple on your chin,

Many hearts you will win.

But I don’t know who sent this letter. It is signed: “A Secret Admire”. What shall I do with it?


POSTMAN: That’s a part of Valentine game. You have to guess who is the admire.

Pupil 1: Oh, yes, it says, “I am quite tall, slim, with dark complexion and hair. I love jokes and fun”. I know, it is Dima.

Pupil 2: Yes, you are right. And I have got a postcard saying:

“Good morrow to you, Valentine.

Curl your locks as I do mine,

Two before and three behind.

Good morrow, Valentine.”

I guess, my admire has curly hair. Oh, yes, it says “I am not tall, slender, fair, with nice rosy cheeks and pretty curls.” It must be Lena.


Pupil 3: And I’ve got a card saying:

If you love me, love me true,

Send me ribbon, and let it be blue;

If you hate me, let it be seen,

Send me ribbon, a ribbon of green.

And my Secret Admire has light brown hair and fair complexion. He enjoys music and is good at theatrical performances. I guess it must be Misha.


Pupil 4: And mine says,

“If you love me, pop and fly,

If you hate me, lay and die”

find the admire is a “thunderous person” with curly dark hair, pretty little nose and rosy cheeks. She is very fond of literature and arts. I think it is Jane.


Pupil 5: My postcard reads:

“O, good St. Faith, be kind tonight

And bring to me my heart’s delight.”


Pupil 6: My card says:

I hope that Valentine’s Day,

Will bring you lots of fun!

He thinks you’re extra-specially nice,

And so does everyone!

My admire is tall and has dark hair. He engages in sports. I guess, it is Kolya.

(the game goes on until all postcards are given to their addressers. Then all the pupils give their postcards to the author of the postcard which they consider the best. These are votes. They are counted and the winner is declared)

Pupil 1: Do you know what story is in the centre of the festival of lovers? Sure, it is the story of Cupid, the little god of love. Now we are going to tell it to you.

Pupil 2: Cupid is the God of love. He is a small baby with magic arrows. His mother, the goddess of love gave them to Cupid and he plays with them, just like every baby would play with his toys.

Pupil 3: Cupid likes to make people fall in love. But he is only a baby, so his is not very smart and does not know how to choose right people.

Pupil 4: You see, Cupid shoots his magic arrow into someone’s heart. (Pupil dressed up as Cupid pretends to shoot his arrow into one of the male pupil.)

Then that person falls in love with the next person he or she sees. (Pupils act falling in love)

Pupil 5: But Cupid often forgets to shoot a magic arrow into the other person’s heart. Then, sometimes, the other person does not love the first person. (Pupils act the described scene)

Pupil 6: Cupid makes a lot of trouble this way. That’s why people from the old days have been trying to remind Cupid to shoot his arrows the right way. And the best way for that is poetry and songs of love. In many countries people invented special rhymes which they call charms and spell of love.

Pupil 7: In Russia, they say such rhymes on the day of the Yule when young girls are trying to foresee their husband-to-be. In English speaking countries there are also special rhymes which are said to attract love and guess the future male.

Pupil 8:

The Moon shines bright,

The stars give a light,

And you may kiss

A pretty girl

At 10 o’clock at night.

Pupil 9:

Mirror, mirror, tell me,

Am I pretty or plain?

Or am I downright ugly.

And ugly to remain?

Shall I marry a gentleman?

Shall I marry a clown?

Or shall I marry old Knives-and-Scissors

Shouting through the town?

Pupil 10:

Lady-bird, Lady-bird, fly from my hand.

Tell me where my true love stands

Uphill or downhill, or by the sea sand,

Lady-bird, Lady-bird, fly from my hand.

Fly Lady-bird, fly!

North, South, East or West,

Fly to the pretty girl

That I love best.

Pupil 1:

If you find a hairpin,

Stick it in your shoe.

The next boy you talk with

Is sure to marry you.

Pupil 3:

If you stub your toe,

You’ll see your beau.

Kiss your thumb,

He is sure to come.

Pupil 4:

Those dressed in blue

Have lovers true;

In green and white

Forsaken quite.

Pupil 5:

Green’s forsaken;

Yellow’s forsworn;

Blue’s the color

That shall be worn.

Pupil 6:

Blue is true, yellow is Jealous,

Green’s forsaken, red’ brazen,

White is love, and black is death.

Pupil 7:

If your love for me is true,

Send me quick a bow of blue.

If you ever of me think,

Send me quick a bow of pink.

If you have another fellow,

Let me have a bow of yellow.

If your love for roe is dead,

I’ll know it if your bow

Pupil 8:

If a woman’s eyes are gray,

Listen to what she’s got to say.

If a woman’s eyes are black,

Give her room and clear the track.

If a woman’s eyes are brown,

Never let your own fall down.

If a woman’s eyes are green,

Whip her with a switch that’s keen.

If a woman’s eyes are blue,

Take her, she’s the one for you.

Pupil 1: And this rhyme is called


I’ve a glove in my hand,

Hittite hot!

Another in my other hand,

Hotter than that!

So I saw beaux, and so they come up

Some in a mug, some in a cup,

I sent a letter to my love,

I lost it, I lost it

I found it, I found it!

It burns, it scalds!

Pupil 3:

One I love, two I love,

Three I love, I say.

Four I love with all my heart,

Five I cast away;

Six he loves, seven he loves, eight both love.

Nine he comes, ten he tarries,

Eleven he courts, twelve he marries.


Example #3

There are 365 days out of the year and the only time people can express how they truly feel about the opposite sex is on Valentine’s Day. The statistics show about 62% of adults will celebrate this holiday in the United States. This special holiday is celebrated in some countries, although in other places around the world it’s a normal workday for some people. Around this time of year, people go all out just to express how they feel about that special person hoping to find true love.

However, many people find out that they have wasted a lot of money on one day instead, people manage to do the same thing every year just to keep their wife or husband happy. Therefore, people honestly forgot what the true meaning of Valentine’s Day is all about. For instance, Valentine’s Day remains a worthless holiday for many people because loving someone only one day out of the year isn’t how a relationship works.

Plus Valentine’s Day is all about couples and sales.

Valentine’s Day remains a worthless holiday for many people because love should never be expressed only one day out of a year. Everyone knows that it takes more than just one day to love a person, yet people still celebrate this special day. Some people forget the little things we do every day to show how much we care about that significant other.

For example, sending a text message saying “ I love you” or just enjoying each other company is all it takes. As a result, there are easy ways to show how much we love another person throughout the year without having to stress about one day out of the year. Love can also be shown 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year or in simpler terms every day. Just remember showing how much you care will go a much farther than just showing it one day out of the year.

The second reason Valentine’s Day happens to become a worthless holiday for many people is that it’s mostly driven by sales. Every year millions of people go out of their busy schedules to find the perfect gift for their special Valentine’s date. The most common gift, that people buy around this holiday is chocolate, flowers, jewelry, greeting cards, or a stuffed animal.

Last year men spend 150 dollars or more on valentine’s day. As for women, they spend 74 dollars or more. However, do people really need to buy expensive gifts just to win their love? Many people believe that we have to give expensive gifts because of social media and what other people say about buying gifts on Valentine’s Day. As a result, it’s gotten to the point where Valentine’s Day no longer about love but how much the other person spends.

Finally, the last reason why Valentine’s Day has become a worthless holiday for many people is that this holiday seems to be geared towards only couples. A lot of people still believe that Valentine’s Day is only for people that have boyfriends or girlfriends, which is not true.

Valentine’s Day is sharing a day with someone that you love which could be friends or family members. People also need to remember to look beyond the romantic part, because it’s also a great way to say “thank you”.

For example, everyone has loving parents or grandparents so why not say “thank you” for the love and support on Valentines’s Day. On the other hand, it really does not matter if you’re single or divorce everyone has a person they love in their life that they can share Valentine’s with.

In addition, Valentine’s Day remains a worthless holiday for many people because loving someone only one day out of the year isn’t how a relationship works. Plus Valentine’s Day is all about couples and sales. Valentine’s day is a holiday that offers a great opportunity to express on how we choose to celebrate love. For many people on valentine’s day, they keep with the traditional method which is chocolate, flowers, and an elegant dinner.

However, other people might celebrate this day with parents, family, or children on valentine’s day. As a result, with many ways of displaying love to others, it can make a big difference in someone’s life. So the next time valentines’ day comes around remember too many people it’s a special day for love in the air and to others, it’s a worthless holiday.


Example #4 – Finding a Date for Valentine’s Day

If you are scanning for a date for Valentine’s Day, you can rest ensured that you are not alone. People far and wide value watching Valentine’s Day with some individual they venerate. For the people who are in committed associations, this is regularly extremely straightforward. Regardless, for the people who are single or despite dating, finding a date for Valentine’s Day can be a troublesome task.

This article will examine a few different circumstances and offer an appeal to finding a date for Valentine’s Day in each situation. Couples in a submitted relationship, don’t generally get themselves alone on Valentine’s Day. For these couples, it is generally expected that unless work or diverse responsibilities intrude, they will spend Valentine’s Day together. In any case, in light of the way that it is acknowledged does not by and large mean everything works out as orchestrated.

As a matter of fact, it can be the wellspring of issues for couples around Valentine’s Day. Couples who expect they will spend Valentine’s Day together may in like manner acknowledge their accessory is managing making game plans for the exceptional day. Regardless, if both of the accessories make this assumption, the couple may end up spending Valentine’s Day alone in light of the way that neither of them made courses of action. To avoid this issue, couples should swear off making suppositions and verbalize their plans for the day.

Couples who have quite recently been dating for a concise time allotment may have a great deal of inconvenience getting a date for Valentine’s Day and making courses of action for the day. This is because of the accessories may not yet feel adequately secure in the relationship to know paying little heed to whether their assistant should laud the day with them.

This can be an extremely important occasion in a relationship as the couple tries to choose how they feel about each other and paying little heed to whether they have to spend Valentine’s Day together.

Couples in this sort of relationship should purposely survey their own specific opinions and make sense of what they are hunting down in the relationship before raising the subject with the associate. This is a shrewd idea since it ensures the couple isn’t simply getting to be plainly required with the spirit of the event and that they really worship each other.

If you have quite recently been dating some person for a short traverse yet understand determinedly about going on the town with her on Valentine’s Day, basically ahead and ask her out. The most exceedingly terrible that can happen is she says no. While this may wreck your plans for the immense day, it will give you a prevalent perception of where your relationship stands.

The people who are single may have the most troublesome time finding a date for Valentine’s Day. In one circumstance and individual may be single yet moreover secretively pining for another they would love to spend Valentine’s Day. For this circumstance, if the individual they regard is furthermore single, it is favorable to just ahead and ask her out.

Yet again, she may express no anyway she also may state yes. If she says yes, you may end up having an unimaginable time on your Valentine’s Day date and it may provoke future dates. Of course, if she says no, you haven’t for the most part lost anything since you didn’t have outlines regardless and you can regardless envision getting together with colleagues for Valentine’s Day.

Finally, if you are single and don’t for the most part have some person you have to spend a wistful Valentine’s Day; you can just arrange to get together with a conventional buddy or a social affair of sidekicks on this day. Going out to dinner or to a film is a fun technique to spend Valentine’s Day paying little mind to whether you aren’t extremely a date.

Valentine’s Day is about warmth anyway it doesn’t for the most part should be a wistful kind of worship. You can have an exceptional time on Valentine’s Day with a superior to a normal buddy and don’t for the most part need to plan a wistful date for Valentine’s Day.


Example #5

As the world’s most romantic day is fast approaching, there are several professionals who may feel uncomfortable at the thought of celebrating it with colleagues. There is always pressure to keep things professional in the workplace, even though expressing love and gratitude for the colleagues is important. Following the guideline and the work ethics, the celebration should be strictly platonic, without crossing any lines or making anyone feel uncomfortable.

Getting fired from the workplace should be the last thing you may want in your attempt to make your colleagues feel loved. We have a certain guideline that you may like to follow in order to help you maintain a balance between these two pressures while celebrating Valentine’s Day with colleagues, and also the things not to do on the V-Day in the office.

The list, while not extensive is based on many personal experiences and observations that can help to avoid embarrassing encounters at work the next day. Avoid expensive gifts for special and specific people: If you are giving extravagant gifts to your colleagues, it will be like singling out colleagues and is sure to make you feel awkward. It is sure going to be the talk of everyone else in the office, about a special relation or bond with your colleague.

Your colleague may feel less appreciated and loved, and even might hurt the sentiments of your other team members. Just don’t make a big deal about the gift in front of the whole office and, if you are planning something for a colleague whom you have a special rapport with. Ensure not to buy inappropriate gifts for colleagues: Even though it is quite obvious, but it needs to be included in this list. There are many colleagues who don’t follow this and as a result of which many strong working relationships have been destroyed by gifting intimate gifts to one another.

Remember, the nature of the gift is a possible indication of feelings of the gift giver, as an example, “the world’s best co-worker” mug shows your appreciation for your colleague in a much more platonic and warm way than by gifting them lingerie.

Never go into hiding on Valentine’s Day: Some colleagues in the workplace goes into hiding and refrain from even wishing their colleagues. You need to take Valentine’s Day as a great opportunity to start new bondings or an appropriate time for you to build and/or repair relations with colleagues and help make working with them tons easier. “Wish them a happy Valentine’s day warmly and leverage on this festival of love and companionship to strengthen your friendship and team spirit instead of splurging on gifts.

This will be the most inexpensive and safest way of doing so. Please don’t flirt with your colleague and use the day as an excuse to flatter and impress. Flattery should be discouraged as it is the lowest form of wit. It is not appropriate to cozy up to your boss or subordinate by taking them out for dinner or taking pains to gift them what they want for Valentine’s Day.

The whole act will make you look like a suck-up and you might also risk putting your boss or junior in an uncomfortable situation. It is also advisable to collaborate on a gift with a group of co-workers if you would like to get your seniors or subordinates a special gift to show your appreciation. There are many ways of doing it like organizing staff lunches on Valentine’s Day that will not only get the message across but is also an effective way for a team-building session.


Example #6 – My Attitude Towards Valentine’s Day

Be my valentine… please. Everybody wants a valentine on Valentine’s day. People exchange cards and gifts to loved ones in a show of their affection. Valentine’s day dates back all the way to third-century Rome. Saint Valentine was a priest for emperor Claudius II. Claudius believed that a single man-made a better soldier because he didn’t have to worry about a wife and kids, so he outlawed marriage in the roman empire.

Valentine didn’t believe in this law and continued to perform secret marriages for young couples. He was eventually found out and beheaded. But that isn’t the important part. What is important is to celebrate what valentine stood for… love. We can celebrate this by being valentines! I have some very convincing reasons as to why you should be my valentine, I’m a very thoughtful individual and am very good at gift-giving, and I also I love to travel and go to interesting places.

My sister has always shared my love for music. We listen to the same songs and follow the same artists. One year I wanted to get her a special gift for her birthday and so I got her some concert tickets to her favorite band, Wild Child. This just shows how thoughtful I am when it comes to gift-giving and if you were to be my valentine I could guarantee that a wonderful gift would be coming your way. My thoughtfulness also applies to note cards. I have made my grandma cry on multiple occasions because of my terrific cards.

If you were to be my valentine I would take you on an amazing valentine’s day trip. I love to travel and would take my valentine to some of the places I have always wanted to go to, including some very romantic sights. I would love to go to Paris and see the Eiffel tower but Belgium is much quieter and I have always wanted to try Belgian waffles straight from Belgium.

Another trip I would love to take with my valentine would be to Ecuador. I would love to experience the South American culture and there are some really amazing sights in Ecuador. There is the world’s largest swing on top of a mountain and some animals native only to Ecuador on the Galapagos islands.

Some may say that I am too busy to spend real quality time with my valentine. They may say that I spend too much time volunteering and training for the Olympics. However, nothing is more important to me than Valentine’s day. I spend all year waiting in anticipation for Valentine’s day and I am constantly searching for a valentine.

Please be my valentine. You will not regret it. Saint Valentin would have wanted for us to be valentines. I am a very thoughtful gift giver and note writer, I love to take trips with my valentine, and most of all, I love Valentine’s day.


Interesting Ideas

Well, it depends on your attitude towards it. From your wording, I can see you’re not a fan of it, and you think it is stupid bc every day should be filled with love. And Valentine’s day is a complete waste of money.

Decent point.

But for a lot of couples, it’s the one time of year that some don’t fight. It’s where they can get together without the pressures of life and just hold the one they love while not having to do anything completely special. It’s a day where you can not say anything, hug each other all day long, and be completely happy that you’ve just found one another. It’s corny, yes. But sometimes it’s all some people have.

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I’m like you. I think love should just happen every day. But it’s nice to have an excuse and just blow money on the person you care about the most just so you can see them smile. It’s not Valentine’s day that you should be worried about, it’s not having anybody to celebrate with.

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