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The Working Poor

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“As we move on in the twenty-first century. we confront a seemingly endless array of pressing social issues: urban decay. inequality, ecological threats, rampant consumerism, war, AIDS, inadequate heath care, national and personal debt, and many more. (Derber, Charles “The Wilding of America,” Forward. )

These social issues can also be known as “Wilding” which is extreme acts of self- interested violence and greed, Wilding is a surprisingly useful way to characterize n evolving and deeply disturbing feature not of African-American or the other but of American society as a whole. Wilding as viewed by sociologist, involves multiple forms of immorality perpetrated in the corporate suites as well as on the streets,” the four obvious acts of wilding focused in the “The Working Poor: Invisible to America” by David Shipler are individual wilding, corporate wilding, institutional wilding, and political wilding, These four acts of wilding are seen through the lives o individual store clerks and factory workers. arm laborers, sweatshop seamstresses, illegal immigrants in menial jobs and Americans addled with immense student loans and paltry wages, these individuals are known as the working poor _ Individual Wilding is tied to individualism because of differing opportunities and incentives people Wild in different ways and for exceeding varied reasons and motives ranging from greed and lust to the gaining of attention or respect. and individualistic behavior that advances or indulges the self by hurting others.

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In “The Working Poor’ private industries have devises or numerous techniques to gaining some kind of attention, respect or mone’ß State lotteries doa booming in usiness at the corner stores in poor parts of town as people pray for the right number to tome up and deliver them from hardship. Another example of Individual Wilding is the Debra Hell’s case: The enticement was a cellular phone that she got for her daughter, who was in the early twenties. It seemed ridiculously cheap. “It was easy to get,” she recalled.

MI didn’t have the credit, and they still Eave it to me,” the contract she just filled it out and signed it. I didn’t take the time to read it„, The lady made it sound so good, It was gonna he a $9 a month. That turned out to be a tale.” Debra had somehow missed a digit. It was two thousand minutes. My calls uer the weekend were supposed to be free. They weren’t. It ended up costing me. done made two payments toward them. They called me, threatened to take me to court, but they didn’t.” Corporate Wilding applies to institutional wilding enacted by corporations or governments.

Instrumental wilding takes place whenever institutions pursue goals and strategies that inflict serious harm on individuals, communities or entire societies. An example of corporate Wilding in the book The Working Poor: Invisible in America” is the high interest which is a trap for low-wage uuorkers_ Married, Ann was in the middle class, with all the perks of easy credit. Divorced she sank rapidly, and for a While, the only barriers between her and utter destitution were four thin pieces of plastic. One form Discover. another from Citibank, and two from Sears.

As the balances ran up, she restricted the use of her cards to essential such as car repairs or purchases that she could justify as contributions to her children’s physical hmlth and intellectual well-being: a set Of cross-country ski’s, a computer for Sandy who later own full financial aid at Dartmouth. “Credit cards went for things like bicycles,” she insisted “not for otato chips or little Barbie Dolls, but things like books, for things that would make them larger and their livers larger, that would contribute to their græjing. ” She was being charged p to 23. 99 percent interest. What’s more, while she was faithfully paying the finance charge and minimum almost every month, she didn’t always get The salary in time to meet the deadline she gradually realized the credit card companies were adding late fees to her principal. then charging the exorbitant interest on that ever-growing principal. Long after she stopped using the cards, the balance continued to rise.

This has become a chronic problem across the country as lenders search credit records for minor delinquencies to label them “sub prime. if you\’re in that category you get charged a higher fees and interest, but you may not know it because few states require lenders to reveal the score that determines a consumer’s credit rating, even when they borrower sees his credit report. The score, running for a low 31S to a high of 900. is based on five factors. Institutional Wilding is wilding for money, career advancement, or other calculable personal gain. Involves behaviors by institutions that enhance their wn wealth and power by harming workers, citizens, and communities.

In the book “The Working Poor” an example of Institutional Wilding were behind “respectable facades, some major institutions also have their way with the poor. Few banks want depositors who keep low balances, so in states where no laws require otherwise, banks set high minimums and change prohibitive fees. Many impoverished neighborhoods have no branches at all. This forced low-income families into the expensive check-cashing services, whose outlets have multiplied across the country. Political Wilding is the abuse of political office to benefit oneself or one’s own ocial class, or the wielding of political authority to inflict morally unacceptable suffering on citizens at home or abroad Government agencies sometimes mislead the poor regarding their entitlements, unlawfully denying them access to many benefits. Financial service providers may misguide or misinform their clients about their services, entitlements. or rights. For example, check-cashing services and tax preparers may charge high interest rates and exponential fees for their services.

Employers are sometimes able to escape paying overtime and fulfilling other provisions of labor laws due to the ignorance or helplessness ot oor workers. Often, the poor simply ignore the abuse endured or find they have no recourse for help. There are many social issues of wilding occurring in the world today. In David Shiplers ‘7he Working Poor: Invisible in America” individual, corporate, institutional. and political wilding are just a few of the various acts that our reconstructing our world today.

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David Shipler and Charles Derber bring to attention and shæJ informative examples of the social issues that are arising and causing a epidemic of extreme acts of self-interested violence and greed due to the overindulgence ot individualist Resolving Individual, Corporate, Institutional, and Political Wilding Exam Questions #2 Milding has taken a devastating toll on America, bur it has not permanently incapacitated it. Societies, like individuals, have a powerful natural resistance and a remarkable capacity to regenerate themselves.

TO succeed however, it XQiII have to focus all its efforts on the task, which involves shoring up the ideal of a “civil society” at its very foundations. Creating and supporting a civil society is the underlying antidote to the wilding virus. Civil society involves a culture of Iffie, orality, and trust that leads people to care for one another and for the larger community. ” (Derher, Charles ‘The Wilding of America,” pg. 154), Shipler and Derber both present practical and humane resolutions to the current human suffering of individual. orporate, institutional, and political wilding.

According to Derber the first step to resolving political wilding is “to preserve the purely political or “negative” rights build into our constitution. Protecting rhe “negative” rights in the Constitution is only a first hut necessary step toward building the foundation of true democracy. As a citizen of the United States we need enthusiastically embrace the moral obligations that come with their new entitlement. Wilding can destroy a society, and we are all fighting to stay alive.

Derber feels if we each had a desperate illness, we would mobilize ourselves to act immediately to save oursetves_ Yet with wilding v,’Q need to take a different approach if this epidemic continues to spread it will only fuel the “me” mentality, we need to work together more as a unit not as an individual. We need to come together and move away from this individual way of living and move towards ringing together students, workers, environmentalists, feminist, and civil rights groups from around the world to begin societies based on human rights rather than money.

This can help work towards creating a new torm of community for everyone. Shipler says that revised tax structures could induce such policy, Government has the skill to legislate a big boost in the minimum wage but lacks the political Will. We as a society can end wilding in the church by having the same remedy with the laity and empower them with knowledge, voice, and governance authority.

We need to put workers and public representatives on the board of directors, latten the corporate hierarchy, institutionalize transparency and create a entirely new system of public regulations and accountability, by renewing it with a similar vision of rights and democratic accountability if they are to prevent the prince\’y brethren, It needs to become an institution of, by, and for the people, Shipler states that the most evident way to control corporate Wilding is to attack the wage structure.

Business executives have the skill but certainly not the will to compress salary differentials by raising the bottom and making sacrifices at the Institutional wilding can he renewed with a similar vision of rights and emocratic accountability if they are to prevent the princely brethren from dominating both spheres and plunging us further into a systemic wilding epidemic “In many parts of the country, welfare reform stimulated cooperation between private industry and nonprofit organizations.

Corporate executives were giuen major roles in a Kansas Ciry effort that blended government and priuate funds, and combined business, anti-poverry organizations. and city government to train people for the workplace. ” (Shipler, The Working Poor: Invisible in America). As you can see the righteous acts of Wilding all are out of greed and want for aterialistic things.

Money is a powerful thing an can cause tremendous downfalls to a society and its citizens, The United Stares is an individualistic country where everyone is out for themselves and every works to strive for their individual fame and fortune. Yet what we need to do is come together and reunite as one, to work together and make this world a better place for everyone and not just the rich. As you can tell not only does money play a role in your day to day life bur as well as your health, social environment, and extra-curricular activities, poverty is just the start of many acts of wilding.

Narking poverty is a constellation of difficulties that magnify one another: not just low wages but also low education, not just dead-end jobs but also limited abilities, not just insufficient savings but also unwise spending, not just poor housing but also poor parenting not just the lack of health insurance but also the lack of healthy households. ” (Shipler, The Working Poor: Invisible in America,” pg 285).

Shipler stares in \’7he Working poor that all of the problems have to be attacked at once, Whatever remedy is found for on may help but not cure unless remedies are found for most of the others. There haue been plenty of social movements with the intentions to stop the wilding crisis All of the movements have their own intentions and agenda for conquering the mding epidemic. David Shipler and Charles Derber are of the many people Who view this issue as a tremendous problem and ventured off to find ways to create a new form of community for oneself.

Shipler and Derber focused on our decaying population of the lower classes and set out with ambition and dignity to find a resolution to our individualistic world by focusing on the bottom and looking for ways to reunite the different classes by creating a ew world and a rethought new American Dream. The Affects of Wilding on the Social Problem of Obesity In The Wilding of America according to Charles Derber, “the term Wilding was used by youths to describe their behavior.

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It is a term used to characterize an evolving and deeply disturbing feature not of African-American or the other but at the American society as a whole Wilding includes the ordinary, as well as the extraordinary, it may be profit oriented or pleasure seeking, and can infect corporations and governments as well as individuals Of each race. class, and gender. (Derber, Charles “The Wilding of America,” pg 2-3). Wilding is a global epidemic that is not only affecting a certain thing in the world it is an epidemic affecting the growth and development of our society as a whole.

Wilding generates many of societies problems today as well as in the future. The rising epidemic mirrors the changes to sociery, behavioral patterns of our communities in the recent decades. Even though genes are an important factor when determining a person\’s vulnerability to gaining weight, energy balance is determined by calorie intake and physical activity. These changes to society and orldwide nutrition are factors in which are urging the obesity epidemic.

The more our populations leans toward a urban lifestyle, and we move towards less physical activity as well as increasing the use Of automated transportation, technology in homes and more leisure activities this epidemic will be forever growing. Media, and political wilding plays a vital role in the affects of Obesity. Although obesity can be causes by genes, hereditary, psychological, or environmental factors the media plays a vital role in rhe tast lite The advertisements and publiciry They enforce make it much more appetizing and nviting to drive through the drive through of a McDonalds, Burger King, or Jack in the Box.

Advertisements for fast-food restaurants and food products boast their nutrition values and ease of preparation can make our lives easier. We lead busy lives, eat fast, and choose television or computer over exercise. At the same time, underweight models on our magazines and movie screens symbolize a distorted American ideal. The point\’s been hammered into us with such frequency that we hardly hear it anymore: in cultures where people eat high fat diets and get little exercise, more problems with weight gain are seen than in groups who eat low at diets and get regular exercise.

America falls squarely into the high fat\\low exercise category. This is unlikely to change quickly, so anyone trying to lose weight has to contend with a culture that marginalizes the obese while simultaneously creating The perfect environment for weight gain, Trying TO deal with this contradiction may he one of the leading psychological causes of obesity as well as eating disorders. Political wilding “is the abuse of political office to benefit oneself or one\’s own suffering on citizens at home or abroad. ” (Derber.

Charles, “The Wilding of America,” pg. I O) Guernment agencies sometimes mislead the poor regarding their entitlements, unlawfully denying them access to many benefits believe that political wilding plays a role in the obesity epidemic because ot their insufficient help to stop this growing epidemic. Obesity can he seen as a political issue due to the political and public policy decisions Which have contributed to the rise of a healthcare issue. It\’s huge financial involvement to private and public healthcare costs and its rising healthcare issues.

Malnutrition in early life has been proven to play a vital role in the rising pidemic of obesiry, Wikipedia defines malnutrition as a general term for a medical condition caused by an improper or inadequate diet and nutrition. The world Health Organization cites hunger as the gravest single threat to the world\’s public health. Malnutrition is by far the biggest contributor to infant and child mortality. “It is not a matter of money alone, obviously, since fruits and uegetables are often cheaper than hot dogs and other processed foods. Bur finances play an insidious role in a parents incapacity to provide adequate nutrition.

Example 2

(38, ‘The working poor’, ‘The working poor The Working Poor: Invisible in America Shipler David K. David K. Shipler is the author of The Working poor: Invisible in America, also winner Of the Pulitzer Prize for his book Arabs and Jews: Wounded Spirits in a Promised Land, and a Journalist/ Foreign correspondent for the New York Times. Shipler is a well-known author Who shows have had plenty of life experiences and education while studying society and trying to understand the situation of the poor in our country He writes this remarkable book portraying the lives of titmen people who are less fortunate than others with low- wage jobs or no job, bad lite conditions. issues within the family. immigrants, all facing uncountable struggles with poverty.

He began his research in 1997 while interviewing individuals in the Overclass of society from all over the country, men and women, of all ages, race, and living situation, for about five years. Shipler tries to understand and challenge this situation on all Icwels with politics and human behavior. No one story can explain all the points of view and encounters Shipler comes across, that s why all of these stories and examples were necessary.

While reading their stories is very sad and frustrating at times this is reality told by the people themselves, with no simple way out. These life stories showed us every situation from sexual abuse, addiction, health problems, poor education, young pregnancy and even death some things so shocking we’d imagine it could be happening around us all time, Shipler starts off presenting those With low wage issue, in debt and shows how difficult it is for their ends to meet. is best example was Willie and Sarah’s story ho said that the lack of better education and priorities in their life kept them at such a low level, facing struggles, working poor jobs, nor having insurance, and all the other necessary things for a healthy lite style, Caroline Payne had another unfortunate situation while having employment troubles and low wage jobs she wasn\’t able to properly support her youngest daughter who had mental retardation and was molested by the fathers.

The daughter then went to live With her aunt in Indiana for a better living situation and Caroline went bankrupt, lost her home, and went after to be with her daughter relying on her sister to live Christine also had a sad story where she had to turn down a college education which could have taken her far in life for a low wage job to support her in the short term if she had her mind, in the long run, to know how a college degree would have done her good. Chapter three called Importing the third world shocked me most for had no idea such thing as sweatshops existed in the United States only in third-world countries.

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Fl Monte is a sweatshop just east Of IOS Angeles that had Thai employees working on sewing and assembling clothes, they worked seventeen to eighteen hours daily getting paid less than one dollar per hour and living in terrible conditions behind razor wire and plywood covered windows. Similar to slaves lived it seems like torture to me, thankfully later on a lawsuit came upon Then we meet someone like Joe Zabounian who owned a sewing loft and believed in honesty and quality over quantity who did the right things but then had no profit With his business Which is very disappointing.

Further on we begin to read stories of families mostly Mexicans and immigrants, illegal or with fake documentation, living and working in detrimental situations such as migrant worker on farms, risking their lives and health as well as their families, in dangerous inhuman sleeping conditions as well as using toxins like herbicides and pesticides improperly. There is a lack Of laws that support these labor workers and their families the BLOC (Farm Labor Organizing Committee) does not do much to regulate and provide important measures for these families like insurance and education for the kids.

Another case we read about is when hiring how businesses consider the people With a criminal record. People With some kind Of criminal history tend to be insecure with themselves feeling incapable and worthless, there are some work rehabilitation/ training centers for them but the accessibility to these still has to grow. Bryan Hagin a manager at Burger King isa patient and kind man who tries to help these convicts by hiring them and finding them to haue a “soft skill” he feels like they improve with his support because they have a role model, someone for them to prove themselves to. becoming more worthy. Michael Summers was good example of turning things around with a second chance. Other times managers aren\’t as lucky some of these hired employees tend to have bad habits, to be late, deal with drugs and not accomplish simple tasks in the workplace simply because of that lack ot discipline never gained. Next is my favorite and most remarkable part of the book, it is said that when people have someone to love and be there as a company and support things are easier and better because you\’re not alone.

The lack of care and love to some can lead down a dark path of addictions, bad habits and things like excessive hopping, as an alternative for some kind of affection _ agree with this fully The story of Tom and Kara is very interesting even With its ups and downs, This family stayed together, helping and caring for one another in their worst of times. They suffered sicknesses, sexual assault. alcoholism, poverty and all sorts of ongoing problems but never gave up even the children with prosperity. Tom didn\’t give up on love even after Kara death when he found May.

We also had the story of families who fought for the American dream and others who were against it like Marquita Barnes who by doing so made everything harder on that family, There was also the situation Of children Who were malnourished like Doris and how ashamed the parents were of it. Malnourished and sexually abused kids when young are the things that most seem to affect the development as the children as getting older and situations like ADD and rebellion among them are so inevitable. Another topic of importance was our education, kids have ambition and our country should prioritize education for them because of its importance.

Also support training and have easier access to all things that help our citizens improve in life independent of their past history what matters is moving forward. Finally what I also found surprising was how Shipler discussed sexual abuse and how we would think most victims are black kids but they were actually white, Which shows how poverty is so serious that color, religion, and culture don’t matter it can and will attack anyone. My conclusion to this book is that being poor is a difficult route in all aspects for sure and ir is a continuum that rarely can be changed for these people.

The most each individual can do is help in their own way. After reading this book and learning about the thing that used to be invisible in our eyes we should be more supportive of the well-being of these less fortunate with open hearts, voting on laws and spreading the word. Shipler did an incredible job in connecting his aspects with these real-life stories and bringing out his point around the main topic of poverty do admit it got a bit overwhelmed while reading so many stories and a hit confused at times mixing stories and situations but Shipler got his point across to me and I definitely gained a lot of knowledge through this book.’, ‘’),

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